If AI is the future and we're all becoming art directors, we're all gonna have to curate some extremely niche sensibilities to stand out. I'm hesitant about returning to a culture of trade secrecy and paranoia instead of one of aggressive craft sharing.

If you dislike continuously learning trends/fads, master fundamentals. Whether it be design, anatomy, math or empathy, all new tools are designed on fundamentals. Fundamentals are transferable de facto.

The longer something has existed, the likelier it is to keep surviving.

The upside to being at a remote studio that a lot of parents have chosen to work for (to spend more time with their kids) is that they always enjoy dad jokes.

Me: people only hit me up when they need something

Also me: I have to prioritize messages based on who needs what first

I like telling my friends to work harder not smarter, because they aren't sure if I'm being sarcastic. 😂

Old article that is still weirdly pertinent, despite being written forever ago (old Polycounters will recognize the URL.)


"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." - MLK

I have been eating and napping non-stop for 2 weeks. Here is a random picture of me trying to make the same face as this decorative mask.

"How do I negotiate for better pay?" has become an increasingly common question in the current game dev labor market. Emily summarizes it way better than I ever could.


I've been learning this week that a bunch of my coworkers and I were all born in Hong Kong. It's pretty nuts.

I just learned about this from a former coworker. I've personally worked with Victor in the past and he has probably saved my ass a bunch of times early on. I think he's one of the best testers I have worked with.

Anyways, here's his GoFundMe. Please share around.


Today is the "they found 20,000 year old underwater pyramid made for giants with a face sculpted in the side" Lyft ride.

I'm gradually learning that the higher you climb into leadership/management, the harder time off becomes time off.

I mean technically, it can be done. But you're still doing your best keep things running afloat, unblocked, and set up for success.

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