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A lot of human beings thrive on/excel at abusing systems. Why would you think that any computer systems would be different?

I just wrote the dumbest fucking line of code and it solved like 10 problems

I give up

If you need me I guess I'll be learning about the Ethereum Project today.

Company Holiday party was this weekend.

I need another weekend, I feel like i just teleported back into to office but maybe I'm now a little more hungover

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I've started learning about non-transitive dice, and now I feel compelled to make a tabletop that uses them


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hey friends, i need two more good reviews, *two* before steam will say my game has a positive rating and rank it higher in searches. if u have the game and u enjoyed it please say something nice, i would be ever so grateful! (and if u dont have it, it is just $3, u should totally buy it)


I used to hate my lead for insisting we turned on warnings-as-errors

now on this project, external partner does not have the same policy and OH MY JEEBUS SO MANY FUCKING WARNINGS

have you tried turning it off and never, ever, ever turning it back on again?

Leaving your life behind, and starting anew in the North American wilderness?

I hate when people who aren't me personify their programs

"I: 10:51:21 I'm running Windows Service."

uh... thanks

Ugh, I always forget that when you use any game dev hashtags on birdsites, it only gets the attention of people who have something like "I want to boost your " style weirdness... I just want more actual devfriends

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