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Now is a great time to pick up Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption! We're running a 35% off sale on GoG all week.

Al Lowe took down his source code from eBay after Activision sent a cease and desist letter. (They don't actually have rights to the physical backups, just the IP, but fighting this in court would be expensive.)

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So I've finally decided to check out this Mastodon thing. Simple rundown on me: Black guy from the DMV area that was moderately successful as an independent hip-hop artist. Now a full-time creative streaming games on Twitch and Mixer, along with writing about video games, mobile tech, and music on Medium. The vibe is always chill. When it comes to drama, I'm tryna stay out the way. Come kick it with me.

#gaming #hiphop #rapmusic #dmv #tech #mobiletech #twitch #streaming

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What makes mastodon the unique are the communities. Get to know the admins of your servers. They are people like you are! Support them if you can afford to. (or even run your own node, there even is a managed hosting service out there for mastodon)

multiple accounts or to move accounts happen. Don't worry about your metrics, you won't be penalized for them. Post quality content, interact with others. Chances are you will find the same reciprocated.

Welcome to mastodon! :)

Work in progress background art for a secluded area outside the castle.

@switchingsocial Any chance you'll make a Tumblr alternatives page, since this is becoming topical for many people?

Al Lowe is auctioning off his archival copies of source code he worked on at Sierra. This includes the source code for King's Quest 3, Disney's Black Cauldron, and Leisure Suit Larry.

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For Thanksgiving, here's a game by an indigenous homeless person in a land crushed and colonized by American imperial capitalism. (Land = Hawaii, homeless person = me)
My game's on sale on Itch and Steam if you've got $7.50 :)
#indiegame #cyberpunk #showoffhour

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Chris Webber, the co-editor of ActivityPub (which enables Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, etc.) is inventing the next generation protocol for decentralized social games & online collaboration.

It is really important work.

I am convinced that there are institutions out there that would give him a grant to work on this.

Foundations? Boston-area universities? If you know of one, please consider nominating him!

Please boost!

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Not much gamedev lately; trying to save the free world. There are going to be three recounts in Florida.

The livestream was mostly fun. Primarily die-hard fans. The problem is that I think I committed to doing a Kwirk platformer tie-in game for our fans. :p

Corey and Lori Cole will be livestreaming their own playthrough of Hero-U tomorrow (Halloween) at 1pm PDT. Watch it here:

I am spending my afternoon arguing with @Alon about which Planescape faction maps to which US political party.

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I am playing games for charity on Nov 3rd.

I am looking for games to play made by people from the #fediverse . So far I am playing games by the following peeps
@HTHR @coolpowers @Vann @larpon @melissaaveryweir @cidney @technomancy

I haven't been to Arisia since 2014. None of the posts surprise me. Conventions are *really* bad at dealing with sexual harassment or domestic violence. Boston is especially bad, because of the influx of 18-year-old nerds every year who are seen as fair game by 50-year-old nerds.

Um, no, GoG, whether or not trans people have the right to exist is not "ongoing social debate". Not okay.

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