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Rémi Verschelde @akien@mastodon.gamedev.place

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Pro-tip for (web client): you can *pin* basically anything to add new columns to your dashboard.

On mastodon.gamedev.place, I highly recommend to pin the "Local timeline", which will be the gem of this instance.

You can also pin hashtags if you want, or your favourites (yeah, it's back to proper favourites you can check back later, and not "likes" as on Birdsite).

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Let's get rolling in our local timeline!

I'm a French guy living in Germany. I'm a free and open source software () developer on my free time, energy engineer on $dayjob.

I contribute as project manager for the libre game engine, as well as various oldies (, ).

I'm also a nerd since 2005, and packager and team leader for the distribution (and surprise! I package mostly libre games :)).

Well tbf upon closer reading, that bug report doesn't mention that the data is then also *saved* as `0,5` instead of `0.5`, so it might just be cosmetic/a feature.

Spent some time pro-bono helping developers debug their game on ...

Turns out the Usual Suspect nb.1 is still valid today: Unity/Mono can't handle a system locale using comma as decimal separator. 🎉

The fun thing is that the consequences of this bug are far from obvious for people who aren't used to running into this issue with Unity games.


Message de santé publique :
« Pour ta santé numérique, utilise au moins cinq services et logiciels libres par jour.
Plus d'informations sur framasoft.org »

Mes plus utilisés en ce moment :
– services : Mastodon, TT-RSS, Nextcloud, Diaspora* et Searx
– logiciels : LaTeX, Drupal, Darktable, Firefox et OsmAnd

Et toi ? 😉

(720p render on Birdsite, it was too big for Mastodon)

I'm so excited about what's coming to 2018 and beyond that I wrote a blogpost! aras-p.info/blog/2018/02/18/Un

This is what makes so awesome! ❤️

User @Smaxx on YouTube: "An important fact many often ignore or forget about is that there's no real separation between Godot's runtime and editor. They're both the same. The editor itself is basically a default "game" running if there's no game to be run (although it can be excluded for release builds). So anything the editor can do, your game can do as well."

When you're too excited about new features in other engines...

I can't believe how easy it is to implement a pause screen in . I've been dreading it for weeks as I thought it was most likely very complex. But no. Essentially just one line of code.



Mind blown.

Did a quick video with an update with what went on this week and what I'm working on youtube.com/watch?v=Y7qKfeZASF

After 2 weeks of messing with GraphEdit and other UI stuff, my dialogue system is usable (at least until I actually start using it). mastodon.gamedev.place/media/-

I fixed my first bug github.com/godotengine/godot/i today at GodotCon. Obviously it had to be a tessellation bug.

Vegg tournament at the monthly Game Makers Iceland meetup at Bryggjan, Reykjavík.