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Quick anims for victories and defeats for upcoming public build. We will rework those later and do more for each too.

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Faster, better, bugger!
We have a new website, now compatible with tablet and cell phones, and more up to date in general. Check it out here: and don't hesitate to give us your opinion about it. Thx!

Our are back online (give it time to spread if not yet in your region), but old and recent are there again... Time to get back and finish the new Main website now!

Our is down (the host vanished overnight), there's no ETA right now, we're looking for an affordable host provider to replace it asap. :)

Freeze / sliding cube works now on every direction. We'll make it bigger next time & add some particles too.

playable prototype:

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The two new art pieces for the New Steam Library are done. is now ready for the Sept. 17th open Beta new look. \o/

What are the best 2D game engines? Well, it turned out that is not only on the top 4, but right now placed in 1st place on Slant.

Congrats @orx team \o/.

Back from vacation!
During that time, The @orx 2D Game Engine team have released their next demonstration / tutorial video.
This episode shows how to synchronize animations on a hierarchy of objects (parent/children) using .

Last before our August break. We added shadows and lots of few little things already for next September build.

Play actual build here:

We tried and play Dstroy2's local multiplayer modes thx to
while being in Montreal (Canada) & Poland, it worked like a breeze, pretty impressive <3
It will help us to playtest together our next builds. We really recommend to check it out!

We now have working Teleporters for our biggest levels. We will put them in our Next build.

Get the 1st playable public build of Dstroy 2 here:

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