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Got my first gig recently, yay! Still looking for more, but this is definitely a good start :D

Alright! Got the level boss spawning, damage system, and an actual game loop in place! All while sick cause I'm dedicated like that!

Heh, planned meeting didn't happen. So early start to for me!

Project SHMUP (working title) should have some better progress this week :D

Saves now show meta-data: the world number (unique game number), play time (minutes and seconds), and the player's level.

Didn't get a whole lot done visually this time around for . But did a crap-ton of refactor and got a damage/death system more properly in place for the player and enemies.

Oh, also added a cute Turret that is trying super hard.

Getting myself psyched for another Saturday of . Having to do it at home cause my partner is sick.

But that also means I have more time today!

And for the end of today's , a near Minimal Viable Product! Enemies are spawning and I can shoot them down. But they don't shoot back and I have no boss or level-end.

Also, Camera moves now! Definitely helps if I do some pre-planning.

Doing some prep-work for my project later today by exporting ideas that are in my head into a HacknPlan project. Going to see if I can structure my ideas into a more focused task-list.

Got my first gig recently, yay! Still looking for more, but this is definitely a good start :D

For my first session. Got some player controls happening, and some crazy shenanigans with firing (I know how to fix this, just ran out of time). Ship prototype is thanks to KenneyAssets :D#GameDev

My life partner does a thing called "Shut up and Write" twice a week where she goes to a local Cafe (where a bunch of Writers meet up) and just focuses on her own stuff for roughly 3 hours.

I can't do it both times (for now), but I've committed to do my own version of it on Saturdays where I write code instead. I dub it "Shut up and Code".

Thought about posting progress of projects I work on during these, what do folks thing?

*cracks knuckles*

Time to start off the day right with some learning!

First "class" of the day, Unity! Then, off to some Math.

Hi people! So long not being here. I have a doubt. What's the difference between using ECS and monobehaviours? I cannot find a good practice for choosing one of them

Ah, the start of something great. Haven't done the parsing of Twine markup yet, but getting Twine to spit out json so it can be easily read was the first step!

Oh great, it's been 24-hours and Firefox is STILL fucked up.

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