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After a year and a half of work, I've officially launched Maze Burrow, a Sokoban-inspired puzzler, for Windows, macOS, and Linux on and ! Enjoy a 30% launch discount until April 8th 😄!

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The trouble users had yesterday launching apps on #macOS isn't just a technical problem, but a moral one. Operating systems should service their users, not phone home to a corporation to see if they're "permitted" to run the program. #Apple

I also love the hilariously bad voice acting in this game. The main character's death quotes consist of a monotonous "Oh no...", and my favorite, "This bites!"

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More documentation on cut/unseen details in games. In Ape Escape (PS1), if you get to the street outside the TV Tower via a glitch, the cars have some buggy collision and unique behavior. You can "ride" them, and they even insta-kill you if they run you over!

Maybe you were intended to cross the street at some point, considering the cars are featured in the level intro. Who knows?

Not a new discovery, but this video is much more concise than the one on the TCRF article:

I made a simple character/word count application in Qt. So far I like the workflow of Qt! Qt Creator is also a pleasure to use.

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So apparently a single domain going down on #Apple servers makes one unable to launch non-Apple apps.

People have been sneaked a cloud OS without even realizing it, being at a complete mercy of a single, central entity.

This is a microcosm of where closed-source walled gardens inevitably lead.

#RMS was right.

One of my hobbies is to document cut/unused content in games on TCRF. Here's a very neat unused pollution effect in Super Mario Sunshine that causes Mario to sink in the goop, complete with sounds and an animation not used anywhere else!

It's crazy deadly, so it's understandable why they may have cut it (though they could've eventually toned it down).

Not discovered by me, but Noki Doki. See codes + more info on the TCRF page:

Twitch Plays Maze Burrow has concluded!

Final stats: 229:49:01.7!
Moves: 2031
In-game Time: 649:02 (~10.8 hours)

Thanks to all who played! I'll be hosting a Twitch Plays of Celeste next using the final release of TRBot 2.0. Just one more bug to fix and it should be all ready!

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Congratulations to Framasoft on the release of Mobilizon, a libre and federated tool to help local events and meetup groups escape the clutches of Facebook!

Maze Burrow is 50% off until November 2 for Halloween! Grab this challenging Sokoban-inspired puzzler on Steam or!


Twitch is already at the World 3 boss in Maze Burrow < 48 hours into the stream! There's some downtime now - the perfect opportunity to hop in and boost us forward!

A little late, but I'm hosting a Twitch Plays of Maze Burrow over at

This stream is using an early version of TRBot 2.0 for stability and stress testing!

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Titlemenu for pico-sonic! It combines elements from Sonic 2 & 3, converted to 16 colors, 128x128 with a mix of automated and manual work.
Thx to @johanvinet and his artwork for Gruber's own pico8 Sonic album, it helped me pick colors (but I keep my dark sky!)

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After a month of gamedev hiatus to re-focus, I'm back working on ! There's a deceptive amount of code required to persist items across scenes(like the blaster in this case)

Tomorrow at 18:00/6:00 PM UTC is going to be the first ever cross-community Twitch Plays race between the TwitchPlaysPaperMario and TwitchPlaysSpeedruns communities! We are running Sonic 3 & Knuckles All Emeralds as Sonic & Tails!

TPPM Stream:

TPS Stream:

Please spread the word and hop in if you're interested! Both streams will be using TRBot to facilitate the playthrough.

If you're interested in a summary of the tech behind it, there's a virtual controller API I wrote that is used to press and release buttons and axes.

On Windows the virtual controller is vJoy, and on GNU/Linux it is uinput through custom virtual controllers created at runtime. These are no different from normal USB controllers to the OS, so you can map them to emulators and PC games. Typing "a" for instance will cause TRBot to press the button value corresponding to "a" on the controller.

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I'm looking to get PeerTube support in once they incorporate a chat into PeerTube streams. This won't be for quite some time though.

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Previously, TRBot had a lot of different text files for storing data. The SQLite database improves things tenfold and lets me search through the data.

Plus, it's now possible to change the data on the database externally while TRBot is running and it'll use the updated values. No more taking down the bot to change one setting.

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Aside from game dev, one large project I've been working on for almost two years now is TRBot, a bot that lets you play video games through text:

A common use-case is to play games through Twitch (I host a stream at TwitchPlaysPaperMario).

I've been rewriting TRBot over the past few months to use a SQLite database and it's finally coming together. There's still a ways to go, but the console infrastructure, the biggest hurdle, is now complete!

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