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I'd feel really silly if InDesign were the only Adobe product I was still using, but I haven't found a decent replacement.

This is in an era where Inkscape is a perfectly respectable replacement for Adobe Illustrator in most cases, and Godot's overall UX is *better* than Unity's.

Curious about whether there's a viable open source replacement for Adobe InDesign. I know Scribus exists, but its UI makes me really sad.

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Read that thread about D&D and game design: you'll do yourself a favour.
RT One of the most interesting features of very early D&D is also one of its most-mocked: the idea of gaining experience points for every gold piece you find and bring back to town.

The excision of that concept from fantasy RPGs was a loss for the form.

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Looks like I might have the opportunity to work full time on in the near future!

As an energy engineer it's a bit of a career change (albeit easily reversible, lots of similarities), but well, a $dayjob in and in such a great project doesn't come around every day :)

@marionline It's better now than it was 10 or 20 years ago! I keep hearing horror stories about programming in SCI (Sierra Creative Interpreter). But the game industry is still hugely differently culturally than the tech industry-- more like the entertainment industry, really. Open source never gained the same foothold with the major players.

C#, Unity, and the scripting engine we're using for Hero-U, can be really frustrated to work with. I keep forgetting that until recently, *everything* within the games industry was proprietary, and technologies don't evolve at the same speed I'm used to from web development.

It's been a very stressful few years-- I never expected my life to go in this direction!-- but making games is certainly more fun and more challenging than making web apps.

FUNimation interviewed me about my experience as a woman in the game industry!

Question for the Godot developers out here: is it worth upgrading to Godot 3 if you're not using C#?

(Currently finishing up a big game in Unity, but planning on using Godot for my next project!)

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RT @zenalbatross OkCupid is a good reminder that we need to abandon this stupid idea that compulsory, ambient disclosure of names = “authenticity”

I don’t walk into a bar with my name visible to every creepy dude who shoots me a glance — why should dating online be any different?

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Sitting in the cold waiting for my late train (Deutsche Bahn classic), I wonder if there are any mobile (phone) games you'd consider a classic/must-play?

I always found it a poor gaming platform, but among the gazillions of apps there must be a few gems?

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Check out my ko-fi page if you like my work and you'd like to tip me a cup of coffee (or two -- or three!) to keep me going. Anything and everything helps. Including retoots!

I keep having to remind myself that people tooting about TLJ are probably talking about The Last Jedi, not The Longest Journey.

I'm in Paris for the next few months-- any meetups I should look into?

I'm also trying to figure out if Ko-Fi provides any more value than putting a PayPal button on your website.

My non-gamedev friends are doing a mass exodus from Patreon... has anyone here found a good alternative yet?

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Well it's time to leave #OneDollarPatreon behind.

KoFi, LiberaPay and others have surfaced as proper alternatives.

#TipYourFriends will be the new drum I bang.

Please spread the word. I need friends to tip 😉

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Uhhm so are there any other active game artists on here? My local timeline is reaaaally coding focused recently.