Who's the baddass that backed us like .2 seconds after we launched?? Damn son!

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Now that Pit of Doom is launched on Early Access (and a few days have sunk in)... I'm both relieved and just as frantic as ever.

So much still to do!

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This is my week, in a nutshell.

*chants the word "Work" to the tune of the Star Wars Theme*

That day where swapping a Hard Drive and reinstalling Windows 10 turns into a half-day operation, *sigh*

Adventures in !

Working from home today (it's Canadian Thanksgiving) so I get to use these guys for inspiration. Time for some more ! Still working on Pit of Doom.

99 Bugs inside of PoD's code~
99 Little Bugs~
Takes one down, Commits it around~
9001 Little Bugs in the code~

Just your typical day!

You know what, I don't care if I'm not at my laptop anymore...


(I just walked into the office and got my coffee, can you tell?)

I'd use the gif of me turning on the "Turbo Fan" of my laptop to signal my starting of time today... But I'm at the office now and it doesn't have one.

mods are awake, continue to behave in a respectful manner conducive to the development to a healthy and positive community as you were when they were alseep.

Finally back home from my trip to the US.

After a small "get settled" and R&R period, I'll be back to being active again.

Which means, more !
(Still working on PitOfDoom, though)

Playing around (and learning) about Isometric views in both 2D and 3D. Think I found some good Camera settings in to get something going.

Being anti-whiteness is good actually.

Whiteness is so goddamn harmful, and an extension of colonialism. Don't cherish it. Stop defending it.

Sometimes I really wish Linux was easier to install as a dual-boot with Windows.

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