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Got my first gig recently, yay! Still looking for more, but this is definitely a good start :D

Who needs a Go Kart when you can have a TANK CART!
I'm trying to get more creative with these daily challenges, I swear!

Thought I'd go retro and do a Car Bed for today's challenge. Also yay I got Blender rendering the way I want again. Had to rewatch KayLousberg's tutorial again >.>

Thought I'd take the Bouy challenge in a little more loosely this time. Gun Bouy!

Ok, so an entire Sky City would be a little too ambitious of an idea for a daily challenge. But here's an idea for a module of what could be a Sky City!

Bit of a phone-in this time, but I made a sandwich! I'm actually really happy with how the bread slices turned out.

I've decided to do daily challenges to hone my (lack of) skills. First three are Sauna, Skeleton, and Oil Rig! Hoping I'll get skilled enough to make game assets for myself at least.

Been spending parts of the day getting a dev environment for with . Got working, now for , , and !

Iiii don't wanna work, I just wanna play games and all day~

When a professor responds to "exams are stressful" with "well then practice while under stress" you know you're doomed.

We desperately need better education & a lot more social justice. Humanity is doomed otherwise.

Decided to randomize the tint of the stars in the menu screen for NerdRay, which adds some much needed depth!

uh oh


Hey, I know there's the new game "jam" thing from Rogue and IGN & I'm seeing a bunch of new/upcoming indies considering entering the "show" - let me just give you a few heads ups just in case you are


Oh look, my tooter is still here! Guess I should update with what I've been working on.

Since I'm back in school, I've decided to try noodling around with various frameworks and/or engines I'm unfamiliar with. I'm working on this little gem using . Not quite sure what the gameplay loop is going to be yet. But I'm having fun!

Running a little behind today, but still going live with more Tethget[h]er on !
Doing more Blueprint-to-C++ conversion of game code!

Going live with some more Space Kid Adventures ! Going to work on a save system so I can store player progress and high-score data!

Continuing the journey of porting prototype code from Blueprints to C++, come hang out as I work on Tethget[h]er!

It's time for some Space Kid Adventures again! Come hang out while I work on player stats and other systems.

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