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Just watched Better Call Saul season 6 episode 7. 😱

Like we're doing OK financially right now but I don't think I'll ever abandon my frugalness and anxiety towards dropping a ton of money all at once.

I have had to remind my coworkers that many of our students are not affluent... Many of them have to work at the same time that they go to school (like I had to). We can't just assume being a student in our classes is their "full time job". That only benefits the kids whose parents pay their way. -_-

Also I work in the summers to make more money lol. I think I've taught every summer that I've been with the college, so since 2016, with the exclusion of 2019 when I was briefly working as a developer again.

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It's so weird to me that some of my coworkers go out of town for like an entire month every summer. Like yeah we're teachers so we can have summers off but I just have a hard time spending that kind of money. x___x

Go to a nice restaurant on top of the basic hotel cost for that amount, geeze.

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My husband and I were thinking of booking a room at a bed and breakfast overnight as the like... only vacation we've taken since early 2020. It's like $400 per night but they require you to book TWO nights. That's so much more money. T_T

We're just gonna find a place out of town to look at stuff and book a normal-ass hotel instead.

UI design: Purple people icon means "enrolled" and Turquoise people icon means "wait list". Hover-over has pop up text but doesn't show up on phone. Great design. -_-

One of my coworkers was telling me how she had always felt supported by her supervisor at previous jobs and I'm just like ??? what I'm used to my supervisors and coworkers at best not giving a shit about me and at worst being really shitty to me. ??? Nothing new.

The #Fediverse is so very amazing :fediverse:​❀️ That's why I run a whole bunch of different services, something for everyone!

The things I host are:

And much more! (
If you would like to support me in paying the bills for all this, any help is very much appreciated :cat_hug_triangle:​

#Mastodon #PeerTube #Misskey #Pixelfed

This person responded to an old toot of mine with a video of a white guy saying the N word. This person has no other posts? Why did they bother posting this at me???

Do ... Neurotypical people prefer face to face, verbal communication BECAUSE there's no log? Like they want what day to disappear after it's said so nobody can use it against them later? Specifically thinking of adult coworkers over the years and suddenly kind of makes sense.

Need to figure out recipes that aren't boring as heck that are prediabetes friendly.

Going from 5 seasons of binging Better Call Saul to one episode a week of season 6 is bblllaaaahhhh

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