Inspired by the recent release of , I had to take a swing at my own implementation. GOt the basic rules working, but don't really want to waste time making the higher order nodes (sub chains, sub sequences, selectors etc) until I understand the Observation code (end result constraints). fun exercise!

Updated Pup Seeker with some quality of life changes. Spikes are less frustrating, you can restart the level manually, and some visual bugs got cleaned up.

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We finished off PUP SEEKER, a procedural time trial platformer for with . Hourly and Daily seeds with their own leaderboards.

got all the parameters on the fastnoiselite resource exposed on my Noise Node. Now I just have to write... everything else.

the Mastodon . I'm a Principal Technical Artist working remotely but generally present in Toronto. I've been spending most of my free time learning by teaching it to my son & building little projects. I'm working on a small game, but also porting my noise graph project (see profile header) from Unity to Godot 4. I also dabble in , and I've been using for around 10 years. Excited to chat!

The best part about working off of the latest builds (4.0a7 today)is that every day they release a new build is seriously like christmas. So much fun. Also hello Mastodon, I'll make an introduction post one I get some assets together.

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