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After a year and a half of work, I've officially launched Maze Burrow, a Sokoban-inspired puzzler, for Windows, macOS, and Linux on and ! Enjoy a 30% launch discount until April 8th 😄!

This also fixes bugs with the old macro parser since macros are now expanded in place with actual recursion instead of the previous macro parser's pseudo-recursion (which was actually iterative).

How are dynamic macro arguments parsed? Recursion! This makes the code so much cleaner, and it removes the need to allocate more lists that were previously used to track data used by the algorithm.

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I've finished refactoring the input macro parser for , and it passes all the unit tests I throw at it. There were a few remaining issues that I had to tweak the regex further to fix.

Here's a look at benchmarks comparing the old and new input macro parsers. It may not seem like much at a glance, but this difference is huge for more active streams with 30+ players. The less delay between entering text in chat and having the character move = happier players :)

I've been refactoring the input macro parsing code for to be more performant and fix a few outstanding bugs. I'm 90% of the way there, with nested dynamic macros remaining. Track progress here:

After this, I'm going to work on WebSockets as a client service, making it possible to control TRBot from a website's input form, for instance. This will greatly expand its capabilities and reach, making it viable for even more uses!

New track, titled "HardLevel". Remember that level that gave you a hard time as a kid? This is it.

3D Mario games are more good examples - there are many moves at the player's disposal to speed up travel and keep it interesting.

On the flipside, games like Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon and Musashi: Samurai Legend give you little to do while traveling far, and the character movement speed is so slow it's unbearable. Traveling in these games feels like a chore. Sometimes the character moves slower when you do another action like jump, expounding these problems.

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I've always been interested in movement in 3D games. How long does it take to get from A to B? When is it fun, and when does it add value? On the flipside, when is it boring and feel like a chore?

One game I think does this extremely well is Okami. The longer you run, the faster your character moves (capped of course). This makes both short and long distance travel bearable.

On top of that, the fastest speed generates gorgeous VFX that you can look forward to. This makes travel fun! 1/2

Spread the word! Right to Repair is essential for reducing e-waste and giving power back to consumers over the very devices they buy.

Sign the petition:

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Hello people. This is a serious one.
People are starving in Brazil.

I am trying to use my to help by sharing some high-resolution images for the first time.

If you can help, even with a dollar, we can beat this.

Please take a minute and visit


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apple has the ability to single-handedly destroy just about any internet service for a lot of reasons but they basically boil down to: centralized services with just one client have to comply with Apple's content policy or else be randomly forced off the app store without warning

Success! I just needed to check for the hotkeys key presses and handle the save/load events for the new inputs. Everything is working perfectly now!

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My current mini-project: adding direct savestate slot support into RetroArch. I have new entries showing up in the menu, and now I need to figure out why they're not working.

Starting May 1, TRBot's primary development will be moved to the Codeberg repository (

The GitHub repository will still be available and updated, but new issues and PRs won't be addressed.

It's Maze Burrow's one year anniversary! I wrote up a postmortem describing my successes, failures, and thought process behind many aspects of the game.


Additionally, Maze Burrow is 50% off on Steam and Itch until next Wednesday, so this is a great time to grab a copy if you enjoy puzzle games!

I spent about 5 hours on my Maze Burrow postmortem the past two days alone - it's crazy how much time flies when you have so much to write! I hope it'll be a worthwhile read in the end.

To celebrate Maze Burrow's 1 year anniversary on March 31, I will be holding a 50% off sale on itch and Steam! I will also be publishing my postmortem on the same day, so look forward to that.



Someone noted a regression in TRBot 2.2 after the parser rewrite. It turns out I forgot to lower all the text right before parsing.

This doesn't affect the parser itself, as the regex it uses is case insensitive, but since the game console definitions look for exact matches, they wouldn't be able to find a button if the case is off. I've since fixed this on develop.

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When people ask me how I managed to create all the artwork for TailQuest, I just say "I never give up" :)

I'm starting on the long process of writing my postmortem for Maze Burrow. There's so much I want to write, but I'll try my best to make it concise.

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