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If you are a student looking to get into the games industry, feel free to ask anything via ✉️@/DM. Stuff like:
🖥️UI programmer career path
⌨️Unreal Engine programming
🌍Working in Japan/Paris/Vancouver
📝Interview tips & CV review
❓Anything else

QA are amazing at finding all the little 👾presents👾 we accidentally leave them.♥

But sometimes it's nice to find some of the less-interesting 🐛bugs automatically, with Tests!

has a few testing frameworks. Let's start with the simplest:

For example I can't find any mention of:
- PreferredProcessor
- EnglishCoalesced
- BiasCompressionForSize

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I've uploaded an early version of the YAML data for command-line arguments. The odd thing is I can't find a _lot_ of the args listed on the official docs, when searching the latest source. Either I'm missing something or a lot has changed.

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It seems like there are quite a few in the docs that are no longer valid, and a bunch more that are undocumented.

I know the "just read the source" advice makes this doc kind of redundant but I'm having fun making it, poking around and learning stuff.

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Also thanks to everyone who has made pull requests to the docs repo already! I'll merge them soon!

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It seems sensible to put the YAML in this repo with the other specifier docs, but then it's not a repo about specifiers... so it's just UE-Docs?

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I'm making another docs page, this time for command-line arguments. Basically this page but with some undocumented ones and some more context for each.

I wonder if I should put my tutorial videos on peertube and embed them instead of YouTube...

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Someone on Discord asked about how to draw a player-facing graph in , like an upgrade tree. I know there are Editor graph modules but is there anything in the game that would simplify drawing graphs? Other than using slate draw functions and building from scratch.

Now that we've hit 1000 users, it seems we can add the benui @discord server to "Discovery". But I can't really find out:
Are there downsides to Discovery?
Can I remove from Discovery?

🙋‍♀️ Hey where's that texture you mentioned?
💁‍♂️ Sure just change the file and hit reimport in
🙍‍♀️"Source File: C:/Users/Ben/Desktop/Stuff/Assets/T_Screen_Final_v2_again.png"
🤦‍♀️ Did you forget to set your Data Source folder?

Clarification: I mean arguments to the .exe not commands that you run from the cheat console.

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Apparently there's a UE5 plugin that lists all command line args?

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