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Random advice about premature optimisation: first make it work, then make it fast.
Experience means completing the second part quicker without spending much more on the first part, because you know more about how to design it to be easy to make fast. But it's always a two step process.

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My list of hundreds of useful free and open source software alternatives grouped by category at #FOSS

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Hey Guys! Are you using UE4 with custom built engine? If yes how are you delivering the engine to the rest of your team?

I've just discovered the Comic Motor Girl and it's awesome!

@yunohost Hey la team! J'ai des problèmes pour me connecter a partir de mon server yunohost sur une autre instance nextcloud perso. Impossible d'utiliser le carddav de celle-ci et en voulant mettre en place un backup rclone je tombe sur ce problème:
: error listing: couldn't list files: Propfind https://cloud.mondomain.ext/remote.php/webdav/: x509: certificate is valid for,,, not cloud.modomain.ext
Une idée?

@Framasoft Dans l optique de reprendre le contrôle de mes données je cherche une solution pour remplacer ma boîte mail Gmail. Avez des conseils pour auto héberger un serveur mai? L'idée me semble faisable mais complexe et risquée

Hey guys! After a month trying to degooglify myself, I'm at the critical step of the mail account. Any advice? Not sure if I'm abble to host the service on my own server and if it's a good idea

Google partnered with Unity to create an open source, engine agnostic, match making framework...
With Kubernetes and written in go :)

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Here in the UK, 'toot' is a common euphemism for snorting cocaine, and less commonly, for farting.

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