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Hello, nice to meet you. I've been sort of floating around the social media platforms and none have really stuck, and I found out about Mastodon and the concept sounded cool so I wanted to try it. The game I've been working on a lot lately is my personal game Cook Cook Boom!:

Today's : multiplayer brawl arena where everyone has watermelons strapped to their backs. Try to break other people's watermelons while keeping your own safe. Be careful of the crabs crawling along the beach who might trip you...

I couldn't access mastodon for some reason, but I didn't forget about yesterday's : a hired hitman is given an assignment to take down several mobsters with very particular tastes in pizza, do detective work to craft the perfect pizza and deliver their last slice.

Today's : platformer idea where you are an "ear worm" and have to cross different audio waves of what songs people have stuck in their head. The platforms are always looping and moving, sometimes that chorus just goes on and on again...but you know that this person's taste in music is no longer for you, it's time to find a new home.

Today's : you are a miniature person and writing emails to keep your etsy store up and running is hard. Using programmable drones you have to path find the best way to type out your message on the keyboard. Optimize since they have poor battery life. Make sure they don't crash into each other either, these things are expensive! Starting point is left side charging dock, end point is right side charging dock. Every level you switch sides for where you start.

Why does time pass by so quickly? It feels like the days just blur together.

Today's : Puzzle platformer with a time travel mechanic. For example you might pick up a seed in one level. Then in another level you have to go back into the past, plant the seed, then flash back to the present/future to reveal a giant flower you can jump/climb. If your strategy doesn't work out, you can always flash back to the past to pick up or move the seed or other objects again.

Been revamping my website and I arranged together the pixel fonts I've done so far while making games

On the bright side, I know 10X more about my car than before since I have to do all the repairs. Fortunately it's not as much damage as I thought so thanks car engineers for designing such a robust structure.

Today's : It's Hallows' Eve and running out of time for a costume, you are a bedsheet ghost and run into some real ghosts. They invite you on their haunting, You have to solve platform puzzles with what's laying around so they don't find out you can't actually go through walls...

Today's : Rhythm game where the note you hit determines the destination of a message in a tube system. Match your taps to the correct tube colour and keep the message system running smoothly!

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What I should be doing: writing a game in a single class for
What I did for the past hours: a bunch of shaders for a cool ass synthwave BG for said game

Today I got into my first car accident. Fortunately no one was hurt, and when I look back at it the circumstances were very fortunate, as things could have been much worse. Thank you God, higher powers, destiny, or luck for looking out for me.

Today's : You are a ghost trying to warn three people of an assassination in three days. You have to manipulate the world to their beliefs to warn them, based on their habits. Like, changing a fortune cookie for someone who orders takeout a lot.

Today's courtesy of the gym shower: You are a sock goblin who lives in a college dorm room. Your kind is misunderstood, you don't steal socks, you keep the pairs together. If only these college students would fold their clothes the day they finish laundering. When night time arrives the socks go wild like mad cows. On your trusty stead the pet hamster, you wrangle and herd the socks to their respective laundry baskets. Using wild calls (button combo) you can call the roaches to help.

WIP, going to start unwrapping and texturing after I work out

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I probably should take the time to write a proper article on this, but here's some seed thoughts.

1. For a software project, being correct is not at odds with being flexible.

2. Flexibility is being able to change the situation and still get a result. The idea for changing and getting a correct result is *robustness*.

3. My hypothesis: robustness is most reliably obtained by composing small, simple elements.

4. Constraints affect shape of elements.

5. Problem decomposition is everything!

Today's : Competitive 3D Tetris but one person drops the blocks and the other plays as a person at the bottom. Drop blocking goal is to crush the person at the bottom, person at the bottom's goal is to make it up to the top. First person to achieve their goal wins.

Today's : Tower defence where you are an apprentice in heaven's janitorial department. Use your vacuum cleaner and holy water spray to keep the demons away from heaven's gates. As the game progresses you rise through the ranks of the department and eventually you are in charge of heaven's main gate where all the major demons like Beelzebub and their armies try to come through. However, the truly insidious force which saps your resources are the cloud cleaning solution salespeople...

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#femijam #cutepong progress: the idea is that you're a kitten trying to catch the ping pong ball. i've just started working on basic player movement #gamejam #gameingdev

Today's : You are a lawnmower who is tired of the forced destruction the humans make you unleash. You've always dreamed of living at the beach since the humans dropped a beach house magazine. It has always been your greatest solace, but one day the humans run you over it and your dreams are in decide no more and plan to run away to the beach! Plan your stealth carefully, move slowly and avoid noise, or blare at full speed to escape their sight. Louder sounds alert them more.

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Today's : Wholesome party online co-op where you choose and pick food dishes to make Cooking Mama style and decorate when done. When everyone's finished you get to arrive at the host's place and eat (rank) the dishes. Points awarded by ranking. If two or more people bring the same dish, they must duel it out in a party game to determine the winner.