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Here's Tangerine, my main personal project:

This is a CSG system built around composing signed distance functions in Racket. These are translated to an evaluator that can be ran on the CPU, and generated shaders for fast rendering. Models can be rendered in real time, or exported to common file formats for other purposes like 3D printing.

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ok. i have two mastodon accounts i'm planning on using now: is where i'll post everything, and be more likely to follow back is where i'll post the "gamedev" subset of all that (math, Tangerine, etc)

2/6: Chaos Lab is a short original Game Boy block-pusher puzzle game by Robert Doman. Don your hazmat suit, learn the materials, and try to follow the vague orders of your employer. Resetting and trying again is part of the process! Just try not to spill the hazardous materials...

maybe it looks more watery with the edge highlighting on 🤔

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height map experiment. the individual grid sections are rendered as the intersection between a box and either a union or intersection of two planes depending on the slope. it looks like a polygon net, but it's just using tangerine's sdf primitives

some canadians i work with have rubbed off on me and now i keep calling it "the zed axis". "zee" is still the final letter of the english alphabet to me, but "zed" is now the other word for "up"

Just did a remote playtest with an outside person and it went surprisingly well. 😅

Seeing everyone posting yellow & green squares for their Wordle guesses had me wondering just how much of a spoiler they could be. A short program later, and I discovered these patterns of info limit the possible words to just a single pair each:


Suppose I should try taking sequential guesses into account as well...

We have now started work on the 2nd issue of our zine! If you would like to help fund it, consider picking up the first one featuring articles and a bundle of tabletop and video games by people in Michigan


Physical (comes with digital code):

bleeding edge graphics idea: we have pixels, which are 2D and are box shaped, and we have voxels, which are 3D and are box shaped. I propose we use the term "boxels" to generalize the concept to any arbitrary dimension

When There Is No More Snow is a low res visual novel made in ZZT. It's a semi-autobiographical story about a bunch of 8th graders in Mayville, Michigan in 1995.

Ukrainian studio Frogwares (Sherlock Holmes) has received a grant from Epic Games, which it will use to relocate staff to safer regions:

I'm finally cracking open the Play Date SDK... and there's definitely a reason why I'm a programmer rather than an artist:

hot take: "please wait" UI should pivot from spinning loops to spinning spirals. loops are spiritually dishonest. we never enter the exact same moment twice.


A glimpse of revamped global illumination in my toy renderer `kajiya` 👀 Lots more ReSTIR, new meshless irradiance cache, much larger worlds 🎉
Around 11ms/frame here on a Radeon 6800 XT at 1080p, pending some optimizations 😛
Lighting: sun + emissive materials.



We're going to be streaming some Cassette Beasts gameplay this Friday at 09:00 PDT / 17:00 BST exclusively on our Discord! Come and watch!


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