Happy to announce the next Khronos meetup in Munich: meetup.com/Khronos-Munich… -- with Andreas and Marc-Anton describing their thoughts for a new SPIR-V based shading language. We have time for more talks, if you want to speak at the meetup, get in touch with me now! We can help with travel as well.

I'm super happy to announce a new speaker for our Khronos Meetup on Friday: Adil from SIXT will cover OpenVX, NNEF and machine learning in the real world. We still have a few spots open, so RSVP now if you happen to be in Munich tomorrow: meetup.com/Khronos-Munich-Meet (this time with the correct link ...)

Hi! If anyone uses AMD hardware and has problems, or wants to understand something on AMD better, feel free to bug me!

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