I tried out Cendric. It's very easy to die accidentally.

Coded up a really bad java integration with gamerzilla. It requires the gamerzilla json and images to be outside the jar file.

If we are now renaming starfish to seastar, shouldn't we also rename seahorse to horsefish?

I've moved ratings out of Mojotron code and into a data file. Some of the entries haven't aged well like a "The VA Linux $2 Sponsorship". VA Linux has been gone for a long time.

Played our first in person rpg in over a year. The players were shocked to find the villain was an awakened rooster with mind control powers. They said it was a step above my usual weirdness.

Gamerzilla lives as a standalone service. Still needs a lot of work.

Unfortunately social.freegamedev.net has been shutdown. Still working on a replacement frontend for Gamerzilla.

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