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Hello, I'm back after a long hiatus, here's some recent artwork :D

I've been really focused on improving my skills/finding a full-time job and my brain has been kind of bfffpt when it comes to game ideas, so I was thinking about turning this into a daily 3️⃣🇩 for now since I want to improve my 3D skills :3

Today's : an educational fishing game where you catch fish by typing a word or solving a math problem within the time limit

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Finished the last step of my starter quest which was meeting another #stygian . Now I just have to finalize her design which means changing her face markings like 20 times.

#art #mastoart

Today's : a cooking FPS where you fill orders in time by shooting the correct ingredients flying around.

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Some years ago I made some drawing (really, really naïf) for a kid friendly version of #werewolf (I think that it is called "mafia" in some place, not in Italy obviously).
If someone want a bigger version, or the rules used for small groups: just ask.

I mean... I'm sure that most kids are perfectly fine with all the lynching and people eaten... The parents, not so much. ^^'

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#reintroduction/ #introduction
Howdy there! I go by Birdy or Robin and I'm a self-taught artist! I like to design characters and put sparkles ✨ on literally every piece of my art! Besides doing art, I also like playing video games and may occasionally talk about it.

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Me and @banditjoj 's meka pilots. I had to do the nyah meme when I saw the ears. They just came back from a battle which is why there's band-aids lol.

#art #oc

Although I love my country and admire the strength of our founders to rebuild after the Great Aboveground Disaster, I still wonder every night what a moon looks like…

Nestling myself into my favourite spot on the roof of our apartment complex, I gazed at the artificial stars. My mother told me that there used to be something called a ‘moon,’ which was like a very big star that hid itself and showed again over time. She said that they had tried to make an artificial moon, but it never looked quite right.

Today's : Finished paint over of final city render, now onto another project 😄

Story in replies

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Boosts and Likes Appreciated!!

Hello, I need my wisdoom teeth extracted so any bit helps!

Chibi icons are $15, w/5 slots open! Everything else are first come, first serve!

Please email me at for inquiries!


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Here's the MEKA/Mech pilot gal I've been working on! Her call name is Sparrow and is the scout basically. I'll design her mech one day,,

#oc #characterdesign

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Today's : A 3D isometric game where the player is venturing into the deep forest to bring water back to the village. Main gameplay involves placing positive and negative dew spirits to solve magnetic puzzles which will draw water up from the ground.

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@chevans Indeed! My first attempt at a Car, anyway.

Which given how new I am at this, anything is really a first attempt.

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I saw this really cool post about tundras on tumblr so I quickly bought one and drew my own.

#flightrising #dragon

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It’s done! Go play my new game, Doki Doki Chefs, a demake of Overcooked for !

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