Can I just punch all men in the face? Is that allowed

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@godotengine Can I get a boost?

Looking for hobbyist game devs who use Godot to join our community: The League of Leisurely Ludological Independent Pursuits of Passion (Lollipop). Here is our mission statement:

PM me if interested! 🍭

You know your skills have improved when you can say "Screw this lack of Documentation" and just go digging into the Engine Code.

Snowed in so I get to work on 'The Pit: Infinity' from home. Which is nice cause it's really quiet here.

And here's what I spent most of the day refactoring my character classes was for...

Also, new prototype Dog Asset, with animations!

Today’s : a mini-game where a face is on the screen and a pair of cat ears will bounce around the screen, tap/press a button (within time limit) to stop the ears at the optimal location on the head, scored based on how close you get. Progressing levels the bouncing gets faster, player at the end with highest sum scores wins the mini-game.

Today's main task? Refactor my main character class to use UE's Character class because... as much as I don't like the bloated nature of the Capsule Component, the CharacterMovementComponent is going to save a ton of time not having to reverse-engineer movement.

After a nice walk through the snow and cold to help wake me up a bit, time to get back to work on the

Signs you know that you're improving as a Game Programmer.

*Ponders how Epic did a thing*

*looks at the code for said thing*

*Attempts to replicate the thing*

*Succeeds to replicate the thing*

The thing in question? Creating Blueprint Nodes that have a dynamic output type (think "GetAllActorsOfClass" or "GetComponentByClass")


If you're a new follower, you may not know that I'm a game developer! You can check out some of my games here:

More of my old games will be added regularly and new ones will too!

I've just started a Ko-fi page in case you like my games and wanted to donate some $ to help me, so here's that link if you like my projects:

Thank you!

Hello everyone. I do a bunch of things for SPIR-V (the shader language for Vulkan). I'm the working group chair and my team maintains SPIRV-Tools and Shaderc. AMA. (Can't promise to be super-responsive, etc.)

I'm also involved with WebGPU where choice of shader language is ... unsettled. I'd like to pick your collective brains about that some time.

On a related note, oh my crap was my Hack-N-Plan board and task-list a mess!

*cracks knuckles*

After a roughly one-month reprieve from personal projects (Global Game Jam not included), it feels nice to be working on them again. *makes sheep noises*

Me after spending a month chilling at home and after processing my experience with Global Game Jam 2019.

me, using any social media: (pretends to know whats going on)

Thinking about attempting to conquer my "installing Linux post UEFI and SecureBoot" fears and try installing Linux for dual-boot.

Anyone got any recommandations? Looking for something relatively user friendly.

Check out this math:
Including free downloads, I've "sold" about 3,000 units on the DMs Guild, across seven different products.

Among those 3k downloads, I've gotten 9 ratings.


Among those 9 ratings, there have been 4 actual reviews.


Those reviews are only on two products. The other five have no reviews, and three of them don't even have a rating.

I have no idea whether people like what I make, what they want to see more of, etc.

Leave reviews when you like stuff, folks.

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