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Feels like the time to give Mastodon another try. I'm Rebecca a Writer/Narrative designer with almost 15 years dev experience. First in QA then Narrative.
Blog at

Been having a play with Bitsy again. Really impressed with the new features. Just need to form it into a coherent game.

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@prehensile there's a local urban legend in the neighbourhood we live in that somewhere here are buried animal carcasses the University of Cambridge experimented with anthrax on during WW2

this is partly fueled by leases in the are having clauses saying no excavating the ground and no keeping grazing animals (!), and there's a perpetually locked and empty "resident's car park" nearby with a 6ft spiked steel fence around it and these signs in front

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I'm going to move soon and I'm hoping to finally have space for a proper home office. Having fun trying to find tasteful.geeky decor. Any recs? *

* I also need to find a place to live.

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Double Fine is hiring a Contract Concept Artist (6+ months)! Position is in SF, but being in the Bay Area is just a plus, not req'd. Unconventional art styles a Big Plus!

To be a good writer there's a ton of things you need to do.

You also have to write.

It's nice to look at old work and to think how far I have come.

Good bit of morning book post. One thing that can be easy to miss. Even when you get a narrative job, it doesn't stop there. You have to to keep working on your skills.

Currently reading "Writing for games theory and practice" by Hannah Ricklin. It's really good. It doesn't just dive into plot but talks about the realities of game writing and processes. Recommended to non narrative devs too as I think it explains the job wonderfully. So much of the job can be explaining what it is.
There's even a section recommending what functionality your tools need.

Going to have a few months free soon. Really want to complete one creative project, but deciding what is so hard.

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is insufficiently documented

Is there a decent source of royalty free live2d models? Tempted to make another freeware visual novel over the Summer. There's no way I'd have the budget to commission art but free or low cost assets would work I think.

I'm happy to pay and support authors, but ooof does most game narrative books having academic publishers keep prices up.
Obviously a lot of great resources are available online, but it's nice to sit down with a book and get away from the screen.

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poetry is when
you add line

and the more lines you
the more
it is

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A free game making tool and helpful community does way more to get people into games than a glitzy award show. Its great to nominate and celebrate people but the real heroes are the people who work on tools, tutorials and community management.

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