I've been playing Danger Crew. Nice rpg without much grind. I've heard it is relatively short but I don't have as much time as I'd like for games so that is ok.

Finished first version of Pixel Critter Adventure book. It's not as good as I'd like due to rushing for a deadline.

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Published a small #Rust #test coverage tool.

While working on a rust library bindings task for @dulsi I found Rust test coverage options hard to use.

So I made a tool that runs your tests and gives you test coverage just when you run `testcov` in your crate dir.


Limitations: super unpolished, nightly rust, rustup, rustup's llvm tooling in path, Linux (Mac?)
Also no line-by line display, just aggregate. But better than nothing.

Later, line-by-line support is planned.

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Spelljammer is returning to 5th edition. It is includes the astral travel stuff from 4th edition but it's still nice to see it come back.

This Chinese interpretation of Star Wars is awesome. Makes me think I should make Lego designs for some of the ships.

Made a bad game with Bt Builder. I didn't put enough work into the game jam. I'll probably do a postmortem soon.

I tried out Hurrican. Nice game. Going to have to put it on the arcade machine.

I decided to mostly finish the steampunk power suit last night. It still has some white that is visible from certain angles.

I've been modifying my Lego space marine to steampunk for a steampunk festival. Unfortunately it now appears I may not be able to go.

Stumbled on a Lego space marine video. I decided to see if I could make one. I had to substitute some pieces.

Dungeon Crawler Jam 2022 is perfect for Bt Builder. I don't know if I will enter but it is tempting.

Talked with a boy from scouts over the weekend. He asked what version of Windows I had. I said I didn't have Windows. He asked if I had a Mac. I said no. He asked if I used Linux. Linux recognition has certainly come a long way.

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