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Today I got angry at Win/Lose ratios for being a shit statistic and started looking for a replacement. How was your day?

Also I don't know if this is *a thing* but how come tooting/tweeting feels so draining? I'm somehow more of an introvert online than IRL?

Imposter syndrome 

impostor syndrome 

I got to do some very very basic math today at work and you know what it felt GREAT

'How Dead Cells Secretly Stops You From Dying' gives some amazing tricks and insights!

Its pretty telling to how insidious the USA's cultural imperialism is when we complain about some US-based festival's duty to improve representation of other countries and cultures, instead of building our own events and make them just as or more relevant...

GDC to me has always been that mix of FOMO and JOMO, regardless of the fact that I'm attending or not

And in case you were wondering, yes, I am already writing an inspirational LinkedIn post about the power of good teams and leadership

Oh wow that playtest must have gone down pretty well because the lead programmer made a WhatsApp group and we're all sharing heart emojis and wholesome gifs with each other.

Showed Billy Elliot to my kids and they got to the point of the movie by themselves in the first 10 minutes. We've certainly come a long way in these last decade or so

What's the German word for when you fork a repo thinking it will be a good base for a project but as you become more and more familiar with it you begin realizing it is actually a mess and end up replacing every line of it?

If Graeme Devine sees ypur game and loves it, then that means it's not shite right?

A simple format for archiving design decisions:

Thanks to our friends at Fishing Cactus for taking the time to share their approach! :)

If, however, like me, you work in videogames and want to give players a more hopeful / fair number, use a small amount of fudge and use (W-(L/2))*WinLossRatio.

This rank overvalues winning and motivates you to keep playing to improve your score.

Not like that horrible naked WLR which only makes you want to not play if you got a high enough ratio in few matches blegh

For instance, WinLossDifference * WinLossRatio a.k.a. (W-L)/(1+(L/W)) is a much better indicator of a team being either consistently good, average or too young to tell, or consistently shitty.

Run the formula on this dataset and see for yourselves:

Today I got angry at Win/Lose ratios for being a shit statistic and started looking for a replacement. How was your day?

extremely programmer photoshop skillz 

For my office's GGJ keynote, I shall now attempt to meld good wholesome jamming advice with the 6 rules of the KonMari method. With no safety net.

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