Things to do with my newly found free time:
- Make *new* programming and math tutorial videos!!
- Make some apps for mobile??
- Look into gradschool again for like the seventh time??

Anyone want to listen to me feel sorry for myself rn? I don't wanna just fill up my Twitter with me being whiny.

Outside of working in the software industry and wanting to ☠️☠️☠️

I have so many skills why is it so hard to make money 😭

Heck yeah Tux Kart. Also I'm impressed; the game view rotates with your phone (when steering with phone rotation) so that you always have a straight view as you rotate the phone to steer.

I don't want algorithms to give me popular results. I want to watch and play indie things without hundreds of thousands of views.

Ugh mobile game design pet peeves:
- Wordy tutorial text to introduce the game. Just let me play some and ease me into things. I don't know if I like the game yet I'm not going to read lots of text.

Did... Google automatically refund my money because I rated a game 2 stars and uninstalled it???

I specifically did not click the refund button since I want to support Indies, even if I didn't enjoy their game...

I just saw a little pop-up that said I was refunded?? 😳

What it looks like when I actually finish programming a game lol.

I got top 3 in several rounds of Mirror Deathmatch (I think it's called that) where everyone in a FFA plays as the same hero, with it cycling every few minutes. I am well rounded from almost always just playing Mystery Heroes?

We thought Korra was lost today. Rai asked me where she was and we began calling for her and there was no response. We searched each room and the attic, and only after i was bundled up and ready to search outside we heard her yowl and she came out of hiding. Phew!

blop blop blop, making things a little less crappy with the map editor.

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