🧠TIL In Project Settings > Widget Designer (Team), you can change the default root widget for newly-created UserWidgets. Could save a few 🖱clicks if you're making a bunch of new UserWidgets!

Common UI Plugin 🧩 Part 2
The Common UI Button widget is a great example to learn from if you're making your own large UI system:
⭐Centralized styles
⭐Selected state
⭐Better on-click delegate
⭐It's a User Widget!

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Common UI Plugin 🧩 Text Widgets:
⭐Centralized style assets
⭐Marquee-style overflow scrolling
⭐Numeric, date/time formatted text widgets

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Common UI is an plugin from Epic that adds a bunch of useful widgets.
There are too many of them for a single article so I've started a new series:

A lot of people asked for a tutorial on 's UMG List View, so here you go
To show a list containing hundreds of items, don't use a Vertical Box, instead use a 📃List View!


📺I made a video tutorial/chat where I talk about some of the basics of making UIs in :
・Basics of the interface
・Panels, slot system
・Named Slots
・An example of how to make a re-usable button widget


📃Let players easily send you Crash Reports

🐛Make it easier to fix bugs

✨Make your game better!

📺 Ultrawide monitors are great for immersion, but require some special thought for your UI.
↔ How to constrain your UI to the middle of the screen in :


❓Where to find help for
I get stuck, a lot 🤷‍♀️ Thankfully for Unreal there are bunch of places to look to help get un-stuck.
Here's what I have found most helpful:

🎨Unreal UI Best Practices
I wrote it a long time ago but I'm still doing everything I mention there. So I guess it works?

GEngine has some useful global variables like GAverageFPS, that we're using in the next quality of life milestone for Industries of Titan

Here's how to access them!


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