The Muse Group stirs up the hive again proposing a Contributor Agreement License that would let them relicense Audacity at will and make it proprietary.
#Audacity #MuseScore #MuseGroup #FOSS #Tantacrul

I am trying to create a pipe along this path. But when I `geometry` -> `bevel` it creates the "pipe" along the control points of the path instead. What am I doing wrong?

After should just release their own Linux, probably based on and call it . That would be totally awesome!

Got a a few days ago and installed a Windows machine to be able to update the firmware. Ended up with a bricked device because of a during the upgrade. Later learned this happens to many people, then I remembered MediaTek supports Linux, booted back to my main OS and the upgrade succeeded immediately... TL/DR: Ignore all the guides and don't use Windows to upgrade MediaTek SoC devices.

Does anyone else think FEZ is a masterpiece?
I still don't understand what really happened but man what a bummer FEZ 2 never came

And I am guessing adding those (empty) nodes is the n00b method.
There must be way to just calculate those positions.

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I can add a node to the center of each edge of the cube and then rotate around the desired node. There is no built-in `rotate_around` so what I am looking for is the logic for a `rotate_around` function in 3D

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Can someone explain how to flip a cube over any of its sides like this in ? I want to understand the math behind it. (New to 3D).

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