Heard about like three minutes late, but anyway here's an enemy for my upcoming platformer!

Its cuboid head transmits a signal, corrupting any unshielded receiver.

I made some music! It's HEAVILY influenced by the SNES era RPGs, and it will be featured in my upcoming platformer /home/.wares (name subject to change)...


My gamedev , part 1:

Art of Game Design
by Jesse Schell

Many, many good insights from a seasoned game developer for all kinds of game designers. Schell examines games through different lenses (e.g. Lens of Surprise: what will surprise players when they play my game?) - and there are 113 of them! For future reference, lenses have also their own companion app. I've only gone through a 1/4 of the book, but it seems already very comprehensible. A must read.

Currently I'm world-building my next still-unnamed platformer.

Some characters have already surfaced...


Sometimes I make trees.

These, in particular, are made with TIC-80 fantasy computer for 2.

Maybe I should post things I've done lately! Let's begin with my entry SYZYGY, a rhythm game of planetary scale:


Halou gamedevs and!
Wish you all a productive week.

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