Gamers like to deck out their PC with bling RAM and color cycling LEDs everywhere but their clothing is still drab as all hell for what? Where’s the Razer Gamershirt with 99.5% Adobe RGB coverage

Probably the craziest picture I’ve ever taken. This was after a weird storm on a summer evening, and I sped up the road to a Schnucks parking lot to get this rainbow. I don’t think I’ll ever top this.


Hell of a thunderstorm tonight, found this little* lady sheltering in my garage.

Hope she makes it safely back outside once the weather improves :/

*not so little (about 6cm in the body, not including the antennae or ovipositor)

Okay let's go: Hey I'm kassi or Isabel - a (queer ADD) Illustrator from Germany. New here but not so new on the internet. Please feel free to stay and spend some time with me. I tell stories through images, love pastel colours and fierce characters.

Let me know if we might already know each other :artaww:

I was watching Giri/Haji on Netflix, and it had a few quirky things going through, but by the time I hit the second-to-last episode I was mostly just hoping they wouldn't kill all the characters I'd grown attached to.

What I *didn't* have on my bingo card was the climax of the entire show being a 3-minute, black-and-white, interpretative dance.

(And I didn't hate it)

My sister just called vampires... Hemo-gobblins. 🤣

I'm really putting the "O no" in "big O notation"

Spoilers for the above word pairs 

🟩🟨🟩🟨🟨 ∈ { SHOOT, SOOTH }
🟨🟨🟩🟩🟨 ∈ { REACT, TRACE }
🟨🟩🟨🟨🟩 ∈ { DOWRY, WORDY }

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Seeing everyone posting yellow & green squares for their Wordle guesses had me wondering just how much of a spoiler they could be. A short program later, and I discovered these patterns of info limit the possible words to just a single pair each:


Suppose I should try taking sequential guesses into account as well...

Surprised that Swift has “indirect” for enum cases but not for structs. Seems like a weird omission.

@vwbusguy and if you happen to be a sub-compact car teaching Henry VIII how to use Mastodon, you'd be a:
"Two-door Tudor Tooter Tutor"

If you think the tools programmers build for average users are bad, you should see the ones we build for other programmers 😩

Maybe I'm just projecting my hopes, but the latest influx into Mastodon feels different, somehow. Is this critical mass?

Since I'm apparently extra visible today: I'm looking for a neat job.

I love working with Ruby and Rust. But I can use any kind of gemstone to create any kind of oxide.

Other skills I have:
- I know how CPUs work
- I know how GPUs work
- I know how databases work
- I know how to integrate web technologies with old af systems
- Metaprogramming and DSLs
- C and ObjC (and C++ if you ask nicely)
- Javascript (both in and out of browser)
- Python
- Docker and Kubernetes
- JVM (a bit too much) and Java
- SQL (waaaay too much) on Postgres, MSSQL, DB2 for IBM i, etc.
- CouchDB and PouchDB
- Hosting applications inside corporate networks
- Private clouds
- Designing and consuming REST and GraphQL APIs
- Rails, Grape, Sinatra, etc.
- Ember.js
- Signal Processing
- Numerical analysis
- Linguistics
- Doing what others consider impossible

RT = <3

@fasterthanlime I think this happens whenever I press the semi-functional fullscreen button on an embedded youtube video, itch takes a display sleep assertion that it never returns.

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@lores a while ago you mentioned you have a Patreon but I can't find it anywhere… any chance of a link?

+35€ for Fullbody, +25€ for a plant background, +55€ for a fully painted enviro background.
For more characters, you add the same cost -15% for one more character, -25% for the second added character, -35% for the third, etc.

Payment upfront (Paypal). You can send me a private message or a mail @

The slots are limited!

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