Also it's very interesting how the French version (considered the original) has a much more nuanced actor that is almost in perpetual disbelief of the shit he's being put through, but the american one takes itself much more seriously that it becomes boring.

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This rules. This works best because NPCs are on a schedule and go about their lives while you prance around shooting things. So they are not simply waiting for you to come talk to them. Ok you want to save the world but THEY HAVE SHIT TO DO AND THE FIELDS WON'T TILL THEMSELVES.

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The way it works is: someone will tell you you need to meet Ilott. Problem is, you are a human hard boiled military type, not exactly the physionomist. So you can walk up to anyone and ask them "hey have you seen Ilott?" best case is they will point them to you, but sometimes they haven't seen them in a while? So they will say "I think I saw him in the north-east" And people around them will also corroborate. But then you get to the north east and you just missed them! He's now gone to the SE

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Currently replaying Outcast (1999) and I have to say, the "find a Talan" interactions never get old to me. I love that mechanic! Due to constraints, the developers ended up having a very low amount of different models for the native inhabitants of Adelpha, and had to go with: everyone you meet is male (females and children all live on a different region you won't go to) and this has been integrated into the worldbuilding. But also, since everyone is a palette swap, you actually need the feature!

November means only one thing: it's homemade panettone time! Made with natural levain so you need to be extra patient: 12 hours priming the starter, 24 hours of initial cold rise, then at least 12 hours until it rises high enough in the paper mold. After it's cooked it's also recommended to wait at least 24 hours before eating it so that flavors can keep developing and all the CO2 evaporates. Results tomorrow! @hob

Hmm so a member of my team has a condition where magenta causes them seizures. To make the situation worse, our studio uses Unity, which defaults to bright magenta whenever a texture is missing. This is not something that can be modified at the engine level I believe. While this is a condition they are learning to manage, I still fear for their safety - is there a way to mute that color and nearby ranges at the OS level so that they can work in a safer environment? ICC profiles maybe??

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work, jira 

that feeling of pressure when your jira tickets are normally in the 4-digit range and you are assigned a feature ticket with 2 digits

Harry Potter and the search of a decent IPA in Paris

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When you get right down to it, the pandemic experience is kind of an inverse monomyth in which we are called to stay the fuck home, avoid crossing thresholds, remain in entirely non-magical circumstances, are isolated from lovers, don't really grow or change, and are, at last, eager to return to normal life

To me, the death of Google was when they dropped the Wave project in 2010. Now we're all living with this huge rotting corpse

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My God, it's full of stars...

Why is 4 out of 5 stars good for a restaurant but near-catastrophic for an Uber driver? Why do hotels and movies have two kinds of ratings but books and consumer electronics only have one?

I mean, a rating is just a rating, right? If I like it, I give it more stars. If not, less. I've made a small study of star ratings, which is to say I've read the work of marketing analysts, and it turns out it's not that simple.

What I'd like is a sort of meta-twine system that allows a community to write their own sitcoms or serials, pool them in seasons which maintain a loose narrative arc, and for everyone to be able to play episodes within a season, with their episode-to-episode choices kept locally consistent.

I could do it myself but I'd love for someone to have made it before

Set up a small web app for my kid to easily spin up an amazon ec2 minecraft server when they want to play with their overseas friends.

The project seemed simple enough, written in Python in 2019. I expected some code rot, having to apply some elbow grease to the Amazon side, but surprisingly I spent more time playing "guess which version of this python module actually works".

People rail on javascript packages but pip is like a whole new rodeo

He died as he lived: waiting for a Unity project to finish reimporting

Having to rely more and more on the WayBack Machine to keep links alive on a 13 year-old blog sucks

The Internet Archive, however, rules

All the cool kids are talking about that hot new F2P game on Steam...

*checks notes*


Immediately distrust any designer claiming otherwise

It took me 15 years to finally realize that game design is actually entirely a soft skill

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