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Avoyd in-game screenshot (real-time GPU rendering) showing fixed fog inconsistencies between voxels & sky
- This world/atmosphere combo is generated procedurally when starting the skirmish game with seed 9A93FF3A
- You can use the same algorithm for generating the voxels in menu Tools > Edit Tool > Procedural Generation, shape 'Linked Boxes'
- To generate a procedural atmosphere and light go to menu Tools > Light and Atmosphere and use the random generator

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We have a new release of Avoyd game and voxel editor:
We fixed fog inconsistencies when fog amount not 1.0 (applies to both real time renderer and path traced renderer), and it now lets the path tracing renderer continue to run when the app is minimized.
We also made improvements and fixes to the prototype game modes.
Info (changelog):

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I wrote about optimizing the new C++ based Blender OBJ importer, and it accidentally ventured into calling conventions topic.

Posted this on twitter but thought I'd share here:

Orthographic render of the map DREHMAL: PRIMΩRDIAL - 12k x 12k Survival/Adventure Map from
with the latest
Avoyd voxel editor. An amazing looking map, with some beautiful locations.

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New release of our voxel editor Avoyd:
- Transparency in export to polygon mesh
- Improved graphics level of detail
- Better file handling with drag & drop and .awvr file association

I added support for loading raw binary 8bit voxels to Avoyd for Stefan as it's a really easy format to generate.

A 0 represents empty and 1-255 are mapped to materials which you can configure after import. You specify x & y sizes and z is deduced.

If you're doing any procgen it might be worth checking out Avoyd as a renderer. The import is currently a little slow so let me know if you use it and I might bump up the priority of optimizing it :)

Siggraph 2022 papers on the web:

I particularly like GRIS (Generalized Resampled Importance Sampling: Foundations of ReSTIR).

Just added another pre-release build link for to our Discord announcement page:

Much improved level of detail material sampling amongst other things, check out the discord for more info.

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Update on what @dougbinks & I have done so far for the next release of the Avoyd voxel editor:
- Transparent material export to mesh, tested in Blender & Unity
- Export to obj x15 faster
- Files drag and drop for opening and importing (Vox, Minecraft, heightmaps, palettes, 3D binary arrays)
- Hollow shape walls thickness are now absolute: same thickness along all axes

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Our server rules have been updated to include no NFTs:

"No NFTs! NFTs are not about art - they're about money. There are crypto-related instances on the fediverse that would be more suitable. "

Existing NFT creators (there are very very few here) can stay, but will probably feel more at home and reach a bigger audience on a crypto-focused instance where people actually want to see that content.

Leeds UK based "Opportunity to apply for our creative residencies focused on technology, the environment and making"

+ they provide a grant.

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Preview of my work on 's Voxel Editor UI in upcoming v0.7 with @dougbinks work on shadows and brush preview in the background.
Details in the image description.
UI made with Dear ImGui

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Massively Parallel Rendering of Complex Closed-Form Implicit Surfaces by Matt Keeter shows a new way to rasterize or voxelize implicit surfaces (regions where f(x,y,z)<0, where f can involve e.g. piecewise functions):

How it works:
• Express f as sequence of operations
• Start at low-res then subdivide to high-res
• Use interval arithmetic to tell if a box is inside, outside, or needs subdivision
• Remove ops when subdividing that don't impact f in region for perf boost

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