bad computer idea 

a CRT but the front is a convex OLED screen with a CRT shader and inside it's just a PC

>As mentioned above discord in a flatpak is 13 processes. Krita is one process.
>One will be straining the CPU because it is a highly sophisticated application doing highly complicated graphic operations
>One will be straining the CPU because it's written in electron

The state of desktop apps in a nutshell.

TFW you set your locale as you want to, but since there is no single locale that makes sense you have to set it up in parts, resulting in you having several locales for different things. And then most programs complain or straight up refuse to launch.

"So, do you think one day robots will have human rights?"
"Perhaps," the robot said, "but first I want to see all humans have human rights."
"What do you mean? All humans do have human rights. It's in the name."
"Then I first want to see all humans considered human."
"Oh. Yeah."
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After a lot of thinking, I've decided to keep my Google account. The truth is, I get a kick out of knowing that real people view my Docs / Drive files whenever they want. Who wouldn't want this?

I also enjoy being tracked by nonfree JavaScript, as employed by companies such as Google. As nonfree JavaScript is non-extendable or auditable by third parties, I consider it better than open-source.

I will also be switching to Chrome browser, and I will upload my passwords to Google shortly. I will also upload the phone number of myself and my contacts to Google's servers, as I believe the recent lawsuits Google have been a subject of are FAKE NEWS.

In light of this, I will stop using @Qwant and opt into tracking by using Google search. The truth is I just like being tracked. Who am I to judge? I have nothing to hide, so I don't care.

I also encourage website owners to employ proprietary mechanisms such as Google's reCAPTCHA. As this technology trains Google's AI, I think it will help Google make money from my hard work. I'll give my work to Google for free, and believe that they are giving reCAPTCHA away for free to help random people.

Also, I will be flashing the stock ROM back onto my device. Then, I can let Google store my IMEI and other personally identifiable information about my character. If they want to build an online profile of me, then I encourage them to do so.

You should also enable Location History, so Google can track which locations you visit. Install Google Fit, so Google can understand how you move about in your day-to-day life.

I trust Google with my...

- files via Google Drive
- videos via YouTube
- personal documents via Google Docs
- images via Google Photos (which are used to train AI's)
- shopping via Google Shopping
- PowerPoint presentations
- music via Google Play Music
- books via Google Play Books
- games via Stadia
- applications via Google Play
- card details
- home address; work address via Google Maps
- IP address
- unique fingerprints assigned to my Android device
- medical records
- communications with Google Hangouts
- virtual phone number by using Google Voice
- translation information stored under Google Translate
- news by using Google News
- blog articles with Blogger
- collections stored on Google Search
- Earth information
- personal notes on Google Keep
- Forms, which I will provide to Google via Google Forms
- websites by using Google Sites
- mail, I will be using Google Mail
- important dates, which are stored under Google Calendar
- Drawings; Jamboard
- team communications via Google Chat
- advertising with Google's Doubleclick
- analytics, in which I will use Google Analytics
- domains; Google Domains is good!
- Lens, which will train Google's AI
- TV, I shall be picking up a Chromecast and connecting it to the network
- Live TV: YouTube TV is interesting
- safety via Google Nest, and its hidden microphone
- with my browser history, Chromebooks are going cheap
- Nest Wifi, I will use Google for my WiFi
- Android Auto, Google's handsfree system
- Wear OS via an Android Wear watch
- Messages, which will be stored using the Messages app
- Video calls via Google Duo
- Advertising via AdSense
- Financial information by using Google Finance
- Drawings; Google Drawings
- Keyboard information via GBoard
- Search keyword alerts with Google Alerts
- Classroom meetings with Google Classroom
- Flight information with Google's Flights
- Font CDN, by opting to use Google Fonts for my websites
- Fitness information with Google's Fit
- research with Google Scholar
- Maps with Waze
- Entertainment for my children via YouTube Kids
- Webapp storage, with Google Firebase
- Business storage with Google Cloud
- mobile news-viewing, Google's AMP is great!
- Order processing with Google Actions
- application engagement with Firebase Analytics
- Android application engagement with Android Analytics
- RSS feeds, with Feedburner
- Automated reality, with ARCore
- AI models, with AI Hub
- private business information, by using Bigtable
- Visual programming, with Blockly
- Information processing via Beacons
- DNS lookups, via Google DNS
- charts, with Google Charts
- application hosting, via Google Cloud
- serverless functions, with Cloud Functions
- browsing information, via Chromium
- code search, with Google's very own Code Search
- printing requirements, with Cloud Print
- Error reporting, with Google Cloud
- databases, with Firestore
- geolocation
- issue tracking with Google Issue Tracker
- website performance testing, with Lighthouse
- robot proofing; reCAPTCHA
- online virus protection; Google Safe Browsing
- targeted analytics with Google Tag Manager
- my to-do list; Google Tasks
- enterprise information: G Suite
- trend analysis, with Google Trends
- phone number lookups with Google Phone
- privacy; Connected Home
- favourite music, by committing to YouTube Music

And that's why you should use Google.

Don't #DeleteGoogle.

Nvidia decided to sneakily remove a panel from GTC(their annual conference, now online) titled "Open Source, Linux Kernel, and NVIDIA". Oh well. I hoped, but it appears, that "these trying times" doesn't let you to become a good citizen in open source world. Well, then, this requires the traditional to end this topic.

Report about the panel being the panel being there in the first place:

When the Martians landed, they waited for a crowd to gather, which they would kill as an example.
The plan failed. No crowd appeared.
Scouts were sent; one found a dog walker.
"Keep a distance," he called, "there's a deadly virus! Stay home, stay safe!"
The Martians left at once.
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honestly both emacs and vim suck and if you use either you've failed as a human being

stopyright is murder 

there is a shortage of ventilators
because they're all being used constantly, they sometimes break down
some people are uploading and sharing repair manuals for those ventilators
countries (and in particular states) are asking manufacturers to share those as well

some manufacturers, however, view it as their copyright, and something that only their authorized repair people should have access to
they are refusing to release the repair manuals,
and are sending DMCA takedowns towards any reuploads

as a result, some ventilators that would otherwise be used are sitting in a closet
waiting for an "authorized repair person" to come by and fix them, even when there isn't a huge demand and restrictions on travel

if you've ever been in a similar (but less lethal) situation, you know how long that can take, and how many "trips" that can require before it works correctly
in short
the enforcement of copyright by these manufacturers is actively costing people their lives
copyright is now being used for murder

how many dead bodies will it take?

Wonder if we could set up PCB golf. Like, you put up a netlist and footprints and people compete to make smaller/better/more beautiful PCBs for the same circuit. Competitive layout!

In a cryptosystem when multiple keys/devices represent a single identity and are able to be added and removed, which is more important to you:

Option 1: Anonymity from which device the message/signature was made from

Option 2: Possibility to expose messages made after the device was compromised and was out of your control

Boosts appreciated.


> Tip: Google has over 100,000 employees and a brazillian lines of code - if your business does not, it probably shouldn't be taking its engineering cues from a company that deals with a completely different class of problems than yours

<trolling> see also, #golang </trolling>

I feel like programming language documentation should be done by the language developers, heavily scrutinized by a team of editors, and then a QA team that is competent must learn the language ONLY from the documentation. They should not have access to the source code.

And then the QA team can scream when things don't work or aren't explained and can't get away with diving into the source to find the answer.
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