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Managed an all-sub-8 run over 5k.

It wasn't too long ago that I couldn't handle a sub-9 pace.

For very short distances (up to 5k or maybe a bit more) I can now dish out a sub-8 pace. Today was the first time I went sub-8 on all segments, including hills :)

This is starting well...

I'm designing a video/image series processing system that should make optimal use of resources (i.e. keep CPU and GPU busy, schedule reads one after another, etc.) but I may have ended up with a "lynchpin" design where one class (the "Task Coordinator") has to do a lot of complex heavy lifting to make the rest of the system work.

So I decided to start with a simplified implementation, the "Planless Task Coordinator". I love that name :)

OT: Running, Fitness 

Exhibit A - "Frustration"

I fought tooth and nail for nearly two and a half hours to do a sub-9 pace 15k. The result? A 9:01 pace :-(

My side project is doing its first useful thing.

I'm experimenting with some AI-based image processing to semi-automatically upgrade videos to 1080p60 (but not like other tools that just wrap a few PyTorch/NCNN-based command line tools and can't even do proper frame rate adjustments if they aren't in factors of 2 :))

How does one get the inside of a building lit in Unreal Engine 5?

It seems even with all the screen space GI and glossy floor and extra-bright sun shining directly through windows deep into the room, my rooms remain in almost complete darkness...

Woohoo! After last week's disaster, I was able to salvage some of my PC parts.

One CPU socket is destroyed (like, spot-melted), no idea about the CPU on it, but probably gone, too. Without the second CPU, half of my memory slots are unusable, so my RAM is halved. At least the graphics card has survived, it seems.

Happened after an undervolting attempt. I guess either MSI AfterBurner / Asus GPU Tweak III weren't tested with dual CPU motherboards or it coincided by random chance.

One week offline. Another coming...

After an attempt at undervolting my GPU, the next reboot shot my system.

Weird stuff. After rebooting, the motherboard showed error code "5A" (broken CPU), after removing one of the CPUs, it shows "A2" (missing boot drive) but no video signal.

I hope the RTX 3090 survived it somehow. Otherwise the damage bill will probably be the grave stone to my indie development endeavors :(

Sometimes a miss a "Quote Retoot" button :)

I recently followed in @sinbad's footsteps and switched to an RTX 30 series GPU and I couldn't agree more on those GPU power use & heat generation trends.

NVidia is already using the 8 nm process (smaller circuits = less power needed) and any modern GPU board is essentially one huge chip in the middle, encircled by also heat-producing GDDR memory chips and everything around that is just for power delivery.

Feels like a dead end for current GPU tech

I discovered a novel way of keeping PCs cool and reducing power use.

By simply removing the portions of the graphics card that generate the heat, the rest will, even with disabled fans, run at room temperature.

I then propose a novel way to measure performance, the "nFPS" value (short for no-frames per second). The card demonstrated now rates as infinity nFPS -- there will be no frames, as many times per second as required.

Ask me for licensing as soon as my patent is accepted.

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It's been two very hot days in Europe :)

I did a half marathon, spread over the peak noon heat of both days. It's been pretty fun and while I couldn't sustain my normal pace, my body is able to perform in the heat with no issues.

If you ever pondered picking up running, do it! It's highly likely every future year will have even hotter days and endurance training is the one thing that gives you headroom against the heat!

Text in image from @johnriccitiello@twitter.com (Unity's CEO; ex EA).

I think this highlights the exact problem: Mr Riccitiello is sorry that he made a faux pas when he should have been competent in nebulous business lingo. Says nothing about the actual deeds.

The actions of the past 5 years are what's relevant. Flipping the workplace climate, killing normal sales income and making the company depend wholly in IAP, ads and all the nasty stuff.

OT: fitness 

When I was a child, my parents often spent their summer vacation at a farm in the south. Everything was on steep hills, the sun was extra hot and a cold mountain river ran near the farm.

In the evenings, after playing, I was totally spent, but it was a "good" exhaustion, the kind that made you relax fully and feel all comfy and satisfied.

I'm already in my 40s, but after a hard run in the heat today, I feel exactly like that again. Running rocks!

True story:

At one point in my life, I was employed at a software company where the source code was a mess. I had already worked into the weekend and there was a confusing, undocumented error code path that just looked absurd. So I made it raise an error with message "please stop, I don't want to do this anymore".

Months later, a customer called. Our translation team had localized the error without batting an eyelid and said customer had just been shown that very message by our software :->

Updated my curated GitHub repo with the new DragonBox + jeaiii implementations for Boost-free and locale-free lexical_cast<> / lexical_append<>.

Now back to working on my game. It's been weeks since I last opened Blender or Unreal Engine :-O


In many aspects, I think Unity has a better technical basis than other big engines.

The clean separation of game code / engine code (their closed C++ <-> .NET/Mono layer) and their integrations of Enlighten, Mecanim and the ShaderLab language.

I jumped ship when the EA dude took over and started acquisitions of cloud, telemetry, in-app purchase, ad serving companies -- all the unsavory things.

Also blogged this at the time: blog.nuclex-games.com/2017/08/

sports, fitness, battery lifetime, rant 

Dang, I want to go for a run and my watch is near empty (for pace, mileage and music).

In pre-2010, that wouldn't happen in the first place because a battery lasted 18 months and if it happened I would just pop in another battery.

Now twiddling thumbs until it has enough charge to last a run :-/

Public service announcement:

in about 1 hour, >> Summer Games Done Quick 2022 << starts :)


ot: running, knee pain 

In February/March, I started getting knee pain (after 25 years of running ~3x weekly w/overweight).

I changed my running form (soft forefoot landing), switched to zero drop shoes (Vibram 5Fs actually) and stuffed myself with everything examine.com had evidence for effect on Osteoarthritis (Curcuma, Incense, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Black Garlic) daily.

I've now got better form, more strength and no more pain and I run ~5x weekly. Yay!

Finally got it to a point where one can sort of understand what's going on and where a flat array is used for the radix 100 table (allowing it to be shared with DragonBox).

Behold, my de-macro-ified version of James Edward Anhalt III.'s itoa() implemention:


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