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Pro-tip for (web client): you can *pin* basically anything to add new columns to your dashboard.

On, I highly recommend to pin the "Local timeline", which will be the gem of this instance.

You can also pin hashtags if you want, or your favourites (yeah, it's back to proper favourites you can check back later, and not "likes" as on Birdsite).

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Let's get rolling in our local timeline!

I'm a French guy living in Germany. I'm a free and open source software () developer on my free time, energy engineer on $dayjob.

I contribute as project manager for the libre game engine, as well as various oldies (, ).

I'm also a nerd since 2005, and packager and team leader for the distribution (and surprise! I package mostly libre games :)).

Yo! I shipped some improvements to GDScript Playground (formerly GDScript Online). :blobpeek:

Improved error feedbacks and added an explicit Share button (previously this was implicit in browser history).
I also updated Godot to 3.1 stable.

#gamedev #godot #godotengine

Godot 3.1 is RELEASED!

More than a year of work on new features and a ton of usability improvements, as well as several thousand bugs fixed. Enjoy!

A big Thank You to all contributors for making a project such as possible!

4000 forks for on ! Only 96 missing for a nice round number :o)

And bring me those 20,000 stars before the 3.1 release, will you?

for those who would like to understand a bit more how to compute your rotation matrices manually, there is a small #godotengine project here, with a vertex shader & #gdscript
#gamedev #math #matrix #3d #rotation #tutorial/

The wait is (almost) over™!
3.1 is almost ready to ship, and we now publish a Release Candidate! With RC 1, all the most critical bugs have been fixed.
Please test it thoroughly and report any issue you face with it.

Whoa, looks like I've been in build system team for two years already. Time flies! Here's a blogpost, with some neat tools we've built.

For the reference, Afgral is a French association for the promotion of graphics tools. I know some of their members and I can vouch that this is completely legit :)

The association organizes a Godot + Blender competition with a sweet price for the winner!

Make a game with those two tools until May 5, 2019 in the theme "Freedom is priceless".

has been accepted as a participant organization in Google Summer of Code 2019!

See this blog post with some relevant links on how to get prepared if you'd like to apply for a internship in the Godot community.

(I'm open to uploading the videos to if someone can recommend a well-maintained instance that accepts thirdparty uploads.)

Here's the playlist for the talks and demos we had at Brussels 2019.

Lots of interesting topics ranging from neuroscience to GPU particle collisions via visual debugging and porting old DOS games to !

[THREAD] Videos from the 2nd day of Brussels 2019.

Thanks again to all the speakers for their talks, @czlowiekimadlo for the livestream and Rayos for the editing.

Here's the thread for the 1st day if you missed it:

[THREAD] Videos from Brussels 2019

Thanks to @czlowiekimadlo we could stream GodotCon talks, and user Rayos sent me edited versions for each of them, which I'm now uploading with a detailed outline. I'll post links whenever they're online, and the playlist eventually.

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