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Hero-U's been patched for the first time in a few months! It's now playable in French, with German coming soon.

Can anyone name an SFF book where *at least* the four most important characters are female? (Dealing with Dragons is the closest I can think of.)

I am *slowly* retiring this account in favor of a self-hosted pleroma instance. This will probably turn into mostly crossposting screenshots and game relase-type announcements.

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y'all if your software isn't accessible to keyboard users and screen reader users you suck and your software sucks

sorry but i don't make the rules

I'm still pretty disgusted with what Google clearly thinks games "should" be about, when in theory, mobile should be a good platform for narrative games.

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Seriously considering changing the "location" field in my bio to "the remote wetlands of the USA" rather than guessing which cities in Central Florida have name recognition outside the immediate environs.

ran in Wine at one point, right? Or had a workable GNU/Linux port? (Trying to compare how various adventure game engines handles cursor cycling, and managed to waste an hour getting nowhere.)

Doing solo projects is fun, rather than just being the programmer. I would like to do more of them. Doing the music was a *lot* of fun. But figuring out lifehacks for hypermobile shoulders is harder for drawing than typing.

I'm working on the full version of the game jam game, but it's on hold until I can get my shoulders stabilized. (Am frustrating that even after promising myself "no more that 15 minutes per art asset" and fairly draconian pacing rules, I still injured myself.)

Frustrating thing: dislocating my shoulders while doing illustrations for a gamejam two months ago, because apparently my body is stabilized enough for some tasks but not others.

(This requires 12 weeks of physical therapy to fix, so... >_> )

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Game journalists are already defending the $70 price tag and citing inflation as the justification, but so far I've only seen one mention the fact that buying power hasn't risen in almost 40 years, and none of them are making the logical conclusion that, hey, maybe the AAA model is untenable in a world where income disparity is so severe.

You could also look into getting rid of Bobby Kotick and his 9-figure salary. But I'm not holding my breath on anyone pushing for that at this point.

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Please suggest Indigenous and Black artists and activists on here.

Time to stop birdsite madness and start following folks here.

I was interviewed by the Classic Gamer Guild Podcast about Hero-U, Summer Daze, and in general.

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0 A.D. is a free open source real time strategy game with a historical setting (sort of like "Age of Empires"). The developers are on the Fediverse:


The alpha version is available for Windows, Mac and Linux from the official site:

If you want to help development or donate to the project, you can find out how on their website.

#0AD #ZeroAD #Gaming #RTS #RealTimeStrategy #AgeOfEmpires #FLOSS #FOSS #Libre

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You made a game? Cool, I wanna pay you for it. But please give me the fucking source code so I can make it build on my weird ass linux. And also, I can remix music and pictures, I wanna remix a game.
When you make art, it stop being yours. You give it to the world and it becomes collectively owned. Games are no exception.

That's not to say that everything should be free. But like..your game is already DRM free, just give me the source code when I buy it!

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Much of my interest in roleplaying is driven by the medium's great potential to be a liberation from consumption-driven entertainment. Yes, I mean that in the most humanist "smash-capitalism" way. Role-playing can empower any individual to exalt their own creativity, entirely free of the profit-driven infrastructures required for products like commercial music, cinema and fiction. All it takes is people talking together to build meaningful stories without need of propritery tools.

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Users vs programmers 

This idea that some people are suited to programming and some aren't is bullshit. But the computers I had as a kid booted into BASIC or were a single command away from it, literally inviting me to program them. My elementary school also taught me BASIC and Logo in third grade. Nowadays I don't think programming gets taught until high school, if at all. And I imagine they teach some garbage language like Javascript, C++, or Java most of the time.

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