New blog post documenting the latest batch of hybrid raytraced shadow performance improvements. With them, quarter resolution HRT shadows cost in Sponza dropped from ~16ms to ~0.8ms. Full res 1920x1080 shadows now cost ~2.5ms (GTX 970).

Over the years I have interviewed quite a few people for graphics related posts. I wrote a blog post with some thoughts and advice on the process.

My @Digital_Dragons presentation slides, about GPU driven occlusion and rendering, are online with extended speaker notes!AmOPA68QU4JIiNdDPU … (pptx)!AmOPA68QU4JIiNdCIb … (pdf).

I ported the GPU driven occlusion culling with Multidraw Indirect sample to bgfx and wrote a quick blog post about it.

I've updated my list of graphics/game programming blogs. Added some new ones and cleaned up dead links. 188 awesome blogs and news sites to follow!

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