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Pro-tip for (web client): you can *pin* basically anything to add new columns to your dashboard.

On, I highly recommend to pin the "Local timeline", which will be the gem of this instance.

You can also pin hashtags if you want, or your favourites (yeah, it's back to proper favourites you can check back later, and not "likes" as on Birdsite).

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Let's get rolling in our local timeline!

I'm a French guy living in Germany. I'm a free and open source software () developer on my free time, energy engineer on $dayjob.

I contribute as project manager for the libre game engine, as well as various oldies (, ).

I'm also a nerd since 2005, and packager and team leader for the distribution (and surprise! I package mostly libre games :)).

Four years ago I discovered Godot Engine (and started developing RPG in a Box) after reading this Slashdot article about the 1.0 release. It's been a lot of fun growing alongside Godot! 😃 #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #voxel #godotengine

I'm not much of a mobile gamer, but I'm totally addicted to TowerJumper.

It's the perfect game to kill a few minutes here and there. :)

Quake 2 was released 21 years ago this month. To celebrate this, I made my recent hobby project public: vkQuake2 - a fully functional vanilla Quake 2 experience with Vulkan API support!

Playing with procedural erosion and dilation, in #GodotEngine

Hi! I'm a solo gamedev making with ... it's a pixel-art 2D space shooter influenced by games like Gravitar, Thrust, and Solar Jetman; release in 2019 for linux/mac/win.

I'm using Godot 3, Aseprite, and Tracktion7 for sound/music.

Any #Godot developers on here? Or #gamedev people? If so I'd like to know and possibly come do this Godot Wild Jam so we can get some Godot hype on Mastodon, definitely in that open source spirit!

#gamedevelopment #godotengine #opensource #gamejam

We've updated @godotengine's goals!

We're now heading towards hiring a third full-timer with a lot of industry experience, to work on issues all around the engine. Help us reach that goal!

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