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Hi, nice to meet you! I'm an artist and designer for games, on Mastodon I like to toot about daily and my . I like designing many things, but I do a lot of enviros, spaceships, mechas, general sci-fi.

Some other places/projects I'm at:
Game Project:
For more art I'm on tumblr/twitter/instagram with the handle banditjoj

My fish buddies: 🦐🐡🐠🐬🐟

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I recently started playing magic and apparently it's a thing to make card alterations. So I wanted to try it out myself and paint over some cards, to make it look nicer.
Left one is my painted version, right one the original one.
#art #alteration #mtg #card

Contains: poop, kind of Show more

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Hey remember Suyin, my #ATLA/#LOK #OC? I made some Hung Gar Kung Fu gesture study using her! #AvatarTheLastAirbender #LegendofKorra

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Oh also you can find Vermillion Forest that I made for the Arboretum Exhibition at Light Grey Art Lab on their shop, until the end of the month (I think (I'm bad at remembering dates))!

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TFW a bug allows you to attack yourself

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Taking a break from uploading characters while I work on developing some new ones, so instead here are some small fantasy landscapes I had a lot of fun playing around with recently. #Illustration #conceptart #worldbuilding #landscapes #environments #comics #scifi #fantasy

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a secret santa gift for unihr over on pixel dailies discord server

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If you've played and enjoyed R-COIL on Steam PLEASE leave a positive review. Doesn't have to be long. It helps enormously.

If you haven't played it... idk... play it.

Honestly though... It's impossible to overstate the value of positive reviews for small struggling games. If you like one you really should.

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People with visual impairment, when posting little comics with a punchline, what do you prefer in the alt text?

A) a description that tries to be faithful and accurate (without being too verbose if possible)
B) an adaptation, not necessary faithful, that tries to preserve the punchline and/or the comic timing (not always possible, but I can try)

#question #help

Today's : a bot that mashes together game genres and themes to make a game idea for me when I don't have one...🤔

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Hey guys! Thanks for all the love on my previous toot. Here's a more (c)organic piece.

#mastoart #corgi #digitalart #art #illustration

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I painted this #shortcomic about a ghost for practice some time ago when I was feeling lonely.

I can't use it for much rn and will redo the pages, so I decided to finally share it.

#shortcomic #comic #ghost #creativetoots #mastoart #digitalart #digitalpainting #loneliness

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This place doesn't exist but there is a beautiful seafront terrace in Livorno, Italy.

I prefer the summer when it's more similar to the one evoked by Vivaldi.

#krita #food #art

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only a few dollars away from reaching the 4th shrine maiden goal! Once reached, I'll created another unique shrine maiden for Aftertile✌️✨

Today's : a duotone stealth platformer where the mechanics are based on avoiding and attacking enemies by blending in with surroundings. Since there are only two colours in the game, the character will blend in with some of the walls and backdrops. Enemies won't hone in on you when you're blended in. Customise which two colours the games in with settings. Extra hard mode: set both as the same colour but the programming only blends with one of them...

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Today's : Diner dash...but on an airplane. Manage chaotic limited aisle space, constant drink and snack requests, and inconsolable babies.