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Happy that we released on GoG before Steam.

Testing out a scripting fix to one of the student bedrooms in Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption.

Fixing some interaction points in the Castle Courtyard for the upcoming Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption patch.

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Now live with this first time play of Hero-U and some Reboot natter

Interview with the Coles on the Adventure Gamer; mentions switching to Ink (an open source scripting language) instead of the internal tool use we're using now. Yes, I'm behind that.

is getting some pretty nice reviews on GoG. So happy to be finished!

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Now that I don't have to worry about my NDA when I share screenshots for ...

Sardonia by Night, from the Tower Garden of .

Contributors wanted to aggregate information. They're looking for Python and JS devs.

(May reach out, once Hero-U post-release gets less insane and I have time.)

Happy that we released on GoG before Steam.

It's 500,000 words of interactive narrative: one of the longest scripts for a Western RPG or an adventure game. Lots of things going on. But mostly it's a damn good story.

OMG my game is out on GoG! (Have been working on this for three years, minus time off when I was injured.)

It's NEVER okay to use the Internet to ruin a creative's life, no matter how much you dislike their politics.

ArenaNet fired a game producer over getting in a flame war on her private birdsite account. Then fired her coworker for standing up for her. Not cool how this is a regular thing.

Gamedevs get tons of unsolicited advice from players on writing and design, and it can get super stressful. She shouldn't have engaged, but the Guild Wars team should have supported her when she was attacked: she shouldn't have been fired.

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IFComp ( is now accepting author registrations! IFComp is exciting, and stressful, and there are cash prizes for interactive fiction, and you should read the rules before entering. Yes, this is an ambivalent sort of reminder.

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Hey, there's a developer called out there who keeps ripping off of indie devs' core game concepts, and releasing a shitty F2P version on app stores before the indie devs have finished their games.

Goldman Sachs gave them $200m in investment recently, so they're not going anywhere soon, but you can encourage you and your friends to ignore the fuck out of their games.

Not everyone can afford to host and maintain their own server.

If you can, and it interests you, go ahead! But not everyone has the time, money, energy, or tech literacy to host their own software; federation is still better than centralization.

Raising the entry barrier to tech literacy by shaming people who use Github/Gitlab doesn't help.