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I just released my de-make of Advance Wars to! It features 10 campaign missions with an original story that prequels the original game.

Play it here:

New Years Rezziez:
* Continue working on Overworld, a game project I put on temporary hiatus.
* Attain masters league in Starcraft (Now just a single sub-promotion away from it!)
* Do well at my job. Finish commitments timely and focus during work hours.
* Quit rapé, or at least limit to once weekly ceremonially. I'm nearly there with this.

OH, That song goes "I'm your TURBO lover", not "I'm your TURTLE lover".

This morning I uninstalled what will forever be Macromedia Flash Player in my heart. Rest in peace good friend.

My 65 year old father-in-law just asked me if I could help him change his default browser from Google(to duckduckgo). THERE IS HOPE!

If I ever grow pects I'm going to buy a Mega Milk shirt to go with them.

You either live life, scratches bruises and all, or you turn your back on it and start dying. -Captain Pike

Sometimes I wonder about the sheer amount of energy advertising must consume to continuously generate meaningless noise across the globe.

"To create a story in which the reader never thinks to criticize the characters, kill the mother or father before the first page. " - Chuck Palahniuk

Your fortune cookie for today 

The rock labors to be ground to dust against the sleeping wind.

@Lambdanaut I hope eventually the US gets decriminalisation because fines & diversion programmes sound a lot like the reason a lot of US people are currently in jail (especially through building an alternative "non-criminal" path to prison around diversion courts & punishments for non-attendance or inability to pay fines).

I'm feeling hopeful for the future of drug policy reform in the US. Oregon becomes our first state to decriminalize all drug use today, following behind the good example of Portugal and other countries that have seen reductions in huge crime from this move.

I ripped out the Audio plugin I was using today and hand-coded it from scratch because the one I had found was too buggy and unwieldy for my humble use case. Also implemented saving at these little robot bois.

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