The kids I hang out with* are like so hyped since finding out that I play D

Oh yeah I need to do some art tonight, too! Bleep

I mean also with credits, but paying the local band for licenses. Or just giving money to them in general. I already bought their discography online. :T

Me: Hey, can I license your music for a stream?

Band: Haha you can use it for free with the credits :)


This makes me so mad that they're trying to build an immigrant child detention center here in Kansas City. We shouldn't have these ANYWHERE, and I cannot stand to have one in my own community.

May 19th there's a hearing, hopefully we can attend virtually.

Hey @sharpy23 I'm out of pre-recorded Broken Sword videos so I need to start recording like next week's one. Do you want to join me for a Discord / screen share call and we can record the episode together? Like sometime on the weekend? :)

I'll be streaming in 20 minutes here:
just a 20 - 30 minute morning chat with whoever comes around. Trying to socially connect instead of distance. :P

I haven't felt like playing Animal Crossing since I saw the price tag Nook put on relocating structures on the island. I just... I don't have that kind of drive to earn that kinda bells.

Wish my ukulele didn't have a broken string. Not exactly a necessity to go get a replacement string.

Tempted to find my cat-ear hat and then use fabric paint and scrap cloth to make a face mask with a cat nose and whiskers painted on it. 😅

Started listening to piano covers of Final Fantasy music on Spotify and now I can't do anything but listen. I WAS reading, but I couldn't focus.

I freaking love the piano so much.

I mean I love all instruments but piano is my favorite and for me it's the most comforting.

Watching S2E9 of Star Trek TNG where Bruce Maddox wants to disassemble data and he sounds like a huge ass.

Maybe he got what was coming to him in STPicard. ;P

I need another game to play now that I'm basically done with Death Stranding for now, something that doesn't revolve around violence.

(Yeah I already have Animal Crossing)

I could wait until it comes out on Steam to play thru it on PC instead...

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