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Ultra Mission™ is coming soon–VERY soon–to , Store, and !

🤖 07.20.2022 🤖

Mark your calendars! (Or similar date-keeping instruments...)

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Howdy, "Game Players"!

Gumbo Machine™ is a software firm based in the United States, cooperating with developers and artists from around the world.

Our titles include Battle Rockets™, a head-to-head "SHMUP Fighter" starring officially licensed Console-tan characters; and Ultra Mission™, an over-the-head shooter inspired by the arcade classics that time forgot.

See you fellas around!


Existing and owners will receive their region's SKU for FREE!

(Same should be true for and Windows Store, if everything works out as planned.)


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Ultra Mission™ is coming soon–VERY soon–to , Store, and !

🤖 07.20.2022 🤖

Mark your calendars! (Or similar date-keeping instruments...)

Oh, and don't forget: Cross-Buy means that each PS5 code can also be used for a copy!

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Journalists and bloggers are also welcome to request review code(s). For additional details, please contact us directly.

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Ultra Mission review codes are now available at Woovit!

codes for both NA and EU regions are available, as are global codes for One.

Video creators and streamers are more than welcome to check out the following link:

We've just pushed a (very minor) update for the version of . Here are the deets:

- HFR functionality disabled (caused too many problems on the user end)
- Players can now exit to the main menu by clicking the touch pad button

Should be available now!

Excellent news: Ultra Mission has finally hit the in Europe and Oceania!

£2.49 GBP
€2.99 EUR
$4.55 AUD

Thanks to everyone for your patience. Happy blasting!


I asked a few scammers how they find and target game developers to request free game keys.

I came up with a couple very simple tricks to 100% catch all of them and auto-flag them as scam.



In case you're wondering, "Why hasn't Ultra Mission been available in the Microsoft Store?":

Due to an unforeseen bug, we have had to disable our very first title until we could determine what went wrong...and, of course, fix whatever that might be.

After much troubleshooting, we have finally resolved this issue. In addition, we've received confirmation that players will now be able to access Ultra Mission without issue.

So, we're live again. Check it out!

Get ready...Get set...GO!!!

Ultra Mission™ has finally hit home consoles! As of today, players can download this title on PS5 in North and South America, as well as worldwide on Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X.

PS5 (NA/SA):

Xbox (Worldwide):


Due to certification delays, we've found out that the version of will NOT release tomorrow in Europe, Asia, or Oceania.

The earliest date we are given for Japan & the rest of Asia is May 4, 2022, whereas Europe and Oceania must wait until May 6th.

Meanwhile, North and South America should be able to purchase and download Ultra Mission for PS5 tomorrow, without any issue.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience!

How does that Verified checkmark work on here?

We've linked to our profile at ; even included the little tag!

Maybe I'm missing something...

Another thing that new users may not realize is that your Mastodon account isn't limited to following other Mastodon accounts. Mastodon uses a common open source protocol called ActivityPub, and can interact with other services that use that same protocol. Pleroma, for example, or PeerTube, or PixelFed. It's like being able to subscribe to Instagram or YouTube from your Twitter account.

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