Hi people! So long not being here. I have a doubt. What's the difference between using ECS and monobehaviours? I cannot find a good practice for choosing one of them

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Hola jammers! I just made a game jam with @cybercriminal

Scream Jam 2018 is a game jam where the goal is to make inCREDIBLY SPOOKY GAMES!!! This jam begins on the 17th of October at 10AM AEST. Join us for it!


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Godot game Jam starts right now!
No Theme yet but lol

I'm in a important point in my life: yesterday I started my new job at Glovo as Data Analyst and It is the best thing ever get.
I'm really, really happy.

tried to run pop OS using an USB but get infinite loop.
trying Linux Mint 18.3 and can't switch to Nvidia drivers.
trying Ubuntu Bionic Bieber and freeze when chose language.

Linux hates me!?

Remember you can follow me on twitter: @UnsignedFoo
And my personal account: @Cere_Ender

UNITY 2018.1 IS OUT.

Only I need Blender 2.8 and I'll happy forever

I'm glad for finally contributing on and the community. I desire this be first of many other contributions.

Woah, I have installed Pop Os in VB and it is gorgeous

Trying to install popOs in VirtualBox with error :(

Good morning! Was thinking about Oculus Go and how my idea of an VR otome can be done. Damn, only I need this device.

I let you here the Character selector demo, but I bet you'll can download it from godot templates. Enjoy! github.com/CereEnder/godot-rot

I did a simple demo of a Rotation Character selector, like Golden Axe.
I'll push it to my github, or itch.io.

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