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I just released my de-make of Advance Wars to! It features 10 campaign missions with an original story that prequels the original game.

Play it here:

Incredibly, mastodon just dumped 90% of my followers into the abyss while trying a botched migrate to my new Pleroma instance.


well, It'll be here in 30 days when I can re-initiate the move:

The graphics are now much more polished and bold. The dark-outline style really lends itself to puzzle games where you need to know what you can interact with.

If you actually think that little of yourself that you'd spend 10 minutes of your life reading my gamejam devlog, well then, here you are:

I finished my entry for 113!
There's still a bit more I want to add before I'll feel that it's completed, but it's very playable and fun(at least to me) as it is right now, so go give it a spin!

I'm making a time-warp based puzzle game for this
You go back in time, and have to work together with your past self to get through the dungeon.

Hacking apart an old vintage rotary phone in the name of the singularity

Soo.. the intent was to portray Marina (the singer) without copying from a specific photo, as I've really appreciated her new album.
What can I say: I've tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hope you like it 🌸

#mastoart #pixelart #ドット絵 #portrait

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