Let a friend try out the latest Mojotron: Robot Wars if you want to see it in action.

Mojotron: Robot Wars has an itch.io page. The game isn't available yet as the kickstarter is on going.

According to kicktraq I'm trending to 334% of goal. That would be great but I'll settle with 100%.

Three messages already about Mojotron. All from marketers/advertisers saying they can help my crowd funding.

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@vkc You mention on your pinned post. Is that only retro tech like commodore/amiga? I'm doing a kickstarter for an open source game called Mojotron and trying to bring awareness to the project..

https is finally enabled on identicalsoftware.com. Now I just need to update the ancient main page.

@thelinuxEXP I've created a kickstarter to update an old open source game. It starts Aug 6th. It might be of interest to your subscribers. Let me know if you want to know more.

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Mojotron ends at level 39. But what if you warp past it. You get a black background instead of the end level. Well that's not right..

Instadeath Podcast is running a kickstarter. It isn't live yet but some of the content looks interesting.

While creating the trailer for Mojotron: Robot Wars, I was annoyed at the robots on the intro screen. Some aren't facing the right way. I've now corrected that.

My talk has been accepted for Nest. It was originally going to be about game development but I'm probably going to modify it to finding open games and problems getting them running.

Original mojotron repository is gone so I don't have it's history. I wish I has grabbed it now.
// used in conglomerate
Thing* boss;
What is the conglomerate? Was it ever implemented?

Saw Wicked in the theater the other day. I really enjoyed the musical. I should go back and read the book.

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