What I want people to think of as a reference when they see it. :T t.co/3VIgtvkPHA

I'm liking the name "Moosadee" and I might end up changing everything to that. But I wonder how people might pronounce it from reading it. Many people read Moosader as "Moose-Adder" for some reason.

How do you think Moosadee is pronounced?

Ah, a sex spam bot. Targeting my introductory C video. Makes sense. t.co/1nooT0sZwI

I'm making videos for my CS 200 C course to help students see example coding since class will be asynchronous.

Here's a bunch of branching examples (if statements, switch statements):

I love reusing my own assets. Why have assets only show up in one project? It's why you always hear the same four songs that I wrote in videos over the past 10 years lol. Sure I'll reuse a DnD map as a map in a video game or a background in a movie.

I might throw all the DnD maps I make into a repository somewhere for people to download and use for free. t.co/rfRnTPymhd

Maybe overdoing it on this map a bit. But I'm having fun. I guess that's what counts. t.co/GV1SFlhnUE

What if I tried to do an RPG via YouTube and posted a blurb then waited for comments for what people do and then post the next video as a result of that.

🎵 drawin' maps 🎵
🎵 for dnd 🎵
🎵 drawin' maps 🎵
🎵 for the party 🎵

I also have a dude I can license music from whoo

Somebody make an Esperanto filmeto for me to post on my channel next week I'll give you dollars I don't feel creative today.

Oh yeah and having this job basically means I can fund doing another thing I love: creating free educational material to post online for everybody.

Everybody should have the chance to learn, even if they can't afford college.

During orientation today there was talk about "too much screens" causing depression and lack of empathy and I pushed back against that, as a former homeschooler raised on the internet.

Also highlighted that we are all depressed because of the state of the world lol.

I'm also super aware of how freaking fortunate I am right now, not only that I have this opportunity but also that I have a job and that it's a job I can do from home and stay safe during this pandemic.

I only put permanent here because I did previously work here full time but it was a temp position for a year and a half because the position was funded by a govt grant lol.

For the first time in my life I have a (permanent) full time job that I love and want to stay at for a long time and I am so grateful to all the people who have helped me along the way who gave me chances and advocated for me. ❤️ t.co/yXCvCCnHaM

So noticing ad trends of what I get shown. For a while, FB really pushed underwear at me. Now, it somehow thinks I would really want a VERY VERY VERY BLACK paint. But why???? t.co/MwBrYfU7tY

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