There's so few people who write about 2D virtual reality games (but I always find great joy in articles/videos/games on the subject); maybe I should make a new Gamasutra account and write about 2D virtual reality soon.

I should eventually make a presentation about it, and even if it's never used I have a better personal understanding (for explaining it to others).

Different implementations for mapping a checker board onto a hemisphere (or any spherical rectangle).

(Probably the longest I've ever spent on any one algorithm (and its inverse).)

My favorite aspect of math is the infinite number of ways to solve any given problem -- each solution with its own form of correctness.

There are times when I think a small anomaly is unfixable, but as luck would have it I am wrong every time.

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One of the reasons I feel like such an unproductive programmer is I'll occasionally spend 3+ days thinking about how to implement an algorithm without writing a line of code DX

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My friend got me to set up tests, and within an hour they already solved a bug.

I just got my code working approximately >50x as fast and it still isn't as fast as I want XD

It's definitely workable, though.

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Growth as a programmer warms my heart <3

Three years ago (and four years after starting), I still had plenty of bad habits that have since been fixed.

Not long from now, I anticipate my code could be fully documented for both public and private interfaces.

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So...Washed Up! is out NOW 😎

Scratch that block-arranging itch with a our environmentally-themed puzzle game, the first from our husband & wife micro-team. 20% discount in launch week!!

Please Boost :)

To any French-speaking game developers:

1) Is "Debris Noirs" proper grammar/spelling? What connotation might it have that translation misses?

2) If "Debris Noirs" were a game title, what would you expect the gameplay to be like?

I really should fact-check myself more DX

Also, I seldom phrase statements or questions properly.

Also, most of my questions can be answered by the internet *and* reading *and* reading comprehension XD

A reminder that ethics is an important part of computing and game development:

Have you read the IGDA Code of Ethics? (5 minute read)

ACM Code of Ethics? (18 minute read)

IEEE Code of Ethics? (3 minute read)

Stanford Computer and Information Ethics? (42 minute read)

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