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If you are a student looking to get into the games industry, feel free to ask anything via ✉️@/DM. Stuff like:
🖥️UI programmer career path
⌨️Unreal Engine programming
🌍Working in Japan/Paris/Vancouver
📝Interview tips & CV review
❓Anything else

Hi welcome to my new AI-based text-prompt generator. For only $99 a month, just mash your keyboard with your face and beautifully crafted text prompts will be generated to use in AI image generators.


Ok ergodox users: what do you do about F keys? I use them in Rider for breakpoints, stepping in/out, in other situations too.

Also how do you know which switches to choose? I've tried so many and kind of hated them all. Too clicky, or tiring, or not clear where activation is...

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I'm probably going to regret this but... what are everyone's recommendations for ergo keyboards? I'm using a MS Sculpt right now but my hands are complaining a bit...

"just click the browse button and double-click the asset" I hear you say

but have you seen what it has done to my hands?

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Every time I want to edit an @UnrealEngine BP in a selector like this, I have to click "Show in Content Browser", swap windows, find it on the screen and then double-click it. It would be so nice if there was just a button next to it to open the selected BP...

What's the UX solution to this? Each of these entries are different, but if any of them were wrong or swapped, you would have to click or hover on each.

Show the end?
Show the start and end with ...?
Make the node longer automatically?
Let users stretch the node manually?

GameplayAbility creates a GameplayEffect which uses a GameplayEffectExecutionCalculation to add a Modifier which gets applied to a GameplayAttribute (that lives within an AttributeSet) on the target's GameplayAbilityComponent

Do I split up attributes into multiple sets?

How many Ability System Components should I have across the project?

Do I still set up gameplay data in BPs, and then set Attribute values on launch, or is there a way to avoid duplicate code?

GameplayTag organization is also 🤯

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I'm learning @UnrealEngine's Gameplay Ability System and staring at the blank canvas of possibilities is giving me flashbacks to being new to Unreal and having no clue where code should go.

It seems super powerful but I have no idea if my architecture is a terrible idea.

I'm looking into defining @UnrealEngine data in a hierarchical way using Instanced and EditInlineNew.

I like defining re-usable classes using BP, overriding part of them in-place, or just making one-offs in-place.

But why are EditDefaultsOnly properties visible on instances? 😭

I really enjoy helping programmers looking to get into the games industry. In the past I've helped with:
📝CV/resume reviews
🖥️Programmer career path advice
⌨️Unreal Engine-specifics
🌍What it's like working in Japan/Paris/Vancouver

Feel free to ask via mail/Twitter/Discord👋

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Asking students of computer science if they've ever heard of "Ariane 5" or "Therac 25", and the answer is broadly no.

This field is so young, and we can't even hold on to what little history we have.

Designer on day 1: this kind of sucks to use, what if we turned the data through 90 degrees so we had a struct of arrays instead of an array of structs
Me: 😭

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Ok so now this array has > 10 entries it's awful to manage. So I should make a custom editor property? So I can go back to using structs?

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So every entry in this array needs to be a UObject? OK mark as Instanced. But now there's a dropdown to choose the parent class type, but I only ever want one class, can I hide that?

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Designing how to arrange the data for a game is an eternal struggle for me. It's trying to balance way too many things:
What does Unreal support out of the box? Ok what can I fix with property specifiers? Oh it can't be a USTRUCT because GetOptions requires UFUNCTION

You know what would rule? Being able to set some sort of colours on property rows in @UnrealEngine

So instead of just a huge mess of horizontal lines, things would be obviously grouped within nested arrays.

Categories don't quite cut it.

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