Teaching myself some godot by improving the gamefeel of the example projects.

It feels kinda like unity used to 10 years ago. I've really missed that.

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Gonna be real. I think if someone made a fediverse account linked neopets/pokemon like game right now it'd go off like a damn rocket.

Not my sort of thing, just noticing a trend now similar to when it took off.

So... I'd really like to consolidate my mastodon accounts to a single instance.

Problem is I'm pretty heavily into fashion as a hobby and I don't feel that posting that stuff really fits with the local community here.

I'm experimenting with a pixelfed.social account for that stuff but it feels kinda... detatched, not what I'm after as much.

Has anyone else figured out a good way to handle this sort of thing?

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Been messing with some modding / speedrun tool building for prodeus.
Personal best line, speed related info ui

Made using the il2cpp version of BepinEx.

So ... not good at these. Been in games 16-17 years now (older than I look). I do the following
- Play games
- Make game protoypes (for fun, see video)
- Make games at 5Lives (for work)
- Drink coffee
- Take a lot of selfies
- Watch a fair amount of shows and speedruns

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