Quickly studied the camera in Kirby's Adventure, and I'm surprised to find that its follow window is effectively a 32×32 pixel square — off-center by 16px left & 32px up.

The only reason why Kirby travels outside the square is because the majority of its rooms only scroll along one axis, horizontal or vertical.

"An Introduction To Real-Time Subsurface Scattering" is a great overview of the techniques therealmjp.github.io/posts/sss

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Production photo of a factory worker checking whether Super Mario Bros. 3 cartridges will start in a Famicom. In 1988, every manufactured copy of a Nintendo game was still tested manually for errors. The worker is using both hands to operate two Famicoms for maximum efficiency.

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Shigeru Miyamoto to the n64 Goldeneye staff:

> "He suggested that it might be nice if, at the end of the game, you got to shake hands with all your enemies in the hospital."


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Relaxing Cone Snail Mapping:

an advanced graphics technique where the snail's neurotoxic venom is used to relax the player, such that they do not notice rendering artifacts

@aras would posting updates on fpga projects be too of topic for this instance? i've been slowly working on building a synthesizer, which seems like bit of a stretch for this instance, but building a rudimentary gpu some day sounds like fun and somewhat more likely to be relevant?

Tried out the ray traced quake 2 tonight. Its kind of weird going from playing new games at max settings at 4k and barely push the 2080 ti, and then playing quake 2 (but with especially nice reflections etc) and get about 30hz.

Now I want to play / make something colorful which makes excessive use of caustics and transmission. Don't really care so much about pbr Realism though.

Would be great to have more gamedevs involved in WebGPU, github.com/gpuweb/gpuweb, development. Interestingly enough there's talk of a C API for it so you could program against that and potentially use WASM to run your game in the browser.

incredibly detailed home made snes mini build, European and US variations of the console, complete with tiny working controllers, NFC cartridges. He even made super gameboy cartridges :O daftmike.com/2017/09/snespi.ht

Hi I'm Aeva and by day I'm a graphics programmer and game engine developer. But for fun, I also do graphics programming and game engine development.

aeva@toot.cat is also me

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