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BTW if anyone wants to see my video content I have a programming/gamedev/project channel and a constructed language channel.



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Escape the office, lure your coworkers out of the way with coffee? (Also found a bug while recording this lol)

Not sure what I'm going to make the gameplay like but here's what I have so far of the next minigame for my playdate pack...

Okaaaay. We were thinking of going to the Ren Fest today but Rai got fixated on Counter Strike again so I'm going to do game development now 😏 I love canceled plans (I enjoy being at home way too much.)

Working on Motor Horse today. Planning on releasing this AND Pupreciation in the game pack sometime this week. 🤞

Oh yeah and on the weekend probably working on my Esperanto short film, 'cuz that deadline is October 5th.

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So I'll be posting more updates as I do stuff. Now that the semester is starting, I'm trying to set up my routine, which also includes exercising and cooking my meals so I can eat healthier. :P

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So my plan right now is that Monday, Tuesday, and Friday I'll do class prep and grading (classes are on Mondays and Tuesdays), Wednesdays I'll use for @RawrRinth development, and Thursdays for PlayDate development. Hopefully I did enough work ahead of time to make this possible!!

I intend to get back to game programming this coming week. I teach Mondays and Tuesdays, then I'm going to try to spend at least one day a week on gamedev. I have gotten a ton of class prep done in advance so hopefully I won't be too overwhelmed with my work this semester. ^^;;;

The next couple of weeks I'm not gonna do any game development since I'm prepping for class to start, but since I'm doing early prep, I SHOULD have more time during the semester to do gamedev during the week. 😎

Just been prepping for my fall courses... Trying to get all assignments ready during August so I can focus more on gamedev DURING the semester... And also not be a huge pile of stress.

zombie movies always have the zombies reaching through a crack in the door or the window or something & all the survivors just panic & can't push them back. Do none of them own cats?? Where's the survivor with 3 cats at home casually smacking 10 zombie arms back from the doorway & snapping it shut?

Rachel's Game Pack v 1.4 added to itchio! HIGH 5 KING mini-game now available, as well as various quality of life updates, such as a level select menu, options menu, and more!

Download it for here:

I have bits of "High Five King", "Motor Horse", and "Pupreciation" done but I'll probably finish HFK first and do a bunch of testing and then upload that as v1.4.

I've also been tweaking the existing games to make them better as well.

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~ Since each game's Help screen and Title screen are essentially the same, I've made one generic title screen and one generic help screen, and it gets populated with the right text and images, so that should reduce the game file size a bit. ~

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I've been making a lot of "quality of life" updates for the next version of my game pack (in addition to the new game), like a level select and score view of level-based games like Bass Ball and We Have Lasers~.

Also just a shitton of refactoring that absolutely nobody is going to notice except me. ;P

Have the core gameplay of High 5 King working, just need to build out the concept some more. :0

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