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Anyone know how to follow an entire other instance? or to show it in local timeline?

WOW I haven't posted anything about this game in a long minute.
I ADDED CHARGE SHOTS pop pop---* *

UH there are many other things new too but i kinda lost track! I'll post some more gifs at some point!

It's your first day alive, and you're really excited for your first day at your minimum wage job-
a quick prototype i'm messing with.
game jam: Cursed game.

Made the skybox shader use per-level color palettes too! So now i can reuse materials and just swap colors per level!!

Subtoot: i'm not anti-political discussion by any means, but the astroturfing by both foreign and local influences on twitter is UNREAL. super garbage, Just tons of constant useless noise.

If i get rid of trainbot, how many toots will i really see??

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