I have finish GLSL Auto Tetris mini demo (where 691k tetris bots play at same time) video of the process youtu.be/xHY5YL11jOY

creating something cool on GLSL.. (for now "bit display" done) full source when it done

animated in glsl(using timers)...can be better... im bad in animations :(

progress(on single shader card game) almost done, few days more and I post full code, victory/defeat animation

first steep of making "single shader card game" (where all game logic in single shader)

used only GLSL without any textures (as feature...lol)

its just "try of game coding" I continue fast small game coding with "fixing everythink for webbrowsers in C++ "game engine" ... ofc its not realy game

I have finish my another "small game"... it may look very wierd to you, sorry xD
play here(WebGL2.0) danilw.github.io/small-2d-game
video youtu.be/zauOYUeD5Hs
source on my github github.com/danilw/small-2d-gam

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