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Few weeks ago, I created to have a place to talk about hyper casual games with fellow developers.

We are more than 50 redditors now, don't hesitate to join us.

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Pour les personnes curieuses sur l'emploi au Japon, j'ai ecris cet article de blog recemment decrivant recrutements et salaires :

Few weeks ago, I created to have a place to talk about hyper casual games with fellow developers.

We are more than 50 redditors now, don't hesitate to join us.

From fews years ago now, I'm creating hyper casual games and I'm looking for fellow devs. Some of you are here?

Also, I'm moderating don't hesitate to join.

I'm starting the ludum Dare 46.

The theme is 「Keep it alive」 and I think I have found an old concept that may suit it.

I'll try to keep a blog along these days ->

I probably decided the final concept of my game tonight.

Haha, we are thursday. It's too late ^^

I limited the scope. It's a roguelike with the movement come from 2048. Player can not hit an enemy near him, he must to dash on it from several tiles.

I think it's weird but it probably works.
Tomorrow I planned to add contents and I'll polish saturday.

Added attack animation and trying with a bigger board ... but I don't know what to do next ^^

Finish for today. I'll come back tomorrow.

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing for the

I started with the concept "a roguelike with the gameplay of 2048" but it was boring. I added breaking walls feature when the characters end his dash and now, I have this.

What's next?

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Ça m'a pris cinq mois et beaucoup trop d'argent donné à Adobe, mais j'ai finalement monté la vidéo de mon reportage à l'IndieCade Europe d'octobre dernier. Ça dure 1h20 et c'est ma contribution finale à Factornews, que je quitte après six ans de bons (ahum) et loyaux services. Si vous aimez les jeux vidéo, j'espère que ça vous plaira !

I did - in French - a new blog post where I talk about the coming 7drl ->

I subscribed to it and I think that I have found a fine concept this year.
It start on February, the 28th. I look forward to it!

I'm probably late but I just discovered this blog sharing plateform for dev and I'm loving it :

Since a few months, I want to develop a classical Roguelike like Tome or Adom.

Of course, I'm not over ambitious to think than I can recreate these games.
My model will be "Shadow of the Wyrn".

I'll be happy if I can create a world map, few villages, few quests and a bunch of characters.

Well, every RL start with an @

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#AtomZombieSmasher #game was an amazingly tense zombie escape #strategy title. Using only limited equipment, you have to rescue as many civilians as possible from the horde, using a top down street level view of the apocalypse.

It has a desperate difficulty curve, unless you make your emergency response decisions wisely on the strategic map.

Not only do you have to manage the zombie flow, you have to get the people out!

One of #BlendoGames finest. #indiegame

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Do you want to see formatted content in Mastodon?

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Really happy to be a new owner of this book written by Tanya X. Short (the shrouded isle) and Tarn Adams (dwarf fortress) named procedural storytelling in game design.

Isn't a well documented part of game design and these advices and concrete examples by expert working in the field are priceless.

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Technical interview about the upcoming game Noita :

This game looks so gorgeous!
I like their wand system and I want to try it now.
Wishlist ->

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A tutorial for python beginners who've never done :
how to procedurally generate words from 4 syllables, featuring 'Les Shadocks'.

More seriously, this is how we auto-generate player's displaynames on our website.

Deform, a fully-featured deformer system for Unity releasing for free by the dev to celebrate his 21st bday.

Multi-threaded with the Job System, compiled with Burst and calculations are done using the Mathematics library.
Also, the licence is MIT. Incredible.

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The person appeared out of nowhere.
"Hell," they said, "I come from the future."
"Uh. It's 'hello'," I said, "also, what? Have you come to change the past?"
"Well, imagine you were me. What could you change now to improve the future?"
"Oh, there are lots of-"
"So bloody do it!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Cultist Simulator is available on smartphone :


I like when I play a game and I can say : "I never seen this gameplay before".

I recommand it ⭐️

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I made a blog post about a couple of easy and practical tips I came up with while optimizing Unity gameplay code. Nothing exceptional, but I felt like sharing it could be useful to someone:

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