640x400 is the perfect resolution for Doom to feel a slight bit more modern, but still retro.

I also stayed up way too late working on this. Gonna regret it tomorrow.

Two visual artifacts from the same thing. It's very very hard to get this in chocolate doom, but it does appear (and is much smaller). 2nd shot is down to the right of the gun.
This is a side-effect of Doom vertices being integers in the wad: explainer -> github.com/Slipyx/Mint-Doom/pu

People know the most famous "slime trail". But my conversion from fixed-point to floats exacerbates the issue enough that more show up a bit more obviously. The one above exists in chocolate doom also but is very small.

If I sit juuuuust riiiight on this one seg I get this glitch. From what I can tell it's in part of the BSP recursion, not traversing down the other side perhaps because the line-side function is giving incorrect result. Collisions are fine, but walls aren't being drawn.

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High profile sexist tech workers should be blocked, not interacted with. Social media thrives on discourse. Don’t build their platform by arguing with them. Block em and live your life. Subtweet if you must 😏

This random column here is a floating-point issue. It had been driving me up the wall for weeks and was pretty hard to track down even though I suspected the cause.
Fixed it by adding 0.01 to a step then .ceil() 😑

It's probably not going to be the last time I wish I'd used fixed-point for the software renderer.. but, modernising it might still work out well. Also considering possibly porting the Quake software renderer to this.

Spent a few hours checking floats and ranges in the software renderer part of room4doom. It's been a bit of a challenge getting drawing textures aligned correctly at the right size. I think I finally got it though, and nuked the jaggy horizontal too.

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Since joining the D&D Official Discord (run by WOTC), I have been doing immense amounts of labour trying to help people understand/deconstruct racist tropes in the game.

I even made a public Discord thread called "Critical Deconstruction of Race in D&D".

Here's what happened:

🐦🔗: twitter.com/DeeEmSteve/status/

So... I did:
- Mancubus attacks
- Archvile chase + attacks (except raise dead)
- Revenant homing missiles
- Keen die and end level
- Player invisible effect
- bunch of smaller corrections

The archvile is viscous even without raising the dead.

Update video of the ROOM4DOOM progress.
- Doomguy face reactions
- HUD text
- Intermission


Well, you can now play the entirety of Doom 1 in ROOM4DOOM, right to the end of each episode and see the finale text scroll on. Is missing the bunny screens. And I've not tested Doom 2 yet (but the screens should work too, except for the cast show).

- [-] Menu screens (partial)
- [-] Intermissions and finale (Text not animated)
- [X] Screen wipe
- [X] HUD (Done except for multiplayer chat)
- [ ] Automap
- [-] Status bar drawing (Mostly complete. Needs attacked-from-angle)
- [ ] Save/load game

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Please remember that “carbon footprint” is a bullshit concept devised by fossil fuel companies to shift responsibility for climate change away from companies and on to individuals

Ugh.. I wish folks would learn that I don't like voice calls becasue I CAN'T FUCKING HEAR VERY WELL!

Yes I have hearing aids, still don't like calls, and don't always have them in.

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