Spelunky 2 is soo hard. Been dying in the same levels over and over. I make it to the next area in 1 out of every 20 runs. Then I watch a streamer waltz through 4 of them in the space of a few minutes while casually chatting... it doesn't seem possible.

Just finished Bloodborne, felt a bit "gamey" compared to DS1. I felt no connection to the protagonist, no motivation for them to be there or be doing anything at all. "Go beat up the bosses for no reason".

The big group of st kilda lovers finally in the same room again. Happy Christmas! youtu.be/_Qj5yJX4BeI

Design doc for bloodborne: what if we take dark souls, get rid of the shield, give the bosses 3x the health, and make players farm healing items again? Should we at least fix camera issues or explain the basic game mechanics this time round? Nah.

Chocolate Jesus with me on


p.s: every time someone listens to a song on their phone's tiny speakers, a bass player cries.

*instantly* quitting without saving when you hit escape is an "interesting" design choice. I understand the desire to not break downstream tools but breaking convention and losing user progress is worse. Just do it in a major version bump. github.com/libretro/RetroArch/

It's great that you can now find a video tutorial on how to do almost anything, but most of the time I'd rather be reading an article i can easily skim for the relevant bits. I guess videos are easier to monetise?

Game idea: supermarket sociopath. Be a jerk to the other customers and employees. Pick up the orange at the bottom of the stack rather than the one on top. Put goods in other people's trolleys.

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