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We're happy to announce the release of #YunoHost 4.1 ! :blobcatcoffee:

🔒 Iteration on the permission system
📥 Ability to download backups from the webadmin
📬 Support for mail relays
🚀 Simplified install procedure
📦 40 new apps in the catalog since July !

More info in the release note on the forum:

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Wow, that's another massive purchase (another era of big mergers & acquisitions going on). Hope all the RAD veterans are happy with the transition. Years of massive respect for the technology work done there.

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Google en panne ?
Mon petit serveur perso auto-hébergé, bichonné avec @yunohost va très bien, merci pour lui. :yunohost:

#yunohost #dégooglisons

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Hurray #fediverse 🎉🎉 🤗

Big opportunities are coming to us.. hopefully!

The EU is working on 2 pieces of legislation: The Digital Services & Digital Markets Acts

DMA is about “keep[ing] our markets fair and open to competition, it’s vital that we have the right toolkit in place.”

This entails enforcing #bigtech platforms to adopt #interoperability standards.

Oh yeah, we at fedi have those already: #activitypub 🤯

Help create an EU Lobby Group!
Boosts most welcome!

Progress report on the addon for :
I have now implemented the authentication sample into gdnative.
Next step is to provide all the needed signal for the game to handle all this.

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Oh, I have 2000 followers now. Very close to a round number (2048)!

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Wow, this is going to be so helpful to so many game developers. I've often wished for something like this myself!


Proud to present the Game UI Database! A whopping 11569 screenshots, 325 games, and filterable by screen type, genre, art style, control scheme, layout, patterns, textures and more! ENJOY!


Progress report on the addon for :
I now load and init the sdk properly using project settings.
Next step is to be able to login and show the system overlay.

Progress report on the addon for :
I have a gdnative plugin working with the sdk init working on both linux and windows. I'm facing a dll dependency issue on windows but I'll solve that later.
Next steps are setting up a config file to enter all the product information needed and setup the login flow.

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@pinkprius @Bloodaxe @chriswere @yunohost I have to agree Yunohost is amazing, the XMPP server comes pre-configured. Nothing in my experience is more accessible than this, in regards to self-hosting.

Not only XMPP, but Mastodon, Nextcloud, etc, etc with click to install simplicity.

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Update: after a lenghty cooling-down period, the inside is just as delicious-looking as the outside \o/

It is indeed *delicious*!! <3

#BreadMaking #TeamFerment #OmNomNomNom

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Quick update on my small project:
* Added client server connections
* Replicated movement and all the implemented mechanics
* Added addon for unit tests
* Implemented all the weapon unit test

Next steps are a damage system and unit tests for network

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @gnome - Makers of the default desktop environment on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora etc

🌟 @opensourcediversity - Helping a wider range of people contribute to FOSS

🌟 @Spearhafoc - Excellent comic book artist/writer

🌟 @Tutanota - Independent ad-free secure email provider

🌟 @e_mydata - Makes de-googlised version of Android and sells smartphones with it preinstalled

🌟 @tilvids & @tilvids - New PeerTube instance full of interesting vids

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We had a breakthrough! Synapse can now horizontally scale across multiple Python processes, with message sending no longer going via the main proc. This has spectacularly improved perf on over the last few weeks🎉 Read all about it:

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