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Rémi Verschelde @akien@mastodon.gamedev.place

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Pro-tip for (web client): you can *pin* basically anything to add new columns to your dashboard.

On mastodon.gamedev.place, I highly recommend to pin the "Local timeline", which will be the gem of this instance.

You can also pin hashtags if you want, or your favourites (yeah, it's back to proper favourites you can check back later, and not "likes" as on Birdsite).

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Let's get rolling in our local timeline!

I'm a French guy living in Germany. I'm a free and open source software () developer on my free time, energy engineer on $dayjob.

I contribute as project manager for the libre game engine, as well as various oldies (, ).

I'm also a nerd since 2005, and packager and team leader for the distribution (and surprise! I package mostly libre games :)).

GDScript completion refactor is coming along nicely.

CC0 license for Code+Assets . Construct 2 project .

Download free: kronbits.itch.io/kingdom-of-nerea-dark-ages

#gamedev #indiedev #PixelArt #mastoart #art #creativetoots #creative #gameart #8bit #ドット絵

Have you seen that now has a instance, federated with ? (you can follow @blender)

It works great, I hope they'll be happy with the experiment :)


Happy to see Blender looking at adopting PeerTube, the federated, peer to peer, ActivityPub-using video platform (especially because YouTube weirdly started blocking Blender's stuff in some countries) twitter.com/blender_org/status

BTW, PeerTube is currently running a crowdfunding campaign. They could use your help! kisskissbankbank.com/en/projec

So censored because they don't monetize their videos?

If they want to come back they need to agree to monetize them? Bullshit.

The started a few hours ago, but there's still plenty of time (almost 3 days) to take part even if you only hear of it now :)


Theme is TEMPERATURE, toot about it with the hashtag :)

Are there participants to the #godotjam sharing their progress here on Mastodon? #godot

I made some more animations for Puffy, now she's swoooshing through the water! 🐡 💨 💨

I also made more bubbles spawn over time and I added a water-particle system. 🌊

#b3d #animation #gamedev #godotengine

Hello Mastodonts! I'm looking for a platform where users could pin their location on a map and give some contact info (opt-in), to let fellow users find out about their neighbors and organize local communities and events.

I want it and using , bonus points if there are hosted instances of it available.

There are also close to 5,000 games that advertise #Linux support on Steam (filtered to "SteamOS + Linux" and "Games"), so if there's something you play that's not on the SteamDB list, consider confirming it! :D

There are now over 3,000 #Linux games on Steam confirmed to be working by the community. Big thanks to SteamDB for hosting this list, to all the contributors over the years, and to Ethan "flibitijibibo" Lee for starting it way back in 2011!