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So! After some years of being fairly "unofficial", Unity editor for Linux is more official now. You can just get it via Unity Hub, like regular Windows/Mac editors.

Hey, i dont know how people feel about advertising but my gaming community that's run by all #trans staff is a free. It's got about 70 members, we have a stream team that streams to our #twitch channel, theyre all trans too. We also have representatives which are #streamers from our community that we want to support.

So if you want to join a trans friendly community or watch trans friendly streamers check out our twitter for more info @/prettyneatgamer on twitter. #gaming

Tell all your friends. I'm teaching a free, trans-centered, programming class in NYC in a few days. with and

We have a new union in France defending the rights of video games workers: STJV. The most awesome thing is that they are translating everything into English. at :

Today's : You are a lawnmower who is tired of the forced destruction the humans make you unleash. You've always dreamed of living at the beach since the humans dropped a beach house magazine. It has always been your greatest solace, but one day the humans run you over it and your dreams are in decide no more and plan to run away to the beach! Plan your stealth carefully, move slowly and avoid noise, or blare at full speed to escape their sight. Louder sounds alert them more.

One really happy moment re: accessibility we had:

From the beginning Dirtbags' controls were designed with the mantra "you should be able to easily play with one hand using the mouse." The hope was to have a design constraint that stop us from doing anything crazy. We had reundant action bindings on keyboard buttons for those who preferred it, but they weren't required.

But then somebody who actually had just 1 hand showed up at our PAX East booth and the game just naturally accommodated him.

This is a really good post on how Campo Santo created the hair for Zora, their black character in Valley of Gods. I really like that it talks about the cultural implications and not just technical

This is cool (especially how the devs reacted to quickly patch in an overlay to assist the community): "Into the Breach Notation"

I hear the film version or Ready Player One ends with all the main characters getting arrested for not having deleted their ROMs after 24 hours

I joked about a game jam where games must be made within a single class. Turns out the more I think about it, the more interesting/shameless it seems somehow... so I went ahead and set it up on @itchio!

Who's joining?!

it's high time we retired the term "rogues gallery" and started using "asshole museum" instead

Trying to recreate the first area of FFT:A in , starting with the buildings

We shipped modding support for Hand of Fate 2, very proud of the team. You can even play the released game in the editor to test your content. Ask me anything about modding a unity project, it's all in my head right now!

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