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Friends I've done it. Mastodex is now up! If you don't know what it is, Mastodex is a public listing of Mastodon users in which they are tied to a specific Pokémon of their choosing.

It's in early stages, I'm happy for others to play with it and for people to contribute if they want. It's licensed under the zlib license.

Some features:
- Translations for 4 languages (English, German, Italian, French)
- Clear way to claim your own Pokémon
- Responsive layout
- MissingNo

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If you're a new follower, you may not know that I'm a game developer! You can check out some of my games here:

More of my old games will be added regularly and new ones will too!

I've just started a Ko-fi page in case you like my games and wanted to donate some $ to help me, so here's that link if you like my projects:

Thank you!

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Have you guys heard of this website called "Twitter"? It's like Mastodon but it has a bird and they call toots "tweets"?? Is this legal???

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You Might Think He Loves You for Your Money but I Know What He Really Loves You for It's Your Extremely Popular Mastodon Account

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Shitposting is a valid video game promotion technique.

what the fuck is the point of vegan alternatives being wrapped in a bunch of single use plastic hmmmmm?

19 hours until my game jam begins!!! If you're interested in a 10-day long, loosely horror-based jam, check it out at this link:

Thank you!
#GameDev #GameJam #ScreamCity

Sorry for the mass DMs friends. goodbye gamedev place, hello new shitposting palace

no website should need over 512MB of RAM just to -compile-

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never thought I'd live to see an interaction between Jim Carrey, Mussolini's granddaughter, and Anthony Fantano

Considering giving up and just making a Pleroma instance lol

I swear to God one day I'm gonna unplug the internet. Whoever gave the approval to make it made a huge mistake.

I am having so many issues setting up a Mastodon instance lol

The only people on here that I've assigned accents to are those who've been on NBTT. The rest of you just have a weird, vague international accent to me, but it sounds cool!


“I sure do love smoking the green!”, I say as I ignite the third Weezer album

lewdish, disgusting 

there’s no way citrustwee would make a parody account of herself and not call it shitpisswee

I figured it out

My instance is gonna be

I got stuck in bed due to a physics glitch so now my entire house is vibrating wildly as I occupy the same space as my bed.

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