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A broken, dissasociated journey from myself, Doc Burford and Beau Chaotica

Coming very soon!!!!!

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I just noticed that I'm actively using CLion, Rider, PyCharm, WebStorm, and RubyMine. (Also Android Studio - does that count?)

Now I feel like I should install IDEA and GoLand just to complete the set.

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I built this small mobile game in a day with twitter.com/DevRowan to bring together a few of the game dev concepts we've been experimenting with lately.

For this game, we aimed for a 'complete' loop of title, intro, gameplay, monetisation, and game over.

#gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity #creativetoots


TFW a four-month-old crash fix has fallen through all of the cracks

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Steam indie game sector: Mass O' Kyzt.

Entirely developed on Linux, Alex Horatio released his first commercial product on Steam.

The game uses Aseprite and the Godot Engine.

Mass O' Kyzt: an arena based platformer wherein enemies are upgraded. Play as an astronaut fighting a psychic alien race on their home planet!

--> store.steampowered.com/app/713
#gaming #Linux #indie #Steam #action #AlexHoratio #MassOKyzt

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#gamedev haiku

the pain when you realize
hours spent on a prefab and
you forgot to apply

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I'm just going to keep reminding you that Skuiggle will be out this coming Monday.

Skuiggle will be out this coming Monday, so get ready to do some arts!

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for each Hejlsberg Denmark creates, it also creates a Stroustroup and a Lerdorf

I'm back at work after three months of parental leave! 🎉

Expect lots of compl...celebrating about C++, Linux, Gtk+, OpenGL, Vulkan, and Unity!

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Global game jam game, queer af content, trans protagonist, feelings, video games Show more

Oh man, I'm buying so many copies of Celeste now...

CW: hate, stupid, poor grammar/spelling

Finally migrated a bunch of my old junk projects from Launchpad (😮) to Github.

There's nothing that's likely to interest anyone else, but here it is: github.com/Tak?tab=repositorie

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you: if youre having trouble understanding how blarglebongle works, you should see this neat library which does it all for you. you just have to include it in your code and it gives you a really simple way to interface with blarglebongle!! it's really simple to use

me: ah nice!!! let me take a look

*opens up blarglebongle.h*

union blargle { struct { blarg20 x10_6; blb_206 y; t_t p; cm *b; } sbf el; __td ra; signed uint8_t sign; unsigned int8_t unsign; uo hi[2;] }; enum ___x {a=1,b=194721};

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I was only a couple relatively simple steps away from a playable demo, so here's a playable demo. lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=30633 #gamedev