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Since I haven't done a round of lately:

Hi! I'm Cidney. I used to be a web developer, then I decided that was more fun and more ethical. I primarily work with Unity these days, but in my past lives I did interactive fiction.

Right now I work for Corey and Lori Cole, the creators of Quest for Glory. During the project I was diagnosed with and suffered a spinal cord injury after a car accident. I can walk again, so it's an invisible .

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GamaSutra published a I wrote about the 5-year development process for Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. It's been a long and tiring journey. :)

Need help finding a job 

16 rooms finished, 84 rooms left for . This is turning into a fun challenge.

foss, rms 

foss, rms 

cw: abuse 

The thing is that playing games with narratives around trauma (sexual or otherwise) can be really powerful tools for processing said trauma and feeling less alone.

And if creators with lived experience with trauma are silenced because the media focuses on them as victims rather than creators, or treats it like a courtroom drama, we're not going to have those games, because it just isn't safe to even implicitly disclose.

The problem is that if I say I'm a survivor, they might out me without consent, and if I don't, I won't have credibility.

I've been debating reaching out to Vice to say that the way that they're covering "gamedev's " movement is actually really shitty.

Bad Reactions to Other People’s Sexual Assaults

1. Blame them for what happened.
2. Be judgmental.
3. Press for details they don’t want to give.
4. Repeat their story (including retweeting) without consent.
5. Badmouth the perpetrator without consent.

Good Reactions to Other People’s Sexual Assaults:

1. Be empathetic and kind.
2. Offer to help (ride to doctor, crash space).
3. Refer them to crisis resources (RAINN in the US).
4. If you're a mandated reporter, disclose this ASAP.

Still love this instance, but I miss the local timeline being uncluttered enough that I could have random technical conversations with strangers.

CW: Alec Holowka 

So far: met Al Lowe, hung out at the waterfront, got stuffed animals from fans, and worked on stuff for the new platformer.

Flight got delayed a few days because of Hurricane Dorian, so I'm still in Seattle after .

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