I just wrote a new blog post about what the heck i was doing the last half a year or so. Go check it out if you want. Thanks! virtualkind.blogspot.com/2020/

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GDC video (link), mental health (mixed), health (negative) 

Hey people! Just joined this mastodon instance and it's pretty cool here 😎

I'm a student having his try at programming and engineering games since a couple of years.

My current project is rolling my own 2D game engine github.com/AgoutiGames/RawSalm and it's working out nicely so far. I also write about it in my blog virtualkind.blogspot.com

Besides that I enjoy making photos, music, 3D-Art, I have a lot of hobbies.

I don't have that many gamedev-friends but I'm trying to change that righ now! 😃

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