Anyway, still working on my Polymorphism notes. Oy.

Perhaps you're not into Esperanto but you really like Ido, the knock-off language based on Esperanto, but with improvements. You can get this sticker that only Idists can understand that's very funny.

Or perhaps a notebook with a drawing of a cat cursing. I don't know. Who knows.

It's never too early to buy Esperanto-language Valentine's Day cards...

Or maybe a sticker of a cardboard box running Ubuntu, because of course it does?

If you didn't already know, I occasionally make art and sell it as stickers. Usually relating to:
- Esperanto or constructed languages
- Linux
- Programming
- Game development
- Cute animals

Thanks to whoever bought a bunch of Esperanto stickers from my Redbubble. I made like $3 woooo.

Faceless C personification is like, "Which one do I call?" ... trying to get into how late binding and crap works.

Thinking about how my insecurity over the years has shifted from "ways I'm not good enough for my parents" to "ways I'm not good enough for my sister" / don't live up to their expectations. :|

Still not done with these polymorphism notes, so I'm gonna eat lunch (dinner?) and get back to it... Then class at 6 pm.

My sister is a music hipster so I have implicitly convinced myself that my taste in music is garbage but honestly who cares I like listening to things.

Heyyy it's my 2020 favorites. The play list of songs that I listen to throughout the year based on randomly hearing things and going "yeah I'd listen to that again."

I was going to comment on a news article based on its headline, but I went to read it and I was blocked out of it because it's WSJ and I don't want to make an account.

Honestly, I find the arrow directions for inheritance and composition in UML diagrams confusing. I always have to look up an existing diagram to remember which way it's supposed to go lol.

Rai said Luna was meowing too much for his attention while he was trying to work so he turned on the TV for her.

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