Sort of rant about work and money and holiday. 

I'm officially bankrupt.

All my accounts are empty, $0.
Credit cards are dead.

Tax refunds and annual leave payouts slowly get drained because of how expensive it is to live.

I've worked 20-38 hours every week since 12 August 2019.

I've worked a solid 151 weeks of part time to full time back to part time work, non-stop, back-to-back, no time off.

No holidays.
No time off.
2 different jobs.

Working wage my ass.

Send hugs.

NT: "birthday plan is in 5 hours, don't have to get ready until then sweet"
#ADHD: "I'm ALREADY late! Panic!"

Just realised I haven't had my phone all day, it ran out of power at 5am this morning.

Did it affect anything? Nope.

Just an hour or so less "screen time".

Opening this brand "new" PS3 controller for the first time ever, can't even guess how long it's been sitting there as a spare. A decade?

people, when you kick a toxic player and they beg you to take them back, how do you respond? I'm at the point where I'm doubting myself and what I've done, but I did it for a reason.

A box of every hard drive I've ever had just fell 2 meters to their doom off the shelf - by itself. I'm too scared to check if they still work. There was a lot of old work/holidays/pet stuff on them.

Cat attempting to help coding 

The "help"...

It's not even dinner time yet, don't believe a word he says.

YouTube analytics 

I forget about YouTube a lot, but just had a look at analytics, and in 1 month of using Mastodon, it already makes up about 1.1% of All Time views of my channel, compared to 5.9% from Twitter of all time (Twitter doesnt evrn come up in the last 28 days). This is clearly the superior platform. Toot toot!

What's weird is that half of those external sources I don't use.

Zombies, a bit of blood, and stupid sound effects 

Punching Zombies - the game (but not really?)

Something I've been making for fun for the past few days.

Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

Please boost (or share on Twitter) 🙏

DevLog with video of trying to make a boomer shooter and zombies 

So had some fun with some retro boomer shooter stuff today.

Yes those zombies are manky.

Yes those are my real arms 💪 💪 .

DevLog - screenshot of the scene composition I'm using for the creatures in Godot 

BTW, if anyone sees this, don't use "Node" nodes if you want to have child nodes inherit transforms. Since a "Node" has no transform properties, each child node will start at the origin 0,0,0 and will never get the root node's transform! Make them "Spatial" (or Node2D if in 2D) if you want transforms.

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I thought I had totally broken everything ( creature spawn -> loading location -> setting environment -> switching camera -> possessing creature ).

Turns out I forgot that everything is linked to the "New Game" button, and that I had made the button invisible at some point, so I've spent a scary amount of time going over my code trying to figure it out.

Just needed to make the button visible again... 😳

Rant about Steam 

So this is what happens when you stick up for on Steam 😬

I stopped buying things on Steam a while ago, I think I'll stick to GOG and cheers

DevLog - screenshot of the scene composition I'm using for the creatures in Godot 

I like sharing these, in case it inspires someone somewhere. 👍

The Controller and Possession nodes are identical...🤦‍♂️ Just gotta figure out which one I want to keep (the Controller node already works completely, but breaks the composition I want to keep simple. maybe I'll merge them).

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DevLog - screenshot of the scene composition I'm using for the creatures in Godot 

So this is the "composition" functionality I realised permits, instead of the traditional inheritance that's drilled in to all programmers. 🧩

You add in the nodes you need to the creature/object and it's done (🤷). Figured it out when I hit a wall trying to make a hierarchy for creatures, and realised I'd have duplicates everywhere.

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