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Okay game devs, let's do it!

I'm Manu, lead narrative designer at Ludogram. We are making Les Mondes d'Aria, a collaborative light-RPG with an innovative choice system 🤫 Check our Steam page:

I'm into the technical aspects of narrative design: procedural, emergent, branching-tree patterns... Feel free to poke me with this kind of topics, I'd love to exchange with you! ❤

Here's a few screenshots from games I have worked on, do you know them?

I’ve worked on this game between 2019 and 2021 as a freelancer. Game design, game content, narrative design, writing, paper-prototyping, mission design, world building… I’ve done a lot during the preproduction. Seeing what the team has achieved since is amazing 🤩

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TRIBUNE. Alors qu’un engouement pour le Métavers se développe chez de multiples acteurs économiques, des développeurs et développeuses de jeux vidéo appellent à la responsabilité des parties prenantes au regard de la crise environnementale en cours.

Crise environnementale 

📢 Je suis signataire de cette tribune alertant sur l’impact environnemental des métavers et de leurs effets de bord, publiée chez @bonpoteofficiel. À relayer !

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Looking for a visual novel with HALF-NAKED ANIME WOMEN and a RIDICULOUS PLOT? Where you play as a charming lesbian ladykiller with a dialogue system that rewards you for picking the dumbest, rudest, funniest choices? Have you played LADYKILLER IN A BIND?

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I'm Alan and I make thinky puzzle games
I'll mostly be lurking but feel free to follow in case that changes!

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companies should take all the energy they put into making internet goofs on april fool's & use it to unionise on labour day.

There is so much to say on this topic, and People Make Games managed to do it in less than 20 minutes.

Midjourney's Discord server reminds me junior high school, when we were urging the only kid who could hold a pencil to draw cool or horny scenes 😂

me: wanna play Alien TTRPG with us?
gf: only if I can play the Alien
me: nobody can play the Alien!
gf: so don’t count me in
me: and what if we play Dune TTRPG instead?
gf: only if I can play a sandworm

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Drinking caffeine, rolling 1d6 for mental health points and then flipping a coin to determine whether to add or subtract them

On your marks! Foretales will be released on September 15th 🎉 Would you play it on PC or Nintendo Switch?

Netflix's mobile games catalogue is a direct jump back to the early 10s, when we had small and high quality premium games. Have you tried Poinpy? Krispee Street? Wonderputt Forever?

(not mentioning Into the Breach, greater than ever)

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Passing of a game dev 

Éric Viennot passed away last week 😢

Uncle Albert's Adventures had a big impact on my childhood. I remember having crafted an actual album with my little brother for months, with puzzles and games.

Éric Viennnot was famous for In Memoriam, one of the first ARGs. I know from game designers around me that this game inspired many.

He was still very present in the French game industry, and appreciated for his work and kindness. Rest in peace, Éric!

Last month, Mark Brown released the Platformer Toolkit, a *video* game that perfectly explains how to tweak your 3Cs and game feel for a platformer. Whether you’re a student or not, give it a try! Ten years in the industry and I still learned a few things. Also, it’s really fun and could totally be presented as a puzzle platformer.

Why is mid-game always boring in 4X games?

Stellaris, Humankind, Dune: Spice Wars... Awesome titles, but I never find the strength to finish a game 😮‍💨

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TIL I learned that the Steam reviews for Journey read like missed connections in the newspaper and have fallen for the game all over again. 😭❤

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