complaining about Star Trek 

Been trying to write a type reflection system for my C++ project. It would mostly be used for serialising arbitrary gameplay structs to the disk or the network. It's interesting trying to write a system optimizing for minimal boilerplate code (per struct supported) rather than the usual speed/memory.

Plus I got Life is Strange 2 and Cities Skylines over the holidays and both have native Linux versions

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Can we break 4K followers before the end of 2019? CAN WE?! You decide! Spread the good word of #Linux gaming.

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UK politics 

Time spent developing my game: ~5 years
Time spent fighting with CMake on different OSes: ~999...999 years

Really excited to see that the Hammer editor is making a comeback along with Half-Life :)

UK specific 

Back to working on my engine today, looking at a terrain level of detail system so the visible world can extend out to the size of a whole planet...

Some more on my C++ personal project this evening. I finally got the terrain editing functionality to work asynchronously 😊

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