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Got concave corners working:

Now I have concave/convex/"straight" edges and concave/convex corners working (i.e. all geometry that's possible in my game).

Current list of 2D + virtual reality games made (that I know of / can think of):

Super Mega Mega
S.A.D. Cat
Bloody Zombies
The Lost Bear
Pop-Up Pilgrims
Pixel Ripped 1989

All of which are more complicated than Asteroids.

It's so weird that my first commercially-viable game will approximate Asteroids (1979). I've been programming in Unity for >7 years, and in a way this took like three years to make XD

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Tomorrow I'll be starting an Asteroids (1979) -esque 2D virtual reality game.

Fun fact: the world in Asteroids when wrapped left-to-right, top-to-bottom makes a donut.

I have to change the controls and the graphics become a sphere, but otherwise it'll take strong inspiration.

The best coding days are where you remove 100+ lines of code and/or delete entire files.

To see `[Obsolete("MethodX obsolete: prefer MethodY where possible.")]` warnings go away is also amazing.

It is nice to be in university again. School is a very stabilizing force in my life, and I could probably use that now more than ever before.

When developing, incremental changes are almost always ideal for productivity.

That being said, during refactoring I (naively) prefer having long stretches where my code can't compile. Anyone else prefer this? Anyone think this can be a good idea for certain types of problems?

I created a mobius strip in my game, this means that you can walk on both the outside and inside of the 2D surface by going around the circuit "twice".

Here's a link to another mobius strip in case you're curious of what a 3D version looks like in real life:

Interesting talk by @william about working with the geometry of Manifold Garden:

We have similar considerations with Avoyd's localised gravity, the radial design solution for instance.

Three things:

1) I'm loving the zoom effect in 2D virtual reality.

2) My camera code just got really simple.

3) Today marks the first day (technically) I've played a 2D virtual reality game, since I previously has the typical 65mm eye-to-eye distance.

This is approximately the 10th time I've gotten collisions/movement "working" with all of the 6+ prototypes and constant refactoring.

Now I have a custom collider component that I can add to objects, though.

Just got my 3-sphere collision system working:

The intersection of two spheres captures a collision for a circle in 3D space, and three spheres captures an arc in 3D space.

Until just now I was planning on only supporting FixedUpdate for my game engine XD

I mean, even if I did do that, I forgot that inputs gets "eaten" if you write your code that way.

It's also inefficient, of course.

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