I had to do it. This is no time for caution. (Turn the sound on for this one.)

Expectations for Putin's referendum in the occupied parts of Ukraine are high, but will he repeat the 107% turnout he got in Chechnya?


Straight out of a cyberpunk dystopia. You'd think that if there were any city where the voting public would have watched "The Minority Report", it'd be San Francisco, and yet here we are.


In case you're wondering, the original plan for replacing the nuclear plants was "buy more Russian gas."

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Germany has three options to heat their homes this winter:
- Keep their nuclear plants running
- Burn more coal
- Buy Russian gas

That's it. They cannot build enough renewables to power 3.7 million homes between now and December.

Which would you choose?


Which recent indie games have outstanding programming? Some cool tech innovation, gameplay or otherwise?

I just read a document on git’s internals and watched three training videos to learn how to use it better and it’s nice that they’re there; but can you imagine needing a two-hour class just to work Gmail or Evernote or Word?

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usability doesn’t matter for tools since programmers already know how everything works; and worse, that usability is a thing someone else does after the programming, rather than it being our job to make the thing work well for the people who have to use it. …

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I wonder if the popularity of tools like vim and git contribute to the pernicious divide of programming and UX into different jobs. The idea that “this horrible UI is okay because it’s for programmers; good UX is just for other people” leads to thinking that …

So much of this thread sounds like it’s straight out of the Soviet side of the Eastern Front. twitter.com/chriso_wiki/status

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Also if you're wondering what happened to the guy who wrote that op-ed, Miles Taylor is apparently trying to start a new political party with Andrew Yang.


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