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So, anyone know of a company in Europe willing to hire and import a software engineer from the US? Asking for a friend.

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Disappointed to learn Cohost has been started by people from the fediverse. You know what the fediverse is but you learned the wrong lessons from it. Yes, I also think some servers are not operated professionally and blocks often get misused, but that is not a reason to replace a free and open system with a locked down one. I wrote on why decentralization matters back in 2018:


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Rare work toot alert!

I wrote an article for Endless OS Foundation's blog about our approach for collaborating with #GNOME since becoming a non-profit, the work we did in late 2020 and 2021 on GNOME 40 and GNOME Software 41, and what's coming next.

(Dear reader, please be aware that by being on Mastodon you are almost certainly more technical and/or open-source-savvy than the primary target audience for the foundation's blog!)


I hate try/catch/throw in wishy-washy hand-wavey languages so much.

That flow tends to be used for every error not just exceptions, and it's incredibly bad and frustrating because the possibility of error is never in the type signature of a function (and in many cases not even documented)

> calculator made of meat

😂 Some interesting imagery happening in my meat filled skull cavity

Still in absolute fucking awe of individually separate sacks of organic matter coupled with levels of what we call consciousness.

I've never tried singing because I'm terrified of being loud.

Saved a wax-eye from my cat today. Took a little while for it to perk up enough to fly away (poor sod thwacked a window)

Latest update to lapce is amazeballs. Honestly this editor is fantastic - fast, stable, smooth. I definitely prefer it over vscode. lapce.dev

Also helix to replace vim - helix-editor.com

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ICYMI: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge works great on Steam Deck (and Linux desktop)


OH: "in Rust you don't use common sense, you use the compiler, and imo that's great, my common sense has failed me enough"

"I don't care for Rust because I'm a great programmer!"
Well, you very well might be, but everyone has moments when they are not properly caffeinated. Getting things right *every* time is the domain of machines.

It's so frustrating how wishy-washy half-arsed dartlang is about *anything at all*.

Oh you want to declare a function? Guess what - you don't have to declare the return type of it. Or you can if you want. Whatever.

Really starting to despise these sorts of languages.

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