App notifications on phones should be OPT IN. They should be OFF BY DEFAULT. I'm tired of going into settings every time I install something new just to say "hey, I don't need this game sending me notifications."

She's just gonna give herself a unique surname, which is bitchin' as well.

Both of us kept/are keeping our first names (everyone objects is like "I know you as Rachel 😭😭😭) but throwing out our shitty middle names for cooler ones and choosing what surname we want.

My cousin is gonna change her middle last name soon and we've been discussing it and she's so excited and I'm just like "DO IT! IT SPARKS JOY! I LOVE MY NAME!" and she's feeling really empowered by all this.

I will teach my students anything and I will not judge them for not knowing how to configure their IDEs or getting any of this set up.

I just wish Mac users knew how to install software on a Mac... That's all I ask. If you choose an operating system... know how to install...

Having my student loan payments paused and interest frozen on those stuloans has been amazing for me this year honestly. I have some shit saved for the first time.

When I was younger I thought it was a personal failing but if you look at a lot of people who can start businesses (like tech ones) they probably have parents with money and other safety nets and maybe less likely to have student loans.

I wish I had time to run a business so I could make money that way and hire people for a good wage (or really just do a co-op thing) but bleh.

Anyway, I either need to go run to the rental to finish cleaning and packing stuff or write like two quizzes for my classes or figure out my drop-in schedule (maybe... starting next week when things are better) or I could just go nap.

I haven't even drawn anything lately because I can't find half my craft supplies and the rest are in boxes and I don't have a place to store anything besides those boxes in a closet right now. T_T

I wanted to work on cool programming videos and do some gamedev and make a lot of cool new resources for my classes but instead I'm spending my evenings playing PS4 living in Rivellon 'cuz I don't have eenneerrggyyy.

What I wanted to spend money on in January:
- Appliances
- Buying my first sofa (not just a futon lol)
- A living room set
- Shelves for organization
- Paint to paint my office all cool-like

What we're actually spending money on:
- Appliances
- Medical bills
- Electrician

When can I go back to just being Sam Porter Bridges?

- we have almost no furniture, so no place to actually put things.
- electricians begin work Feb 2nd and may cut holes in walls, so putting stuff against walls is not great anyway. Will need to also clean after.
- everything is in unlabeled boxes I have no idea where things are.

I've bought DOS2 on Switch first, then PC, then on PS4 omg. Almost caught up on PS4 to where I was on PC... The Nameless Isle.

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