I'm back again \😊/ My old graphics card said goodbye 😭 Got a new one for the transition until I find a better one

Yesterday I learned about PCF (percentage-closer filtering) and added some more shinies ✨ to the table elements for my game

I think it looks pretty nice

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I really start to not like the get_groups method in it messes up so much because of the internal groups, so it's time to write my own functions for this


Seizure Warning 

Today I worked on some lights & shadows for my game First time doing this and I think it looks pretty neat
Maybe here and there some changes

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I should really take a look what others are working on 😊 Give some follows and so on 😍

Got the internal table structure for my game now working
Tomorrow: code clean up
Weekend: table selection scene

Then I've something to show again 😊

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It's time for me 😊

Hi I'm eL-Falso, german (coding, pixelart, ) Switched from GMS2 to last year and currently working on a made with Godot. From time to time I stream the development on .

I love tea, cookies and cooking

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