Absolutely mind blow by this VFX made by Nibilli!!

Sorry for the twitter link, but it's too good not to share.


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Sorry Mastodon friends, i keep forgetting to post here. Very late but..

Hello !

It seems like I might have taking a liking in bridges .. here i present you this demo made in !

This demo showcases how to communicate between a process material and a display one.

Grab it here at
@gdquest 's repo! 👉 bit.ly/3wfrIvV

New spherical mask demo!

Even if this wasn't that much of , I themed this new demo around Harry Alisavakis' monthly challenge!

Grab it here in @gdquest 's shaders repository:

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I continue the presentation of towers in ! :) This time, basic red tower - perfect against medium red enemies :)

Incredibly late to cross post this one, sorry!

Here is a music themed AoE effect that I made <3

Grab it for free here: qbieshay.itch.io/godot-music-a

Hiii !

Here's another demo for godot-shaders, which shows how UVs can be used to obtain different flow effects.
Grab it here on
@gdquest 's repository! github.com/GDQuest/godot-shade

I've added a little bit more spice to the enemy robot of 's third person demo 🤖 🌶️

Pull request open here 👉 github.com/godotengine/tps-dem

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Have you been waiting for the next devUpdate? :) Probably not, but - here it is! :) so .... the menu is almost ready. Jakub has to add a bit of his magic at the end :)

I am finally inspired to sit and actually create some vfx ✨

Here is the first attempt to a cartoon water shader. Rewrite is in process now :D

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YouCompleteMe is the absolute maximum value for the function `(utility of a software) x (hostility towards being installed)`

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Which of these tools have you used the most to produce game executables for your audience?

// We're intentionally excluding web based and other modes of "game source distribution" that requires the player to already have some game engine installed to run the game.

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New :) thanks to my friend (Sylwester Osik)
I made great progress last week! :) our goal was to finish the task list :) (we are both members of Kurki Collective)


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Here are the slides of my presentation, for anyone who wants to copy the code: georgemarques.com.br/functiona

RT @Akien@twitter.com

Next up at , we have @vnen@twitter.com talking to us about functional programming applications on GDScript.

Tune in to the livestream on youtube.com/c/GodotEngineOffic

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Akien/status/12246

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