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GamaSutra published a I wrote about the 5-year development process for Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. It's been a long and tiring journey. :)

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is now available on for $14.99 until next Wednesday!

It's an adventure game, a fantasy RPG, and a school simulator where you learn to be a hero all at once!

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Upgraded the Summer Daze project to the latest version of Unity. Next up: trying it out in the Linux editor preview.

Corey and Lori are doing a Quest for Glory III livestream in three weeks (May 4th; Star Wars Day!). This was the first VGA game, and already we're hearing why Hero-U should look like this instead of 3D. Nostalgia is lovely.

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🐦 RT de Ben & Jerry's :
It’s hard to celebrate 4/20 when so many people of color are still being arrested for pot. We have to do better. Learn more:

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I would be interesteed in your thoughts on something:

Why is unionizing in IT so difficult? What can we do to facilitate it?


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My friend @sandro (who also was the W3C staff member on the Social Working Group as it turns out) has put together a chart about "ways to harm people online" (whether you agree all are harms, most are, and all are claimed as such) that I think is really useful:

What's interesting is that most of these are about harm caused by *distributing* information.

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This is something I have been working toward, alongside many others, during my entire career at Unity.

It took a lot of "hack weeks," 20% time, and other donated time to get off the ground; it came within a hair's breadth of being terminated multiple times.
We fought to keep it alive, to get it onto the release track, to keep it from being shipped with special license restrictions.

It's great to finally see our work having a public impact.

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Yes, sometimes I also like, reshare content about women in tech because guess what, I'm a human being who happens to be a queer woman working in the tech industry and this affects my work and the work of many of us. There's many accounts only tweeting work stuff, follow them

Why am I doing community management? I'm a socially awkward programmer, FFS.

Oh, right, the game industry. >_<

I've been setting up a Discord server for Transolar Games: it's only been around for a day! Come say hi/support me?

community-- how do you manage to find time to play games and stay current?

Does playing games feel like work (especially when the designers are friends/colleagues)? Or is that just me?

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TL;DR -- it's a unique game, kind of unlike anything else out there! But marketing is evil.

GamaSutra published a I wrote about the 5-year development process for Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. It's been a long and tiring journey. :)

It’s easy to tell a story about a plucky bunch of adventurers joining forces with the heir to the kingdom to fight the dark lord. It’s hard to tell a story about millions of electors in liberal democracies uniting with each other to fight climate change.

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