Or I am just projecting my dream game on everything :D

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Through the movie, I was dreaming about the game with the same setting and ideas

- lots of technical details and terms, "overhaul", "heave to"
- tight economy, gas is limited and overhaul is expensive
- logistics. Put your loot on a raft and tow back to the base. Or throw it on a ship
- harbors/islands. Hideouts and territory claims
- a bit of magic and mystery
- weather, storms, clouds. Plan a fight in the weather that works for your plane. Zoom-bomb a hauler ship from a cloud!

- piracy!

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Just watched "Porco Rosso" again.

I forgot everything! Thankfully - managed to get the whole experience for the second time.

Such a beautiful thing!

I think the main problem with this post - I am trying to fit too many things into one post and I do not have a clear goal to achieve with the post.
And also not 100% sure about things I am writing :/ And the balance between unsolicited self-indulgence and overly dried text is a tough one.

Anyway, done with the post, for now.

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And, finally, I published my "Status update" patreon post.

Writing is super hard, still little unhappy about the content of the post :/ I will keep it patrons-only for a little while, maybe will get some ideas on how to make it better.

And then will make it public for a birdsite/reddit

Post's content(just for mastodon 🤫): hackmd.io/0xwxR3YNQL66JjTzqAxO
Same thing, but on patreon and paywalled: patreon.com/posts/54450505

and thanks to "cargo quad" I just published macroquad 0.3.8.

The biggest change - moving to new quad-snd. Also lots of minor fixes like no more version complains on wasm

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Ohh, I love "cargo quad". Went through all the wasm bugs, run tons of very different projects.

It really works!

I am using kdenlive for all my videos, for years already. It gets the job done, but sometimes I wish to have things little more usable

Going to try OliveEditor, the fediverse just gave me a really nice blogpost on it

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Before you start using Git-LFS in your repo, consider this:


I've been using it not knowing what's the limit and now I get nagging e-mails from Github about exhausting my quota, and the only way to get rid of that is to nuke the Github repository and start over (loosing all issues, stars, watches etc.).
Oh - I can also start paying Github $5/mo forever to rise my quota from 1 to 50 GB.
This sucks!
#GitHub #Git #gamedev

Looks pretty neat - allows running macroquad's examples in the browser with just one command and one click.

Source: git.sr.ht/~not-fl3/cargo-quad

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So today I spent a day figuring what can I do within "cargo subcommands".

Still not sure if this is a good idea, but, maybe, I will do a "cargo quad" subcommand - kinda similar to 'cargo apk", but for all the platforms + with some assets postprocessing.

Right now I made a prototype that works for WASM and it actually looks nice

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And I had a second problem - assets automation. Would be nice if atlases will somehow build themselves, under-compressed data will compress, overly-compressed - uncompress.

All the engines are doing this one way or another, so it was pretty clear I will need something for this sooner or later

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Macroquad's web build process is ridiculously simple - run `cargo build --target wasm32-unknown-unknown`, get a very simple .html, copy .wasm close to this .html, serve static data from some webserver. Done.

Buuut this copy-pasting files is not that cool, actually. I guess most people ended up with some ~4lines bash file to simplify this

Jumping across multiple projects ("hey, could you try this, it is broken on web" - happens very often :D) made this bash invocation little annoying

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I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how this is going to begin.


Working on a long "status update" patreon - it was almost a year already since the last one, shame on me!

For the fish section, I did a little compilation of previously posted gifs.
I think it turned out pretty good!

Inventing fantasy game genres is actually fun.

Maybe I should run a "zzt-like" gamejam?

I probably can get some interest by calling it a "quad-jam", prepare asome templates.. It may be actually quite a good jam!

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