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It's the real blast known to gonna last 🎶
We give it the name a Megablast! 🎶

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Demonstrating how to perform custom transitions between scenes using Orx, Portable Game Engine.
Narration by Wayne Johnson.

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An happy 'Boodette' won the game... SHe still need few anims to be fully done and available in our next build.

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Wow, discovered an old .Fli (ancestor of Anim.Gif) made on 3d Studio 3.0 in the early 90's, a that I completely forgot I made... pretty fun, haha!

Today the @orx team migrated 's chat from Gitter to Discord.
If you have any questions or just want to chat, come find them at

In this time, the "Boodettes" will join the "Boodies" in tournaments, or in the new Adventure to save the world. (Wip).

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First steps for our Little Crab that will populate the beginning of the story and the easy levels.

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Well, after English, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish, I guess there will be another language available in the next Alpha build: <3

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We had some time to spare yesterday, and were able to finally learn to use Dosbox, the Gravis UltraSound card emulation, and capture this in HD to remember how Dstroy, our very first game from 1995/97 was like :).

Time to share this so you can check this time capsule if you're curious (or nostalgic).

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