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The Quest for Glory II livestream is definitely happening. This is the original EGA game, not the VGA remake.

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My new blog on using Instancing in Unity to render enemy health bars in one draw call:

There was quite a lot of interest in this, so I spent far too long writing this up today 😂 Please boost to make it worth my while!

Mastodon GMs-- are campaign playlists/soundtracks still a thing? Anyone want to share theirs with me?

I'm trying to not half-assedly play video clips in the background during my next session.

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Hoisting this from a comment I just wrote:

Continental European sociologists classify people by gender, education, and sometimes nativity status, not race or religion. So they miss telltale signs like "this movement is entirely white."

The US equivalent is classifying by race, not nativity, and using race as a proxy for immigration, even on issues where they're not the same. So they literally puzzle at propositions like "rent control is bad for immigrants" or "visa denial is discrimination."

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Pedestrian Observations: Leaving Paris for Berlin

This has been a really difficult post to write and I admire Alex Baca, Kristen Jeffers, @mcmansionhell, and other urbanists who are good at writing about themselves.

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I feel this pressure a lot in the RPG design sphere, and I don't think it's healthy or good.

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Comparatively judging #games on a linear hit parade "top ten" style ladder doesn't make much sense to me.

My excitement in gaming comes from probing exploratory fingers into a particular niche & following it down into its hidden depths.

Sometimes an honest tailored passion is a sweeter & more memorable find than a polished broad-appeal blockbuster twinkling in the Sun.

Some of my most treasured gaming moments come from these unknown gems.

It's a shame going niche precludes making a living.

My friend/coworker Al Eufrasio was interviewed by the Classic Gamer Guild's weekly . He talks , , game art, Leisure Suit Larry, freelancing, and the like.

Very much ready to get this patch out now. Finally adding version labels to the title screen to make players' lives easier.

I've never been exploited by my bosses as an indie game dev. I'm underpaid, but so is everyone. I feel fairly credited and appreciated.

I was exploited when I did web development for live action events. And I was exploited when I worked in tech.

One was social capital; the other was financial capital. Both are real.

I'm seeing a lot of takes on Kotaku about unions. Any thoughts, Mastodon indie devs? (I work in an indie studio that's not worker-owned, but mostly alumni, so most of these points do not apply.)

Finally have a Hero-U patch (this is now version 1.5) on the beta channel of Steam. Expecting to make it live later this week.

I'm actually starting to measure my disability leaves in Unity version upgrades. >_<

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:drake_dislike: If people want to keep things safe and secure maybe they should just not do things which they wouldn't want other people to see so they don't have to worry
:drake_like: teaching people to secure their shit so they can do what the fuck they want

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...people who have played my game 7 times exist. They are amazing. <3

Really happy for the Mage's Initiation team-- this game looks gorgeous and it's been a long wait-- but wow, I have no time to actually *play* games nowadays.

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