it's now possible to set "source" of #boid, +choose the shape and the initial orientation of the boids
in the right panel, you can see the params available
next step is to add "target" objects, where the boids will aim to.
#godotengine #gamedev #simulation #cpp #3d #automation #particles

Ando preparando un tutorial de #godot en 3D más didáctico y mejor explicado que lo que estaba subiendo en fediversetv,, de momento en subido dos videos con el nuevo formato, pero la intención es ir subiendo más, si a alguien le mola el tema del desarrollo de juegos y #godotengine a lo mejor le resulta útil

Why did godot decide that the godot-cpp project would rename the godot_headers directory to godot-headers directory during 3.3? Just felt like everyone who had created a gdnative library should break?

Created an rpm package for godot game. Now working on an rpm package for gdnativegamerzilla.

@OddHouseGames With Blender you can create your character and then import into Godot with the textures and animations.

#bender #godot #animation #opensource

#gamedev #shader #godot #fedijam #physics
About the thing i made.
This is a naive physical simulation where I drew a potential with a depression to simulate clinginess.

Probably the most interesting part of it is that the field of water density is calculated on GPU, and it does it by just blurring water particles rendered to a separate viewport. On GLES2, yes.
And then particles use the field to calculate where to move.

I am done with the Note Roll / Piano Roll. Got exams soon so the the Development is gonna slow down....

#foss #mit #godot #gamedev #GoDAW #music

Now Nell is a bit more chocolate :) 🍫 It makes it easier to distinguish him from Nelly when you play with a friend :)

More work on a small #gamedev project I keep picking up and putting down.

I feel kinda bad for my training dummy marshmallow now....

@gdquest Any chance of uploading your new #Kickstarter video to your #TILvids peertube channel? I'd like to share it, but I'm not into promoting #YouTube.

Also, Any recommendations for where to get started learning to code in Godot until your course comes out? I mean, I'll definitely be backing it regardless, but I'd like to start *now* and I'm guessing you won't be delivering for months at the very least...

#GDquest #Godot #GDscript #GodotEngine #Godot3d #coding #gamedev #peertube

Dialogic 1.3 is out! Check-out this video to see what's the feature I contributed to and how it works! #GodotEngine #Godot #madewithgodot

Okay backing the #Godot game development crowdfunding thing. I've been curious about Godot for a while now, and it just looks like a good excuse to get started with it.

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