He died as he lived: waiting for a Unity project to finish reimporting

Having to rely more and more on the WayBack Machine to keep links alive on a 13 year-old blog sucks

The Internet Archive, however, rules

All the cool kids are talking about that hot new F2P game on Steam...

*checks notes*


Immediately distrust any designer claiming otherwise

It took me 15 years to finally realize that game design is actually entirely a soft skill

The saddest part about Jason Rohrer going racist is that he doesn't even realize it. At least Notch owned the fact that he was an asshole.

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Decided to leave it up but edit the douchebagness out.

What a self-absorbed nerdling, talking like I knew shit.

Aging is good y'all

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Rereading my 2007 posts and whoo boy what a little prick I was then, yikes.

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People are well are aware that politicians are self serving liars who are only looking out for their pocketbooks, except for matters of science. In such cases for some reason, then the politicians are more trustworthy than the experts 🤷‍♀️


I have come to the conclusion that I am a very financially cursed Game Designer: I seem competent and produce irreproachable works on par with the best standards of the moment, but only because of my presence that project or company is doomed from the moment it took me on.

I've been doing this for over 14 years now and have not had anything remotely similar as a successful project. I'm doing fine though, and have no intentions of changing careers.

Ergo, cursed.

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death, covid-19 

"RIP John Conway" by XKCD is such a beautiful and delicate way of putting it..

And I’m so sad by this news.

#GameOfLife #COVID19

It's only called Quarantine in the southern half of France.

In the northern half they call it Pain au Quarant.

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