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Finished my 6-second game trailer for my Asteroids (1979)-clone in virtual reality:

Boring math 

Boring math 

Also, because you don't get the gravity-strafing boots until later, you have to use x-momentum to make the bounce jump. This is particularly cool because it could pair well with the hexagonal corridor design.

To add to the fun of it, the bounce jumping route should be significantly slower than the alternative route unless you make the jump.

One nice thing: if this technique is difficult (it probably won't be for normal people (read: it would be near-impossible for me)) then it will be within the first 30 seconds of gameplay (easy to reset).

I also don't think I mentioned that the start screen fades in from black (input is accepted during this time but historically held inputs are ignored). This adds something to do as the game starts.

Oh wait, I remember now that I was interally debating about corridor z-velocities based on grounded movement (something I previously only needed to implement in midair). It turns out that adding that would make this feature possible XD

I also just figured out how to add a speedrun technique: bounce jumping off ceilings for extra vertical momentum.

The idea is you use the ceiling off the corridor (essentially "level 0.5") to jump towards the floor, then you transition to "level 1" then you jump off the floor with an extra bounce for making an otherwise impossible jump to shortcut some of the level.

Based on how I set up corridor gravity and gravity-strafing boots this is currently impossible, but I'll make it work.

To be fair, spherical levels are difficult to chart out on paper. A lot of it ends up being a 2D square with matching discontinuity lines on the left and right.

It took me what felt like 2-3 years to develop the "0th level" and >4 years to develop the first (abstract) part of the "1st level", so if I extrapolate maybe I'll have the level design figured out in 20 years XD

Finally decided on the first (or second depending on how you count it) level for my game, probably thanks in part to this great article I just skimmed:

Basically the character can fall down (can't immediately backtrack) to the left or right, so you have a degree of branching, guidance, and foreshadowing.

I also informally called the achievement for the 0th level "Around the World in Eighty Degrees".

Algorithms (sorting), reinventing the wheel 

Algorithms (sorting), reinventing the wheel 

Algorithms (sorting), reinventing the wheel 

Algorithms (sorting), reinventing the wheel 

Algorithms (sorting), reinventing the wheel 

Algorithms (sorting), reinventing the wheel 

The reason for this decision would be these sexual harassment allegations (there seem to be 10 Jane Does).

If there's any coverup involved, I'm gonna want to switch to Godot if it's not gonna bankrupt me, because when you state:

"Unity intends to vigorously defend against the false allegations asserted by Anne Evans."

And then it turns out that is part of a coverup, I don't want to give you any business.

Today is the first day (to my recollection) I've seriously considered switching to Godot.

I know some incredibly important features would be missing in the short-term, but on the plus side I could treat my previous code as a throwaway prototype for the 7-9th time (it's more useful for refactoring / architecture than you'd think).

I'll probably decide quickly after I finish my two major non-game development projects.

Algorithms (sorting), reinventing the wheel 

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