🇺🇸 Citizens have a right to information. So #FragDenStaat has cracked the Frtontex-Code:


🇩🇪 Bürger haben ein Recht auf Information. Daher hat FragDenStaat den Frontex-Code geknackt:


Stupid idea to figure out if an article is good or not:

Follow @hn100 ;
Find article that may be interesting;
Post in HackerNews;
Wait if it appears in previous account.

Diesen grossartigen Erklärtext sollen alle Entscheider:innen aus Politik und Wirtschaft als Pflichtstoff lesen. Denn das Wundermittel "Künstliche Intelligenz" wird hier auf kompetente und unterhaltsame Weise entzaubert.

Hier ein paar Auszüge:

"Aber Machine Learning hat auch viel mit einem Mitarbeiter zu tun, der gerade mal das Minimum tut um seinen Job mehr schlecht als recht zu erfüllen."


Boost your programming skills, and learn about OpenDocument Format – the native format of LibreOffice (and used by many other apps): dev.blog.documentfoundation.or

The network filesystem is restored and Gitea is back up without data loss.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We might have found an unrelated issue with our CI (closed beta), but we'll focus on monitoring the production network.

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Now we know more about the issue - as usual, a cascade of problems.

We're hoping to get it fixed ASAP. We decided to let the service stay down to avoid potential data inconsistency and focus on bringing the whole network back up.

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Woodpecker CI (closed beta) is also back up now.

We'll post more details about the incident on our blog soon.

The total downtime of our Gitea infrastructure was about 65 minutes.

Thank you for your patience, and sorry for all the trouble caused.

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How do I upgrade from (L)GPLv2 to (L)GPLv3? "First, include the new version of the license in your package. [..] Second, replace all your existing v2 license notices [...]" Read the full answer at u.fsf.org/3kw #GNUGPLFAQ

Hey everyone, we are having an unexpected downtime with our network filesystem after rebooting one of our servers. We're keeping it offline for investigation until we can ensure that no file system inconsistencies are caused.

Sorry for the trouble, we'll keep you posted.

Kritische Open Source Software indentifiziert

Studie zum Einsatz von Open-Source-Software in europäischen Behörden erschienen.

#Studie #Behörden #Kritis #europa #kritische


Did you know FSF has been publishing a biannual magazine called the Free Software Foundation #Bulletin since nearly its start? Have a look at the archives to read years of free software articles by FSF staff and community members! fsf.org/bulletin

nooo don't push people onto more private platforms which encrypt their conversations haha don't do it haha


A part of me really wants to spin up an instance of #Mastodon myself.

I want to use it as a social media with my closest friends, but I'm not sure they would be on board with it 🤔 And I fear that we wouldn't produce enough content to keep people engaged enough to check it every day...

YouTube sounds worse every day. If all you want to do is watch videos from creators without being hassled, do yourself and the world a favor and investigate alternatives.



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It's ! Working on some game mechanics now. I plan to make a video about it after Beta release.

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Alright! 🗣️

Online multiplayer games need a reliable database backend. And trust me, @MyLootLocker@twitter.com is perfect for our

In this series, let's see how to spice up our games with Lootlocker! Starting with Players login!


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