Wracked my brain a little too much on an idea for the , and with my day job getting in the way progress will be a little slow for a few days.

But I got movement!

Got Rider working with Unity ✅ (debugger included)
New public repo made ✅
Feeling prepared for the Gamedev.tv Gamejam tomorrow? ✅

Let's see how far I can get with Unity in 10 days, I know I've done one in 3 ;)

Feeling pret-ty accomplished today! Got the packages and delivery locations randomized. Speed boost also stays hidden on a timer once it's triggered.

Kinda fun since the Unity Debugger in VS Code is basically abandoned now and doesn't work on my Linux machine.

Managed to do some today. Nothing to really show, just balanced the environment and camera to something that felt nicer to play.

That said, really feel like I could pull something out of my butt in this time.

Me: "I really should find a fun way to name my character instead of just "Pocket Nerd"

Partner: "How about...."


Been playing around with Miro since my partner is using it for her work, seems to do well for planning out levels for the new project!

🎉I'm a mentor for @LBMentorship Limit Break 2022!
If you're looking to get into the games industry, or in the industry and want some advice, let me know!
I specialize in programming, UI and

Gonna try turning on the "Open to Recruiters" switch on LinkedIn for the summer, see if anyone will hire me for work. Will put out some job applications at the same time. Testing the waters, so to speak.

Today in "things I wish I could say to customers failing to tell me I'm wrong"

"I'm sorry sir, but my 25 FUCKING YEARS of knowledge and experience in computer hardware say otherwise!"

Fucking asshole tried to imply that USB-A can't be anything but USB 2.0.

I keep sitting in front of my computer ready to record a video and just.... Lock up. Every time.

And I have no idea WHY!

Been practising with today while following a course, made a bowling pin!

Ok, I'm glad I choose to do a test 26km bike ride yesterday instead of just biking to my day-job. I'm feeling like 💩

Spent some time organising/cleaning my desk and went on a 26km ride. I'm already feeling super productive and I haven't even done any yet!

With the massive influx of folks joining the Fediverse a new is in order!

Hi! I'm a programmer and who mostly works in but at times will dabble with other engines and . My activity here has been hit or miss but am looking to post more of my projects and even little tutorials that I or others may find useful (more characters is great!). Here's some of my work or projects that I've worked on.

Semester is finally over, now to take what I learned and apply it along with continual professional development

Heads up: our voxel editor Avoyd will go up in price this Friday 22nd April. Current price is 8$
>> Purchase and download link: enkisoftware.com/products
>> Features list and documentation: avoyd.com/

That moment when you realize that a 3D Model is a glorified Graph Data Struct

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