I have modified my Firefox installs to be more privacy friendly, but I am afraid that I might have broke gather.town for it. Thank god I have Chromium based browsers installed, but I should contact them about that

I've come around slightly, but only because I know that all the problems are my fault and I don't know why I can't find a valid path

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A* was a mistake. AI was a mistake. Multiplayer games are superior, change my mind

I am at a complete loss right now. Any people in and care to help me out as to why my A* implementation just doesn't seem to work properly in ? Linked is the script that does the search in the GitHub repo: github.com/devmcclu/gridworld/

Currently thinking about a project for a game programming class, but I can't do any fun porting from Unreal Engine to Xbox easily since Unreal Engine doesn't have UWP exporting :(

I forgot I wrote this as an example of a scheduled tweet lol

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I know most people on here try to get away from the birdsite, but if you do have an account over there, consider following The Shadows That Linger, my team's current game. We have lots of cool art we are showing off lately! twitter.com/TSTLinger/status/1

Finally got around to updating my portfolio with more images and filters for my projects. Check it out :) devlinmcclure.com

Is Arch Linux updating more often than usual, or do I just have too many packages?

AI programming stresses me out. It's something I can do on paper, but have trouble with actually making the computer do. I salute those who have to make games smart

Trying to redo some work on how I display items on a screen. Do I do it the "fast" way based on the knowledge of how many things will exist on screen or do I do it the "correct" way that scales regardless of the number? Decisions

As classes start again, my imposter syndrome is kicking in hard 😬

If you’ve migrated the default branch of your git repository from master to main, please delete the master branch and ensure that the main branch is set as the default in your git remote host (e.g., GitHub, etc.) so people don’t accidentally base their contributions on the master branch.

If you do a git branch --move, you won’t have the above issue.

Here’s a good guide for all this, including updating your local settings so that git init uses main instead of master: hanselman.com/blog/easily-rena

It's time for everyone's favorite game: looking up youtube tutorials for something you're kinda certain you could make on your own but rather get it done faster

Say hello to the relaunch of my website devlinmcclure.com. I have tried my best to get it setup and mostly working. Some pictures are missing, but they should be up soon ™️. If you find any issues, let me know!

The answer is yes, it was significantly easier to use since I am not doing any CI stuff

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