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Since I haven't done a round of lately:

Hi! I'm Cidney. I used to be a web developer, then I decided that was more fun and more ethical. I primarily work with Unity these days, but in my past lives I did interactive fiction.

Right now I work for Corey and Lori Cole, the creators of Quest for Glory. During the project I was diagnosed with and suffered a spinal cord injury after a car accident. I can walk again, so it's an invisible .

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GamaSutra published a I wrote about the 5-year development process for Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. It's been a long and tiring journey. :)

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Hi trans friends. You deserve equality, recognition, respect and love. And there are loads of us cis British women whose feminism does not exist without you.

#HiveTime version 1.0-9 is now live, which adds more progress/status indicators to hive cells, and fixes a Defender priority bug. Enjoy!

this was still a test. I am not sure I like this paper but I think I can work with it. also dishes are still not done and it is 4:30am now.

oh and the new masking tape masks micron pens but not copics as it turns out. good to know

good night :)

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@cidney Indie gamedev does seem to be, and gamedev in general. Even for professional companies I think programmers get paid less because of the exploitability of young starry-eyed kids who are like "wow! vidyagame development! I'd put up with anything to get that!"

(+1 to video game employee unionization)

(This is assuming a real name, professional-ish account.)

Creators: what are the pros and cons of posting *opinions* on social media, vs. letting your work speak for itself?

The Kickstarter finished this week and was funded, including two stretch goals (and likely a third!). I'm floored and relieved. Thanks to everyone here who supported it!

Summer Daze Kickstarter funded! It closes in an hour; we're $5000 away from the third stretch goal (professional voice direction).

I haven't been talking much about this, but the game I've been working on, Summer Daze at Hero-U, is nearing the end of its Kickstarter, and very close to the voice acting stretch goal!

Working on an action-y game after spending so much time on narrative/adventure games feels oddly refreshing.

I used to think that @krita just for drawing and painting. Turns out it's also incredibly useful for graphic design, including those pesky Steam capsule images.

Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness livestream with the designers starts in an hour.

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...I have never been a fan of Valve, but the poor tools/documentation needed to upload builds to Steam is just unfair.

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