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This is something I have been working toward, alongside many others, during my entire career at Unity.

It took a lot of "hack weeks," 20% time, and other donated time to get off the ground; it came within a hair's breadth of being terminated multiple times.
We fought to keep it alive, to get it onto the release track, to keep it from being shipped with special license restrictions.

It's great to finally see our work having a public impact.

Just spent 2 hours debugging an issue that turned out to be the difference between these two expressions:


Assert.Throws<ObjectDisposedException>(() => thing.Dispose())

Another day using git rebase, another day reading the docs for git rebase

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Here's a new version of the Gameplay Ingredients package for Unity 2020.2 that relies on OpenUPM scoped registry for package dependencies.

Thanks to that, I was able to remove the copy of the NaughtyAttributes code I previously embedded in the package and directly add it as a package dependency.


PS: Sadly there's a bug in 2020.2.1f1 that prevents selecting scoped registry packages in the editor, but you can still edit your manifest.json

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I've released UAI - Utility AI Editor tool for Unity! The aim is for it to be used by AI designers aswell as programmers - that's why it has visual graph-like tool to manage the most important AI design phase - "tweaking it a bit".

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Heyo! Just popped in to let you all know I've got a new game out and it's free. Hope you'll check it out and that you like it!

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Japanese fedi, I have a question: I have noticed in a few games now that the logo/title designer seems to often get just as high a credit as the producer. What's with that? It's cool and all, but just not what I am used to from western games.

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can't remember if i posted the last game i released because i was under NDA until it premiered at the imagineNative festival in October and then i just forgot i guess.

anyways, here it is:

#gamedev #twine

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If you need a generalist programmer for your games studio, I am looking for work and I've got a portfolio:

Wanna know about something I made? Ask me!

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By the way the company I work for is hiring so if you know someone who wants to get paid to write Rust in a fully remote startup then you should have them poke me


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@Tak this is from Metallica's album Ride The ThunderBolt™, right?

It's got the bangers
"For Whom The Merge Conflicts",
"The Remote Procedure Call of Ktulu",
and "Trapped Under Vim"

Ask not for whom the merge conflicts, it conflicts for thee

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I proudly presents: The Small Christmas Game!
My cute, fun Christmas fetch game is now online and free to play!
Get your favorite snacks and get ready to get in the right Christmas mood!

You play as Anna, who’s coming home for Christmas. But the Christmas spirit is far away, since everyone is super stressed and busy. As you help people out, the village slowly gets more and more decorated until everyone is happy and can celebrate the holidays.

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I don't know who made the steam "Precompiling Shaders" thing go away, but thank you

There's no better start to the work week than the company VPN being down

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working on a hobby network wrapper for unity's new transport. I wrote one for the old LLAPI, and so i've just done a pretty straight port. It is working, but a bad fit for the new transport api's. So tomorrow will be reworking to be a better fit for the new underlaying apis.


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Today is my last day at Unity.

I joined nearly 12 years ago when it was a tiny startup with 20 employees. It's been quite the ride seeing it grow into what it is today.

Now it's time for a new chapter in my work life. Starting next week I'll be a full time indie game developer!

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