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New smartphones supported by /e/, update on upcoming new /e/ services, and community actions... our latest Newsletter is available!
#Android #privacy #mydataisMYdata

I'v just finished from D-Pad Studio. What an amazing game.

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Fellas... I can't believe it works... I created a DigitalOcean snapshot where you get asked a few things on first boot, and it gives you a working Mastodon installation, with SSL and everything. Holy shit

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really impressed by @yunohost evolution from version 2 to (stable) this is getting insanely easy to manage and selhost a wide range of open source apps.
congrats to the team & community around !! #yunohost
#selfhosting #selfhost #ownyourstuff

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Appel à tous les admins du #Fediverse qui gèrent des instance dans l'#UE. La #CopyrightDirective se rapproche et nous devons montrer aux parlementaires ses effets sur l'Internet.

Nous préparons une liste de toutes les instances européennes #Pleroma, #Mastodon, #GNUSocial, #Peertube, #Funkwhale, etc.

Contactez-moi. Je n'ai besoin que du nom de domaine, du pays et de l'objectif général de l'instance. Un nombre approximatif d'utilisateur est le bienvenu, mais pas indispensable.

C'est important.

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Today's Tea:

) )
) ( ) ) )
_(___(____)____(___(__ (__
\ GDC should be / _
\ held somewhere / |
\ other than the /____ |
\ USA /
\ ____________ /

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A simple format for archiving design decisions:

Thanks to our friends at Fishing Cactus for taking the time to share their approach! :)

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Today, a new stable release is out 🎉 !

In this version 3.4 :
- you will now get warnings when trying to install apps with questionable quality.
- we standardized the SSH config (N.B. : you should now connect as 'admin' !)
- various important bugfixes and security improvement.

The changelog is excitedly long 😁 !

Also please take one minute to share what you use YunoHost for in everyday life, that would help us improving the software 😋 !

Does anybody have good examples of AI director, such as the one that was implemented in Left for Dead?

Check-list of my let s leave google challenge :
- email server up ans running thx to @yunohost
- nextcloud up and running on rpi
- server up for my fav game ost

Next step: migrate nextcloud to another server as rpi is a bit too slow

Thx @Framasoft for showing me that it was possible :)

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@sean Setting up an email server can have a fairly easy start at least. 1) Rent a VPS. 2) Install Debian9, and Yunohost. 3) Then install the Roundcube app (and optionally Nextcloud app) in Yunohost, and you have a working email server. However, for it to make it actually deliver most/all emails well, you need to set PTR in your DNS settings, and optionally SPF and DMARC. If you have some spare money for a basic VPS, then try #yunohost. A really super awesome project ! 👌

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Random advice about premature optimisation: first make it work, then make it fast.
Experience means completing the second part quicker without spending much more on the first part, because you know more about how to design it to be easy to make fast. But it's always a two step process.

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My list of hundreds of useful free and open source software alternatives grouped by category at #FOSS

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