I want to read more, but when do you find time to read?? In the evening when we have downtime, I can't read if hubs is watching TV, unless I put in earbuds and listen to music with no lyrics. Just seems like there's not a lot of quiet downtime.

Bad UX: Our smart TV remote also turns on/off the PS5. Which is annoying when someone just wants to watch TV, but also I accidentally turned off the TV and it turned everything else off too. 😒

I was coming in to use the bathroom but Kabe is just sitting here on the toilet. Why?? t.co/l3naXwA7bJ

I don't really want to be fully in charge but I also don't want to be under anyone.

Don't make traditional gamedev studios... Make gamedev co-ops.

I'm contemplating making a small virtual pet game as my first playdate game. Just sketching up designs and a document right now. Mostly making something that I'd want to chill out and play while watching TV. ❤️

I just looked at my LinkedIn and that REALLY SHITTY BOSS I had at my first dev job is apparently working for Blizzard now. Appropriate.

The only companies I've worked for that nonlocal people have possibly heard of is Lexmark and Cox Media. 😜

I did do the programming challenge for Wayforward and I did turn it but they didn't have space and I also chickened out and took my first local job (was afraid of moving far away). I always kind of regretted not trying again. t.co/hv6GNJn1nc

If we're talking about household name companies we've been rejected from the only ones ppl would know are
❌ Amazon (2 interviews)
❌ Firefox (1 interview)
❌ Khan Academy

I had a couple of interviews with smaller west coast places. Anything else I applied for never responded.

Like if I were on a team and I didn't realize something I was saying was causing harm, I want my teammates to call me out on it. And I would want them to feel comfortable doing so without retaliation. We need to be able to be candid with each other so that we all can be better.

Basically I feel like a way to help remedy this stuff is to get rid of hierarchies; nobody should be so important that they cannot be called out.

Why is it so hard for these gamedev people to just not be gigantic assholes?

Played Dialect tonight with my DND peeps since we didn't have enough people. t.co/cKJEeRUfP0

Here are a couple of example maps made with the tilesets so far. t.co/F9HmJGnN0n

I did some basic graphics for a block puzzle style and some basic UI stuff. Free for any use!
t.co/EX0jJgi8Gm t.co/LPctmyloIu

Spent a buncha hours tonight making a couple zines and random crap (coupon for a free high-five, pokemon-like cards for a Happy Snail, Hyperventilating Raccoon, etc.) to snail mail out to my friends (and my husband) to hopefully make them a little happy once they get it.

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