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Had some crazy dreams tonight, maybe it's a sign that I should go back to developing Awakening Sarah

I would think this is the same everywhere though, not just Brazil..

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ngl it's really hard being a indie game developer in Brazil lol
Ton of companies like to use smaller devs here to get a cut and become popular, only to drop them when the actual money comes in, or take a small cut just to introduce BR devs to international companies

Halo series spoiler 

Master Chief has sex and Cortana watches lol
Cucktana is canon

Some thoughts on Construct 2/3 

Construct 3 just made everything a lot more closed (as in you don't access to editor files anymore), but I still see a ton of people hacking into it somehow.. I want to update but paying a monthly price to rely on users fixing stuff that should have been fixed by the developers is a big no-no for me. I already went through that with C2 since 2011 and I didn't care much as I didn't need to ship anything, I was just studying. But now that I do, it's just inviable..

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Some thoughts on Construct 2/3 

Construct 2 is my favorite engine ever, but it pisses me off a bit that the users had to either make tons of plugins or hack stuff into it to make it viable for proper game development (as in, finishing and shipping a game)...

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Can we get a going here on
Here are some old videos of the game we're currently working on, Moonrider! Can't believe it's already been 2 years...

Can't believe I've been racking my brain about performance in the bike level in Moonrider for the last few months when all I had to do was make the textures smaller LOL

I'm enjoying the new Archive album, but most songs take ages to get going.. they're all great once they do

I think I finally figured out what was making the bike part in Moonrider so laggy, the loops that created the background buildings.. Still gotta make sure by running tons of tests though..

Finished fixing all the bugs that were reported on Dandy & Randy DX, some really dumb ones that I have no idea how no one found...

I love making games, but releasing them gets me so anxious - I've already been hearing reports of bugs on Dandy & Randy DX and I want to die lol

This is the first weekend that I don't have work in a while and I'm unsure of what to do lol

God bless the SteamPipe Build Uploader GUI tool

Finally got Electron working again with Construct 2 exports, including a modified version of the Greenworks plugin!! We got achievements and overlay babyyyy

I'm downloading my entire Twitter archive and it's like 15GB lol, downloading at 200kbs :')

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