"Using Rust For Game Development" by Catherine West is amazing (and much relevant outside of Rust too) youtube.com/watch?v=aKLntZcp27

One of the projects I worked on this year is out! :)

It's Notable Women, an AR app coming out of a collaboration between Google Creative Labs and Nexus Studios.

I was the only fulltime developer on the mobile app, so the code is 90% me.


Pathtracer part 14: I made it run on iOS, both CPU & GPU parts. Some info on Xcode GPU performance tools, and a tiny bit of NEON code. aras-p.info/blog/2018/05/30/Pa

After a bit of work, we now have a Shadertoy-style renderer which handles internal reflection and refraction for the glass and the water!

I was originally planning on adding caustics (more likely using Guardado and Sánchez-Crespo's method from GPU Gems 1 than by projecting a grid from the light to the ground) and dust (just visualizing how the water particles move), but this is probably enough for now!

Greets! i never get tired of these, they are so good; The complexity is mind-blowing glslsandbox.com/e#46123.0

There are some useful new features in the Unity 2018.1 beta, so I'll be making some videos about them.
This one is about Unity Hub, a little tool they made to ease the pain of working with many versions of Unity.
Have you got too many versions of Unity lying around?
Do you keep opening your projects with the wrong version?
Unity Hub solves that.


I've written a book last year, "Physically Based Shading for Unity 2017". It recently came out, and it happens to be on sale today.
The print version is discounted to 18$, and if you're in US you'll get free shipping. The code is APRNEW18.


Great intermediate engine internals/architecture overview of Unreal Engine. Also goes over engine design

This autumn, we hosted a game AI conference in Copenhagen (Game AI North). You should check out the slides from our amazing speakers: gameainorth.com/2017/

Interesting talk by @william about working with the geometry of Manifold Garden: youtube.com/watch?v=ed2zmmcEry

We have similar considerations with Avoyd's localised gravity, the radial design solution for instance.

texel-space-shading with unitys scriptable rendering. 😇 shading happens at 0.1fps, so you can watch the triangle culling and atlas packing happen, which btw is all done on the GPU. mastodon.gamedev.place/media/t

dear imgui: tabs/docking work in progress GIF (still a couple of small and big issues to fix but it's moving forward...) mastodon.gamedev.place/media/s

Is there any good note taking programs out there with support for math notation / diagramming? Ideally for formula / matrices, and 2D/3D plotting.

Or is this a case of "learn Latex and R you noob" ?

There's a sort of surrealism when you discover that your C# scripts can interpret C# scripts, which can in turn interpret C# scripts. It's turtles all the way down. You can do this in and here's an example of how to:
Only downside is it's not possible on all platforms (iOS being a major one).

I would really like to be able to put a VR camera both outside, and inside the building, in various places, and also with different lighting settings.

I think I'd need also at least one or two LOD levels for that.

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