Why the hell can't we make sure everyone has a home and food?

We don't because it makes people money for there to be starvation and homelessness - or the threat thereof.

Anything that is like "Why does this happen?" in this country is because somebody profits off it.

Maybe we shouldn't have a job for "professional murderers".

"There were only 18 days in 2020 that the police didn’t kill somebody."

Sounds like a bunch of murderers to me. t.co/4OMCrQLUVF

It is a good thing the dude summarized the story after each big part cuz I sure wasn't following all that info from just the comic pages.

Two sweet bunnies on one birthday?? What are the odds.

Man, coffee with almond milk just doesn't taste as good. 😭

I have a lot of friends on the east side of the country, I need to visit y'all at some point.

Well in personal news an old internet friend from Delaware, who I've only met in person once before, was down in KC for a wedding and I got Panera with her (outdoors) today before she headed back. :)

I think I've only been on the east coast for a total of 3 days, but

Of all the pages for Rai to look over and see what I was reading, he looked at my screen at this page. 🤦

So are people into Homestuck the same way they're into Metal Gear Solid, trying to figure out the confusing lore?

What are these card dudes and why am I not following the cool kids nomore?

I guess we always got excited for new Homestar Runner cartoons

Finished Act 3 of Homestuck. Makes me wish I had been part of it while it was running, I can only imagine how excited the community would get for each update, to have something indie to follow along with. t.co/3isKHrHxaT

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