@banditjoj 3. Control the fishing pole to bring the fish towards player. Whoever brings the fish into their island wins the round. Vague finger phone drawing of top tier concept art of a top down view of the map. Maybe each island has its own specialties and quirks. Or through playing the game more you can customise your island’s layouts and spawn types (within a limit, maybe like a class in an MMO switching out spawn sets rather than selecting individual spawns)

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Today’s : PVP fishing game. Four player arena. All set up a fishing pole on four circular islands setup in a square, in the middle is a fishing area where the players cast into for one big fish in the middle of the islands. Weapons and lures spawn on coconut trees on each island. 3 main move options: 1. Use weapon spawns and/or spells (?) and potion magic spawns to decapacitate other players. 2. Use lures and magic spawns too (?) on the fish in the middle. 1/?

Today’s : an enemy platformer where you become the last thing you killed. A balance between avoiding fighting with weaker mobs and having enough health to deal with stronger enemies.

Today’s : A versus game where you have to efficiently pack shipping cargo ships with cranes. Points given based on optimisation and speed. You also have to pay attention to different types of cargo (e.g. produce crates need to go into cold temperature controlled ships). Kind of like tetris but no strict time limit on when the ship leaves?

Today's : a game where you solve puzzle time mysteries to prevent murder by altering the time of events by rearranging comic panels. You can only rearrange the events of non-animate objects. For example if a panel is a vase falling over, you can rearrange the time for it fall over when a cat is walking by to trigger another set of events and you will have more comic panels to rearrange and use to stop the murder.

Today’s : An irl cooking game where you get a recipe with standard units (cups or grams?) but your measuring utensils are all wacky like a measuring cup in the shape and volume of a banana or a measuring scale and you have iron blueberries as a standard. Or a collaborative game where one person has the recipe and has to describe it to the person cooking but using weird descriptors like sauté for the amount of time of five choruses of Staying Alive or cut celery the width of a pencil.

Today’s : An escape room where you have to use different colour filters over various lamps and position them correctly in order to reveal the clues. For example maybe a prism lock or using different coloured lights to reveal parts of hints on the wall (like different filters on 3D glasses?)

Today’s : a comfy exploration game where you take picture requests from various villagers (ex: the pizza parlour where I met my wife). As the game progresses seasoned scholars will come into town with bigger requests which require you to sail out from the village and explore the rest of the world. Tame beasts and discover plants and map whole continents with your photos.

Today’s : a stealth puzzle game where you have to steal secret documents from top floors of an office building, all while from scaling the windows outside. Hack into the company email server to summon unknown employees birthday gatherings to pass by a floor unnoticed. Use bread crumbs to summon flocks of pigeons to assault a window. Go in through an open window and pretend to be an employee. How will you stealth (or not stealth) to the top floor?

RSQUARED, my game for

A (theoretically) endless arcade game where you collect and dodge gears to repair robots. My 4th Global Game Jam and the one I've had the most fun at so far!

Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux at ejolu.itch.io/ggj20

Today’s : a game where you can only navigate the world with peripheral vision only

Today’s : An endless puzzle game labyrinth where each level is randomly generated with NPCs, use what they say to figure out what (door, gate, path, etc.) is the right one to take. Choosing wrong leads to game over and waking up from the dream.

Today’s : a puzzle platformer which is based inside of an animation, in which you can move back and forth in between frames to manipulate the animation to solve puzzles.

Today’s : An otome game where you select your ideal romance (based on looks) before the start of the game, but you find out they are stuck in a gacha. You can choose to play the game doing menial tasks to earn money to free them from the gacha (and learn that RNG hates you) OR meet the other characters and do the usual otome things and fall in love and maybe looks aren’t everything. May or may not be inspired by RNG rage.

An art collab with friends called LAST FIGHTER STANDING! Check out everybody's fighter and get the full experience at ejolu.itch.io/las-fighter

Piper Bonger done by @y_naf on twitter

Today’s : snow shovelling couch fighter where you have two sides of snow and the goal is to shovel all of your snow onto your opponent’s side. You can make snowballs, which stun if they hit. Grab parachuting salt power ups to melt some of the snow on your side. Super power ups sometime fall that temporarily turn your shovel into a snow blower. Person with the least snow at the end of the time limit wins. (Also when is it gonna stop snowing???)

Today’s : play as a rat in a city survival game and figure out the tunnel system’s best routes, snatching food without getting caught by humans, figure out how to stay dry and warm, escape giant rainy floods, possibly make rat allies, betray and be betrayed as you leave rat Bob behind in the trap as you scuttle off with unknowingly poisoned food

Today’s : a rookie detective about to go to her first day at work when she hears a commotion in the adjacent room...it’s murder! Maybe? There’s only one (living) person in the room, it has to be them! Well you don’t have your badge yet (oops) so I guess that means you’re gonna have to challenge them in MINIGAMES!! Some examples: vs matching, poker intimidation, preserve the crime scene, route to the phone...and now I don’t really know where I was going with this game idea oops.

Today’s : fighting game where the arena is a raft on the ocean and fish are flying through the air, you have to grab the fish as weapon of choice and use it to slap your opponent silly as much as possible before the fish (weapon) squirms their way out of your hand. Stronger fish like swordfish are harder to catch while sardines are easy ammo.

Today’s : (almost) infinite hermit crab brawler where you get bigger after each win since you take the loser’s shell. End game you’re fighting universe size hermit crabs and eventually collapse into a singularity and start The Big Bang 2

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