A battle royale game where 100 cats are on an island with water continually shrinking the island, forcing the cats to navigate smaller and smaller regions.

Woke up at 4 am but did a little project and now relaxing and eating chicken soup (got a sore throat at the tail-end of the vacation). Having a good morning. 🥰 t.co/LuYd5swu1e

I was slightly frustrated at myself for not bringing my laptop on vacation, but on the flip side I did more brainstorming and wrote down more ideas for things

I am finally home!! ❤️❤️❤️


(Still an hour early for boarding the plane.)

I really want to make a game where I extrapolate the sound and spelling shifts in English for the game world. Like small being spelled smol, going to -

Heading to the airport! Looking forward to being back in Kansas City TONIGHT!!

Or it could be for sale. I didn't sell anything on purpose last year but maybe I should? Bloop.

Hey @Vespero109 the local zine con isn't until like summer but do you want to put together a zine that I could give out for free for people to see your work? (I could show you how to make a 6 page mini zine)

Like what could I make that's relatively brief and about game development or programming or game art? 🤔

I need to think of some zines to make for KC Zine Con this year.

I wanna spend more time playing piano when I get home

Can't wait to get back to Kansas City where it's ... *checks* 30F/-1C there instead of 10F/-12C here in Chicago. 🥶

During the flight I beat Biobot again, recording the entire thing. Came prepared with my tiny tripod, a couple books, and a gift box to prop it up on. 😂 t.co/9QPQ3NZJFZ

Man these tray tables are so low. Maybe I can bend the tripod onto my shoulder for a better view ...

I'm bringing my tiny foldy tripod in my carry-on this time so I can hopefully record better footage of those sweet airplane games.

I don't really mess with my Allegro4 games because it gives me shit when I try to add new (higher palette?) bmp graphics.

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