Admiral Grace Hopper, on the subject of nanoseconds:

Turns out she's a great speaker. I should find some more of her stuff.

Crap, now I'm going to lay awake at night wondering if I'm on the cool Mastodon server.

So, apparently, it's not cool to just put your xmas gifts under the tree in their Amazon shipping boxes.

Why are the columns in the Mastodon (web) so narrow? Is there a way to make them wider. 70% of my screen is wasted.

Making gluten-free, dairy-free Apple pie for xmas dinner. Pics when it happens.

@grumpygamer 10 years ago watching it gave me an idea for a card game called "Cui Bono?" where Police, Kingpins, Politicians, and Journalists each maneuvered for advantage, and you had to guess how much someone benefited from a policy by their other actions. I never got too far with it though.

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