Alright, time has come for me to finally move into my own self-hosted instance. You will be able to find me here from now on.

Hey, Muse Group, this is not how people usually resolve conflict.

Valve aiming to make Proton work with *every game* by the time they release the Steam Deck, that's quite a task.

> the only way a real man can die is by ritual sepuku, after a failed military coup, with his favorite twink by his side

Why did nobody tell me about The Book Club earlier? Love the mess of it.

@feld thing is - it CAN be, but most people don't even have such complicated furniture, even I don't have such, and i have a damn bluetooth table, and my old kitchen was made from ground up by me and my dad - it's not that complicated.

Electronic hardware and software however has much higher "floor" of complexity.

If you want to compare GPL and autistic screeching to something - compare it to car industry - there are plans and maintenance instructions for old vehicles - one could, if need be, disassemble and repair, or even produce their own copy of a 1966 Fiat 124. Try to repair a Tesla or a John Deere tractor an you're likely to hit a DRM, void your warranty and get cancelled on twitter at the same time. And guess what - people DO complain about that.

> The personnel of the Polish embassy in Beijing denied the Chinese request of entering the premises of the embassy to scare away the sparrows who were hiding there and as a result the embassy was surrounded by people with drums. After two days of constant drumming, the Poles had to use shovels to clear the embassy of dead sparrows.

Probably the weirdest political refugees that any Polish embassy had to to accept.

Update: apparently SAP did try to do something like this in 2012(!) for RAM only, but now their code (even though open sourced) is a pain in the ass to find. If you want to read more about it the slides are available here

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Cursed computer idea 

Implement foreign memory (and in turn, CPU) access in KVM via iWARP. Connect two Raspberry Pi's together with a wireguard network and have each contribute a 3 cores and some RAM each to the VM(Virtual Monster). Continue adding Raspberries across the world to the network adding their resources into the VM. Continue this until Linux scheduler explodes or you reach ARM's RAM limit (at which point the NUMA table is at least 1GB by my calculations and the scheduler is gone)

My brother joined the fediverse. Without me suggesting even. Fuck.

So if I read this correctly, if you don't want to be banned from twitter and you live in Florida, you just have to post "Vote for me as a write in candidate in <insert election here>" every once in a while and they can't ban you without getting a hefty charge.

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Read through the new Florida legislation that stops social media platforms banning politicians. Thankfully it doesn't seem like it will apply to fediverse(sole operator, and at least 100 million monthly users or 100$ million yearly revenue), but has one interesting caveat. The legislation applies to candidates. And in Florida statutes, a a candidate can be "A person who seeks to qualify for election as a write-in candidate".

Why is it always the officials of offending states that have the funny tweets.

Godot Engine review (very long) 

@noelle It's definitely a box of small legos with no defined structure. There's no distinction between a scene, an object, a character, or a 3D model imported from Blender -- Godot treats them all as the same type of "Node tree", and can instance any one of them into any other one, at any time. (eg. creating seamless transitions from one map to the next are just as effortless as spawning a single entity; you would load and spawn the entire next room the exact same way.)

So the main source of issue is generally just figuring out how to set up effective ways for one object to find another outside of collision testing. 😅 You can hardcode a path in the scene editor, or link up signals to parent functions, or write a relay script... There's guidelines and tutorials on how to do it effectively, but it's really up to you.

As far as what those individual lego Nodes can do for you, each one has a very specific purpose: The Sprite node displays a single graphic, the AnimatedSprite node has systems to automatically change the sprite's texture for you for simple sprite animations, and the AnimationPlayer node can animate literally every property in the entire engine over time -- sprite frames, object positions, rotations, and scale, and even function calls.

With clever use of the AnimationPlayer, connecting Signals in the editor (eg. on animation finished), and understanding the best way to organize all of the different Node types at your disposal, very few things need to actually be programmed in their scripting language (the esoteric GDScript, or its VisualScript counterpart) to accomplish what you want to happen in the game -- mostly just physics movements (eg. controlling the player pawn), changing scenes, and delaying before starting the next animation that controls everything.

That kind of power lends itself to making rapid janky hack games very easily once you learn how to use it, and in the long-term it can do basically anything Unity can -- It has both 2D and 3D rendering and physics engines built in, can switch between them and mix them freely, handle online connections and make HTTP requests, and even handle AR and VR devices.

The entire editor for Godot Engine itself is built inside of Godot Engine, so (almost) anything you can do in the editor, you can do for your players in realtime; You could just as easily make Tabletop Simulator or VRchat in Godot Engine, no problem, and the game assets it packages for your project are 100% cross-platform OpenGL (Vulkan coming soon in Godot 4.0) and open source, with simple exports to specific platforms an easy push of the button that uses prebuilt official executables or any optimized custom build you care to make.

10/10, there's very little incentive left for me to use anything else ever again. 🤔

Hi I'm looking for work again

Notable experience: I wrote the Mastodon documentation and I help manage Pixelfed


Looking for documentation, technical writing, could also do Github issue triage or junior programming, project/product management

Can be either a permanent role or a temporary contract thing

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