Maybe this is actually just sideffect of living with another human.

I'm so annoyed at my brain. Since I went to that sleepover I haven't been able to find my hairbrush, i don't even know where my bag is, but I brought it home

It's that time of the semester where I get an item turned in by a name I totally do not recognize because that student has not posted anything the entire semester and is now trying to catch up the last week of class. x_x

What do you want to bet he pronounces the j like a "zh" or "j" and not a "y"?

Is this what cultural appropriation feels like? When some outsider uses your language (incorrectly) because they think it sounds cool? ಠ_ಠ

Rai and I got married on this day in 2017!! 💜 Yay anniversary

Lol this year I listened to a lot of Glass Animals, the Divinity Original Sin 2 soundtrack by Borislav Slavov, CHVRCHES, the Hades soundtrack by Darren Korb, and Low Roar which I began listening to after Death Stranding. 💀

Picked up another Xena game disk to rip to Iso and backup on archive

I wonder what would be a good way to encourage Pair Programming with my students next semester...

I feel like the auto-refill for my prescription happens really dang fast. I need to go pick it up again and now I'll have three bottles of antidepressants sitting around. On the plus side, I guess I'll be able to keep a bottle at multiple places so I don't forget to take it.

Aww yeah taking home leftover latkes from a Hanukah party~

Do Europeans just keep family trees and white Americans were like "nah"?? I'm surprised there are so many trees for my ancestors from the Europe times.

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