Really excited to see that the Hammer editor is making a comeback along with Half-Life :)

UK specific 

Back to working on my engine today, looking at a terrain level of detail system so the visible world can extend out to the size of a whole planet...

Some more on my C++ personal project this evening. I finally got the terrain editing functionality to work asynchronously 😊

Travelling this evening and doing some C++ bits and pieces on the train 🚂💻

sure, writing code is fun, but have you ever deleted a whole bunch of it?

I plan to turn this into an open source project once I've cleaned the code up a bit!

Spending a little more time on a personal gamedev project this evening. It's a C++ engine aiming to support large procedural worlds. It doesn't look like much right now though :)

I updated my Mastodon profile with a new description and a link to my website, with a verification tick and everything!

Working on some updates and fixes for my personal website today. Hopefully I'll get back to my gamedev project this weekend too 😊

In my non-working hours, I'm a contributor to Crest. An ocean renderer built for Unity.

We recently released a new trailer for the LWRP version which is available on the asset store.

The version for the built-in renderer is open source and on GitHub at

Seems like there's a lot more people than last time I was here. Hi 👋

Hello world! I'm a games programmer in the UK and I have no idea what I'm doing

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